31 Tom Hardy Tattoos and Till I Die, Warrior – What They Mean

Edward Thomas Hardy, more famous than Thomas Hardy is an English Actor, Producer, and Model. Hardy is one of the highest-profile actors in contemporary Hollywood and thus, has been part of the list of the most influential people in the United Kingdom due to his contribution towards charity. Besides having a unique dressing style, his tattoos make an amazing addition to his personality. Tom is very fond of getting inked. Let’s explore his tattoos and their meanings.

People who love using their bodies as a canvas for tattoos would agree, that each tattoo is there for a special reason. This reasoning could be anything personal to the individual. For instance, it could be to do with personal life events, people, or spirituality. Similarly, Tom’s tattoos reveal his deeper personality without contradicting his acting career in any way. Each of his tattoos is based on a real-life event already widely publicized through the media. Hence, each of his tattoos compliments his overall personality, instantly. Hats off to the tattooists and their cutting-edge machinery that has yielded such high-quality tattoos on Tom’s body!

Tom Hardy Tattoos

In this article, turn by turn, we’ll look at the meanings behind as many Tom Hardy tattoos as we could grasp — Till I Die, Warrior, and all others.

1. “Leo Knows All” Tattoo

“Leo Knows All” Tattoo

Tom loves to get inked! The list of Tom Hardy’s tattoos grows with every significant event in his life. For example, in early 2018, Tom got the words “Leo Knows All” inked on his bicep after losing a bet against actor Leonardo DiCaprio to do with the prediction of an Oscar nomination. Tom kept to the terms of his bet with Leo, and this tattoo is a predicament of his honesty, friendship, and determination.

2. Tom Hardy Leprechaun Tattoo

Tom Hardy Leprechaun Tattoo

Leprechaun tattoo is the symbol of magic and good things in life as per Irish Culture, Tom got this inked due to his connection to Irish background, from his mother’s side. This ink was his first tattoo, which he had received at the age of 15 years but later got it covered with the tribal design.

3. Tribal Pattern

Tribal Pattern

Hardy later got his leprechaun tat filled in and a tribal pattern now covers over where the jolly little fella once sa

4. Tom Hardy’s Back Tattoos

Tom Hardy’s Back Tattoos

‘Portrait of Tom’s wife Charlotte’ Tattoo

On the left side of Tom Hardy’s well-sculpted back, he’s gotten inked with a nice portrait of his wife. This tattoo, shown circled above in blue, signifies the love he has for his lady.

‘Angel’ & Angel inscription Tattoo

There’s a lot more going on on his back. His wife Charlotte’s portrait was added adjacent to a tattoo of an angel. There’s also an inscription of the word ‘angel’ on his upper back.

‘Dog’s Muzzle’ Tattoo

The prominent dog’s muzzle tattoo on his back signifies his undying love for dogs. More specifically, this particular tattoo is that of Tom Hardy’s pit bull named Max. Tom got this inked in memory of Max after he passed away.

5. ‘Padre fiero’ Tattoo

‘Padre fiero’ Tattoo

Padre Fiero, the Italian phrase stands for Proud Father.

6. Tom Hardy Star Tattoo

Tom Hardy Star Tattoo

Hardy’s got a star etched on his left shoulder from when he found out his then-girlfriend, Rachel Speed, was pregnant with their son, Louis. They dated for four years after meeting on the set of The Virgin Queen in 2005.

7. ‘His Son’s Portrait’ Tattoo

‘His Son’s Portrait’ Tattoo

On his left arm, Tom proudly sports one of his favorite and most important tattoos. It’s a portrait of Madonna (Mary, Jesus’ mother) cradling a baby. The baby in this scenario is Tom Hardy’s son ‘Louis.’ Right below baby Louis’ portrait is an inscription of the number “848,” signifying Louis’s birth date, which is April 8th, 2008. The initials LH, which are placed to the upper right of the baby tattoo, stand for the first and last name of his son Louis Hardy.

8. ‘London Skyline’ Tattoo

‘London Skyline’ Tattoo

Tom got this ink symbolizing his hometown, London. Thus encouraging him to get the skyline inked.

