What Equipment Do I Need to Start Tattooing? – The Ultimate Guide

Everyone starting this career is in the perplexed state of what accessories they should have to make it a success. The diverse equipment is unique and some excel in certain features compared to others. To make you aware of the list of tattoo equipment so that you can have better knowledge, down below is the detailed and thorough guide which aids you in selecting the equipment for you.

The Right Tattooing Equipment You Will Need For Perfect Details

1. Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine

Tattoo machines should be your top priority. They sure are a necessity and therefore should be chosen with thought and consideration. There are several brands claiming their machines as the absolute best. One should, however, do extensive research to know the features and qualities and then opt for the one that suits their needs and requirements. The trusted brands should be given priority.

The difference between different kinds of machines should also be studied thoroughly to know whether the coil is the best tattoo machine or rotary one suits you the most. The rotary ones are more famous due to their quiet operation and the lightweight.

They are highly portable and stand out due to the reason that they do not cause much pain. On the other hand, coil ones are steadier making the shading and lining better. The enhanced control of the coil tattoo machine is another great aspect that makes it worth considering.

Who hates steadier, stabilized movement? Coil tattoo machine on the other hand requires expertise and wide experience. Therefore, one should pick a machine relative to their skill level and how experienced they are. Having deep research on the best brands of tattoo machines will help you decide.

2. Chair

chair used in tattoo

Investing in a comfortable, good chair is highly recommended as it will aid in reducing stress and enhancing comfort. The tattoo artist as well as the client will need a chair to sit on and have good, steadier, fine tattoos.

The chair, therefore, becomes a necessary requirement. Concentration plays a huge role in determining how your tattoo turns out. The chair with great features and high quality will have adjustable settings which will let you focus better and make the most of that tattoo design and will prevent neck as well as back pain. The chairs should have a covering of appropriate material which doesn’t adhere to germs and are extremely comfortable.

3. Power Supply

Tattoo Power Supply

The power supply will not only aid in tuning the machine right and getting the right ratings of current but also ensure the adjustability so that different parts of the body can be tattooed with remarkable ease.

4. Foot Pedal

Tattoo Foot Pedal

Another accessory that is mandatory and eases tattooing experience is the foot pedal. It can be operated using your feet and will just cut the current supplies when needed which makes it so popular and in-demand these days.

5. Clip Cord

Clip cord is another mandatory accessory as it is bound to maintain a connection. It ensures that the power supply is correctly connected to the tattoo machine.

6. Lining Tube

Lining tubes are needed by professionals as well as beginners. The diamond-shaped is considered to be the most appropriate one.

7. Lining Needle

To ensure that fine lines are imparted and great, the stabilized operation is achieved, do make sure that the needle grouping is tight, standard, and perfect with a round shape resembling a pen at the tip. This will guarantee you intricate patterns with utmost precision.

8. Rubber Band

Often the beginners wonder why a rubber band is needed in the tattoo process but the truth is, it plays a major role during the process of getting inked. The fine linings are only made possible by using the rubber bands which will do their job in keeping the needle intact in its place. This will minimize the errors and make the tattoo a success.

9. Ink Caps

Ink caps are needed to store ink. The ink caps of large sizes are preferred and recommended.

10. Armature Nipples

Most of us aren’t aware of the mechanical parts and functionality of tattoo machines. Don’t you worry because the armature nipples are there to help you impart fine lines and do a brilliant job.

11. Ink

Tattoo Ink

This gets the top of one of the two most important tattoos equipment without which tattoos cannot be started. There are a variety of tattoo inks available in the market and there is great competition. The tattoo inks are embedded into your body and therefore they should be harmless. With a wide variety of inks available, choosing one is hard.

Do ensure that tattoo inks rightly adhere to the safety standards. Consider buying the one produced by a reliable and reputable brand and the one having safe ingredients. Go through the articles and reviews to get your hands on the right one. Top-notch companies like Kuro Sumi and alike are famous for manufacturing high-quality tattoo inks.

Also, check for the versatility of the machine and go for one best for the lining as well as shading so that it has you all covered.

12. Vaseline

This is a mandatory accessory as it is a common practice followed by almost all of the tattoo artists to apply a thin layer of Vaseline before beginning the inking process. This aids in not getting the ink stick. A paper towel is also needed which is used to clean the tattooed part afterward

13. Razors

The hair on certain parts of the body hinders the person to get a tattoo there. Razors should be there so that the hair can be cut off and the smooth tattooing process is ensured.

14. Stencil Machine

It is very hard to make the entire tattoo intricate design with your own hands. Therefore, this calls for a solution and it comes in the form of a stencil machine which has a variety of great patterns and allows you to get a print. It also assists the clients in getting an idea of where they should get the tattoo.

Final Verdict

The items stated above are mandatory before starting a career in tattooing. Consider buying these from authentic and trusted sources. Happy tattooing!

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