Trendy Tattoo Ideas for Men that will Ensure to make a Style Statement

Planning to get yourself inked in the following days? Are you looking for some exciting, hippest ideas for your tattoo that will uplift your appearance and will definitely make you stand out? Don’t you worry because we have it all!

There are a variety of purposes why people opt for this amazing option to get themselves a startling tattoo. Some are just made as they are a symbol of something which is very close to them. They get tattoos to show their affection. Some get tattoos as a symbol to associate their good or sometimes even bad times. Some wonder why not get a tattoo in order to lift their individuality. While some get inked in order to follow the trend of this century and definitely to appear cooler and fashionable.

Whatever might be the reason, the tattoo has to remain on your own skin for your entire life. If you are getting inked at any point in your life, it is to be remembered that it is going to stay there forever and there is certainly no room for regrets. Getting inked is fine but getting is the right way and choosing the right design is crucial and important. No matter what you do, it cannot be erased. One has to be wise with their decisions.

What cool designs to get yourself inked with that will fancy everyone’s eyes and will let you steal the limelight is a quite perplexing question. To aid you with that, we have enlisted some trendy and up-to-date tattoo ideas that will assist men to decide on what they are getting inked with.

Name Tattoos

Name Tattoo

Meaning tattoos always stand out as they are personalized and make individuality more prominent. Men can get inked with the same of their spouse, girlfriend, or someone very dear to show affection and to enhance the importance of others who are going to stay forever in their life. The name tattoos can be in the most beautiful, stylish font and can look unimaginably classy.

Some might find it a bit cheesy and extra but it is proof of commitment and is quite an in fashion, so, why not? Name tattoos, along with being classy, are also very cute as they symbolize commitment. The only issue with getting a tattoo of someone else’s name is that the surety of them being with you always is not guaranteed. This makes them a bit tricky.

The name of the person who will always be with you and support you needs to be there and for that, you need to be wise that. Usually, teenage couples are quite tempted by this idea and get themselves a tattoo of their lover’s name. The immature love ultimately ends and leaves regrets. This is not what we recommend.

We will advise getting a tattoo of either the name of your children or either parent. They are quite eligible options that can be highly considered. Your kids or your parents are definitely going to be on your side no matter what. They will always be there and are surely some permanent folks. Showing them what they mean to you is quite wonderful.

Now the question arises where do men get such a tattoo? Which place on the body is most suitable and when tattoo heals after getting inked with your loved one’s name? For men, armbands are quite famous, common, and quite suitable. This is an area which is quite highlighted and it is surely one of the best areas. Other areas can be fingers or either your chest. You can also get a tattoo on your forearms.

Phrases or words:

Words and Phrased Tattoo Ideas For Men

If you don’t think getting a tattoo of someone else’s name is your thing, then you can try some catchy, exciting but meaningful words or phrases that have some impact. A movie title, someone’s small quote, or a phrase that rightly resonates with your personality stands as the best option when you are getting yourself inked.

Some words truly hold a lot of significance in our life. It truly defines us the best or governs the rule of our living. In that case, isn’t it best to get those precious words on our bodies permanently?  The best place to get a tattoo of those words is definitely collar bones or either forearm. This kind of tattoo will also appear perfect on a men’s lower arm.

Childhood Memories

Childhood Tattoo

Feeling nostalgic is a whole mood. Getting the childhood memories revived is one of the most precious and best feelings in the world. Along with making yourself cheerful and nostalgic, those perfect memories can also serve as one of the coolest and most mesmerizing ideas for your tattoo. The tattoo will rather be a meaningful one indicating what kind of things you loved and were fond of when you were a child and what it indicates about your present personality.

The TV characters, superheroes, some movies, or any other piece of art can be made into a tattoo. It can indicate some iconic thing that clicks something of your childhood when you look at that. You might have had a strong and powerful connection or association with something which again can be a great idea of getting a tattoo off.

Men’s calves have some great space on them for getting such tattoos and it certainly looks to be the most perfect place for getting your childhood memories inked. Such memorable tattoos can also be inked on the back of your body or either on your upper arms.


