Tattoo Safety Tips – Be Protected And Safe While Getting Inked

If you are obsessed with classy tattoos and wondering if you could get one, you should consider the following tips that promise ultimate safety and eliminate any harm that you might encounter. This thorough article will cover all the safety tips which you would need before getting inked and even after that.

Apparently, it seems like a couple of hours and you are done getting a tattoo you wanted. This is far from reality as there are risks which are needed to be handled properly. Ignoring such likely risks would do you more harm than you are expecting. They can cause skin allergies and the worst skin condition which you wouldn’t want to experience at any rate.

Following safety precautions would eliminate any unfortunate things from happening. One should deeply analyze and confirm that needles are sterilized. One should also check that ink is from an authentic and trusted company and have no dangerous and harmful ingredients. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Tattooing Process

The tattooing process embeds ink in your skin and makes a permanent imprint on the skin. The machine which is used for getting you a tattoo is highly portable and is pen-shaped. The needles are inserted on the skin and drop ink small droplets which are how the tattoo is given to the skin.

Bleeding and extreme pain is what happens during the process of tattooing. No anesthetics are used during this process. It can be very painful and hard to go through.

What Are Some Precautions That One Should Take Care About?

Bacteria leading to infections and other harmful effects happen if the needles used aren’t sterilized. Tattoo ink should also be taken care of and should be ensured that it is not dangerous. The tattooist who is giving you a tattoo needs to be extremely careful about such stuff and one should verify that.

Needle Safety

Tattoo Needle Safety

Thinking about getting a tattoo is pretty simple. All you think is that once you make up your mind to get a tattoo, you decide the best place in town and set the rates, and you are done. The day you are about to get a tattoo, the tattooist is all set with the needle and ink. This is how everything proceeds.

You carry the opinion that everything is perfect and smooth and you are good to go. Delighted and thrilled and absolutely excited, you lace up for getting yourself a tattoo. In all this, you do not realize any concern or danger. This is where you make a mistake because one should consider all the concerns. What is the needle is being used the second time? We are sure you wouldn’t want to get yourself any disease like HIV or hepatitis.

Taking things too lightly and thinking that the tattooist is bound to use new and sterilized equipment and that no one needs to worry about it is not what action one should adopt. Being very careful becomes essential during this process.

The trick is the artist someone uses the ink which is residue. That nasty ink is going to be permanent on your skin having side effects that cannot be ignored. The ink is usually not thrown away by most tattooists with the thought of using the same on the other client as well.

That will be very unfortunate if any disease is transmitted via blood and you would have no option to undo that so it is always advisable to take adequate precautions which would save you from such incidents.

Do make sure that the new needles and inks are used and they should be sterilized as well.

Reusable Tattoo Ink

Reusable Tattoo Ink

The European Commission is of the opinion that the tattoo ink which is again and again used is sure to get impure. With heavy metals like lead and others together with bacteria, fatal diseases like cancer are likely to happen. One should act wise and avoid health risks.

Tattoo pigment may also cause allergies. Two colors which are red and the other one is green will make your skin subject to allergies. Especially the people whose skin is sensitive are likely to develop allergic reactions.

The patch test is highly recommended so that one can check prior to getting a tattoo and avoid such a situation. This will let the artists know which skin suits you and should be used on your skin.

Safety Products For Tattoos

The best inks are those which are made of organic products and we can’t look over how crucial they are to our tattoos. Below down are some high-quality inks that have the safest ingredients, all-organic and natural which don’t pose any danger.

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Risk Factors

Risk Factors

There are certain risks that you might be aware of. Skin rupturing and skin infections are very likely to happen if the risks are not taken into account. There are several issues that one might encounter if you ignore the likely risk. There are few dangers which you might know about. Dive in!

1. Allergies

We have already mentioned that tattoo dyes will cause skin allergies, especially if they green or either red. This will result in itchiness, redness, and soreness. If the tattoo ink is impure then this condition is going to last a very long time.