9. Portrait of Tom Hardy, Charlotte Tattoo

Portrait of Tom Hardy, Charlotte Tattoo

Tom Hardy’s tattoos (Credit: tom-hardy.org)

To accompany her name on his shoulder, Hardy’s got a portrait of his wife, Charlotte, tattooed on the left side of his back

10. Tom Hardy’s Right Pectoral & Collar Bone Tattoos

Tom Hardy’s Right Pectoral & Collar Bone Tattoos

‘Marine Corps Number’ Tattoo

The marine corps number tattooed, shown circled above, is Tom’s best mate’s father’s marine corps number.

‘Masks’ Tattoo

The two masks tattooed on Tom Hardy’s chest signify comedy and tragedy. The left mask shows a comedic image, while the one on the right is a “sad look” portraying tragedy.

‘Smile Now Cry Later’ Tattoo

Above the masks’ tattoo, it’s written “smile now” and below it, it’s written, “cry later.” These short descriptions are for the masks. Both the masks and their relevant descriptions reflect the important reminder that there are both happy and tragic moments in life. One should be prepared to accept and deal with both.

11. ‘Large Dragon’ Tattoo

‘Large Dragon’ Tattoo

Tom had received this ink in his love for his Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Ward since she was born in the Year of the Dragon.

12. Comedy and Tragedy Masks Tattoo

Comedy and Tragedy Masks Tattoo

Tom Hardy’s comedy and tragedy masks tattoo (Credit: tom-hardy.org)

It doesn’t take a genius to work out why Hardy, an actor, has a picture of the comedy and tragedy masks inked on his right pec, which is the symbol for theatre and the arts.

13. Tom Hardy ‘Scorpion’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy ‘Scorpion’ Tattoo

This scorpion tattoo on Tom Hardy’s back is one of the first tattoos he got inked on his back. A Scorpion has both positive and negative connotations. The positive significance of a scorpion includes justice, courage, passion, and devotion among others. The negative traits include death, dualism, and betrayal among others.

14. ‘Till I Die SW’ Tattoo

‘Till I Die SW’ Tattoo

Tom has ink that reads “Till I Die SW” which goes back to the time when he was in a relationship with Sarah Ward (1999- 2004).

15. ‘Smile now, Cry Later’ Tattoo

'Smile now, Cry Later' Tattoo

Tom Hardy’s Tattoos (Credit: Esquire)

Hardy has ‘Smile now’ written just above the comedy and tragedy masks and ‘Cry later’ written just below.

We’re not sure exactly what this means, but to us, it appears to be a mantra of ‘getting on with it’ (whatever it is) with a brave face first and crying about/dealing with it later.

16. The ‘Sacred Heart’ and ‘Raven’ Tattoos

The ‘Sacred Heart’ and ‘Raven’ Tattoos

The sacred heart with a cross tattoo, shown circled in blue above, is inked on Tom’s upper chest towards his underarm. This is symbolic of Catholic devotion. The sacred heart of Jesus signifies “God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind.” Interestingly, the cross came about after the film ‘Warrior.’

The Raven tattoo depicted on his chest is one of the most talked-about Tom Hardy Tattoos. If you look carefully, it’s an image of a black raven with a pale bat image within. The life events this design is devoted to are Tom Hardy’s two famous movies — “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Mad Max”.

17. ‘Charlotte’ Tattoo

‘Charlotte’ Tattoo

Charlotte inked on Tom’s Right shoulder represents the name of his current wife, Charlotte Riley.

18. ‘Figlio Mio Bellissimo’ Tattoo

'Figlio Mio Bellissimo' Tattoo

Tom Hardy’s ‘Figlio mio bellissimo’ tattoo (Credit: PA)

19. ‘The Irish Leprechaun’ Tattoo

‘The Irish Leprechaun’ Tattoo

The Irish Leprechaun tattoo on his right bicep is surrounded by a tribal tattoo on that arm. The Leprechaun signifies Tom’s Irish heritage based on his mom’s side. As per Irish culture, a Leprechaun symbolizes “magic” and “good things in life”. Amazingly, the Leprechaun was his first-ever tattoo and it came at the tender age of 15. He got the tribal design added much later to complement the standalone Leprechaun.