Artwork Tattoo Idea for Men

Artworks can surely be one of the coolest, trendiest ideas to get a tattoo. The artworks are just great, catching everyone’s attention and making you the center of everyone’s eyes. There are a variety of artworks. They are diverse varying from fashion to thought, from colors to a message, and from liveliness to something really deep.

No matter how amazing you find the art piece or how much you connect with that astounding piece, ask the tattoo artist to use a rotary tattoo gun to make something similar or explain what kind of tattoo you are looking for. Plagiarizing or copying someone’s work without asking them, is an unethical thing to do and we would ask you to refrain from that.

You can get the design, understand what you are connecting with, or see what you are liking or what makes you stick your eyes to that exquisite piece and then explain everything to the tattoo expert and get the one you always wanted.

Minimalistic Design

Minimal Tattoo Design

Minimalistic tattoos are definitely the trend of this decade as more celebrities, fashion icons, and stylists are shifting and getting themselves tiny, small, classy tattoos that consist of worthy artworks, small, powerful words, or letterings of names in cute fonts. Line tattoo is another striking trend. When done right it looks perfect as the line runs across different body parts. It is quite remarkable as it covers the body but is unique, minimalistic, and narrow.

Minimalistic tattoos show a great variation. They can vary when it comes to shapes or sizes. The best thing about getting yourself inked with minimalistic designs is that you can put the tattoo anywhere on your entire body. You can even get such a tattoo on your lips. These are surely the most favorite, hippest choices of this decade.

Sticker Tattoos

Sticker Tattoo Idea for Men

The tattoo industry is evolving and sticker tattoos are proof. With their quirky feel and aesthetic appeal, these tattoos have made a name and have stirred a new wave of tattoo ideas with their emergence. The most astounding thing about sticker tattoos is that they can give a 3-dimensional feel while being 2 dimensional. Isn’t this the most amazing thing?

Get these kinds of tattoos on those parts which are highly visible so that you get to flaunt those remarkable 3-D tattoos of yours. The best place up till we have analyzed is your shoulders or either calf.

Mystical Graphic Tattoos

Graphic Tattoo

The best way to show we are officially in 2021 is to get a graphic tattoo. They are so fashionable, catchy, and chic. Someone with a graphic tattoo can be identified from far and that person never fails to attract masses. Why hesitate to give this appealing idea a shot?

Get your hands off the conventional tattoos and get yourself the most amazing and the most unique tattoo. Pull off a great graphic tattoo design by getting one on arms or back or even ribs. This is also going to look fascinating on your necks or the legs. The design makes a huge impact when you are getting a graphic tattoo. Ensure that your graphic tattoo is creative enough. An expert tattooist and some remarkable ideas or inspiration will amalgamate to create the best for you.

Line Drawing

Line Art Tattoo Design for Men

Looking for some modern yet catchy and exquisite tattoo ideas? Line drawing stands on top of exquisite tattoos as they certainly lift up your appearance. These whimsical tattoos are not only minimal but are quite bold and have a striking feel to them. If you are interested in getting yourself inked on your hands, look no further as this is definitely the perfect option to opt for.

Own Design

Last but not least is being creative enough and creating your own design. Gather some catchy, inspirational ideas and make something up and get yourself the exact design you wanted.

Why wait? Choose the best one for you now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best tattoo for a man?

Here is the list of the top 5 Tattoo Ideas for Men

  • Small Tattoo
  • Tribal Tattoo.
  • Linework Tattoo.
  • Lion Tattoo.
  • Wolf Tattoo.

Where do tattoos look best on guys?

Top 5 Popular Tattoo Places for Men

  • Chest.
  • Back.
  • Biceps.
  • Upper Arm.
  • Forearm.

What are some good meaningful tattoos?

  • If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
  • Infinity tattoo with paw prints and heart.
  • Moon and Planets.
  • Anchor tattoo.

What’s a good first tattoo to get?

For the first time, Meaningful quote tattoos and memorial tattoos are both popular choices.

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