2. Skin Infections

This issue is rather a common one and almost all people go through skin infection after a tattoo. The best practice one can adopt in this course is to take proper care using moisturizing agents and appropriate skincare products.

3. Skin Problems

The skin problems can be of various natures. Common ones which are encountered are granuloma or ether keloids. These both result in a blotchy area that is reddish.

4. Bloodborne Diseases

In case the needles are used a second time and any infected blood has come in contact with that, that might result in bloodborne diseases like HIV or Hepatitis.

The right care and concerns would result in a safe tattooing experience. Moreover, in the case any of this happens, good medication and consulting with the right doctor will eliminate the majority of the risks because health should be your top priority.

In order to ensure that you do not experience such unwanted infections and diseases, appropriate care should be taken. The detailed account of which is given below.

Safety Tips Regarding Tattooing

Artist Research

Looking for an expert tattooist who has been previously involved in tattooing either your family member or your friends is really important. To do your part of the research for which tattooists s the best in what he/she does and is affordable too is crucial to the tattooing process.

You should be fully aware of the portfolio of the tattooist you are choosing and make sure that he/she gives safety concerns the top priority. Not to forget, the tattooist should be skilled and professional.

Shop License Confirmation

Another thing which you should definitely check upon is the shop license and whether it is certified and confirmed or not. If your country is one of the many countries which provides authentic licenses to tattooists then do look for the one which is licensed as that will ensure that the artist will adhere to all the safety concerns and will not disappoint you when it comes to safety.

Bloodborne Pathogen

Have you ever heard about this hearing? If not then we are here to educate you about it. It is a program that is devoted to training the artist on how to handle the blood if ever it comes in contact. OSHA is responsible for holding this program. This is extremely important that your tattooist has gone through that training as that will aid him/her to handle the contamination effectively and in the best manner possible.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Drinking should be avoided before tattooing as that can result in poor concentration and loss of focus, both of which will ultimately result in awful tattoos. Along with drinking, one should also not eat or smoke due to some reasons.

Brand New Needles And Other Equipment

Do make sure that all the equipment which is being used is brand new and taken out of the box in front of you. They are sealed and packed and haven’t been used before. Do ask the tattooist for all the necessary information regarding this. Whether it is the needle or the tattoo ink, whether it is the grip or the tip of the tattoo machine, these are all-new to be new and one should be satisfied with it.

Another thing which is to be ensured is that sterilization has been done on all the equipment. The logbook should be checked if the need arises.

Quality of Ink

Ink quality is a big concern and it shouldn’t be ignored. The ingredients need to be original and authentic plus organic and the ink should be from a reputed and trusted brand. The brand of the ink should be inquired and checked upon to ensure if FDA has approved it or not. This will make you satisfied that the ink is not harmful and can be used effectively.


The aftercare products need to be purchased to take adequate care of your tattoos. The tattoo aftercare is extremely important and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost as this might be dangerous. Moisturizing and hydrating your inked area is necessary and one should consult a professional for the purpose.

Other Safety Tips

  • Carpets should be avoided at all costs as they are home to bacteria and other harmful germs.
  • Latex gloves which are used should be brand new every time a new tattoo is being etched.
  • The precautions should be adhered to strongly and one shouldn’t take them lightly.
  • The area should be kept clean and tidy. The inked area should be cleaned with warm water along with fragrance-free soap.
  • Moisturizer, as well as hydrator, should be regularly applied on inked areas.
  • The inked area should not be exposed to the sun for a couple of weeks
  • One should not let inked area encounter any lake or river water

If you are wondering that the itching is way too much and the soreness and redness are expanding, one shouldn’t waste a minute and get straight to the specialist who will thoroughly guide you and explain to you what seems to be the problem. If in any case, you want your tattoo to be removed, dermatologists prove to be an effective help.

Final Verdict

The ratio of people tattooed in the state of the US is 1:5 which is insane. This calls for safety precautions and adherence to all the safety tips for tattoos.

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