20. ‘LINDY King’ Tattoo

‘LINDY King’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy got this tattoo inked with due respect to his agent, Lindy King. He once said that he had promised her, that if she got him into Hollywood he would get her name tattooed on his body. So as per his words, he did get it done.

21. Skull Wearing a Hat Tattoo

Skull Wearing a Hat Tattoo

Tom Hardy’s skull tattoo (Credit: tom-hardy.org)

Hardy has a skull wearing a top hat on his left arm. We’re not sure about the meaning of this one, but skulls are usually a symbol of death. At least adding a top hat gives it that gentlemanly twist though.

22. ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

‘Dragon’ Tattoo

When Tom Hardy is wearing a short-sleeved shirt and he swings his arm up, you can see fully, the large-sized beautifully inked tattoo of a dragon on his left upper inside arm. This tattoo is dedicated to his first spouse Sarah Ward. As per the Chinese calendar, Sarah was born in the year of the Dragon. A fire-breathing dragon signifies power, strength, and aggressiveness.

Right beneath the dragon the name of Tom’s agent ‘Lindy King’ is inked along with a crown symbol. This addition to the dragon tattoo area is independent in meaning to the significance of the dragon. The name ‘Lindy King’ was tattooed with due respect to her. Tom had promised her he would get her name inked on his body if she managed to get him into Hollywood. Tom kept his promise post his entry into Hollywood.

23. ‘Marine Corps Number’ Tattoo

‘Marine Corps Number’ Tattoo

The tattoo containing the number ‘1338046’ on his chest signifies his best mate’s dad’s Marine Corps number

24. Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

Tom Hardy feather tattoo on his arm (Credit: tom-hardy.org)

Just beneath the skull and hat tat, Hardy has another feather tattoo located on his left wrist. Feathers can have a multitude of meanings. They’re often associated with angels, but they can also be a symbol of freedom, courage or travel.

25. ‘Wolf’ Tattoo

‘Wolf’ Tattoo

The tattoo of an angry wolf on Tom’s inner left forearm is inspired by his role in the movie Revenant. Further to that, the Wolf denotes savagery and loyalty.

26. ‘Comedy and Tragedy Masks’ Tattoo

‘Comedy and Tragedy Masks’ Tattoo

Comedy and Tragedy masks are inked on his right chest.

27. ‘Skull and Hat’ Tattoo

‘Skull and Hat’ Tattoo

The pipe-smoking skull with a magician’s hat is tattooed on Tom Hardy’s outer left forearm. When death is smiling at us, it’s a reminder that we should have a great time before dying. It’s a reminder that birth and death are both inevitable. We should be making the best out of our lives before it’s time to bid adieu. To Tom, it’s all about creating magic in life through his art as an actor and otherwise.

28. ‘Smile Now Cry Later’ Tattoo

‘Smile Now Cry Later’ Tattoo

Smile Now is written above the Comedy and Tragedy masks and Cry Later inked below them.

29. Buddha’ Tattoo

Buddha’ Tattoo

The cross tattoos Tom has on his shoulder signify his devotion towards his faith. Similarly, the Buddha on the side of Tom’s stomach represents peace, devotion, and a meditated mind. It also shows us that Tom Hardy is a broad-minded individual who respects all walks of life.

30. ‘Feather with word Scribe’ Tattoo

‘Feather with word Scribe’ Tattoo

There is a picture of a feather with the word “Scribe” above the tattoo W on the right triceps. Tom Hardy is known to have got this tattoo inked in respect of his friend Kelly Marcell, who works as a scriptwriter.

31. ‘Madonna Cradling a Baby’ Tattoo

‘Madonna Cradling a Baby’ Tattoo

This tattoo holds great meaning for Tom. The large portrait of Madonna (Mary, Jesus’ mother) cradling a baby inked also contains the date of his son Louis’ birth “848” (He was born on April 8, 2008).

32. ‘Card’ Tattoo

‘Card’ Tattoo

A card inked towards the right side of his stomach.

33. ‘Dog Muzzle’ Tattoo

‘Dog Muzzle’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy got a large tattoo of pit bull’s muzzle on the left side of his back. Tom got it done in the memory of his dog Max who is no more.

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