Stigma Rotary Advanced Tattoo Machine Review

You think of the best tattoo company and you get stigma as an answer. Stigma is undoubtedly the leading, most trusted, and one of the top tattoo companies can come across. Their products have all the qualities which a tattooist needs.

Their expertise lies in making rotary machines that are far more efficient than normal tattoo machines of the age. . The company strives to promote tattooists and their exquisite art. They personally extend their support to the best tattooist and have earned huge respect from many people including star tattooists.

This is not any sort of marketing strategy like most other tattoo companies tend to do, this tattoo company maintains the quality of their products and makes sure to manufacture top-notch, perfect products. We totally love the products produced by stigma rotary. Their products are preferred all around the globe.

Germans are quite ahead when it comes to technology and engineering. They like to experiment with technologies and are very advanced. The newest features are added and excellent technology is made a part of their machines. Let’s dive in to see the complete and detailed review of their advanced tattoo machine.

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Buying Guide

A total of eleven quality, superior, and premium rotary machines from stigma incorporate every demand and need of tattooists. The machines comprising different and unique features and having similar exceptional performance ratings have a sleek, matte appearance which makes tattooists purchase them.

Best Overall

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Products

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machines

  • Catchy details
  • Quiet operation
  • Warranty guaranteed

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The names are given much thought. The majority resemble the weapon names as they are like a weapon to a true artist. The shot, as well as spear and thorn and there, is no stopping these fierce and wild names.

Whether you have just steeped in the tattoo field or you are an expert, the rotary machines from stigma have got you all covered with their right consideration and features.

Offering precise details, aesthetic visual appeal, and easy handling, this is surely one of the best rotary tattoo machines we could have had. The comfort their machines offer is remarkable. The astonishing, friendly machines do not have competition as they stand out among others.


  • First manufactured in Germany
  • Now it is manufactured in Greece
  • The mother company of stigma rotary is Petra Fangerow
  • Are sponsors to many exceptional tattoo artists
  • Warranty guaranteed
  • Worldwide clients
  • Available almost everywhere


Let’s have a look at the general features of their machines which have earned quite a fame.

  • No Genre: Usually when the tattoo machines are manufactured, they are devoted to beginners or to experts. Stigma cuts this notion away and develops a machine that is perfect for all. It provides an excellent experience to all tattooists. Switching between modes can be quite frustrating and that is why stigma is thought to make one that is suitable to all.
  • Comfort: The excellence and design are to praise for but comfort is surely the best feature they could include in this machine. The tattooist can work for several hours and not get tired due to the utmost comfort stigma tattoo machines promise. They do deep analysis to perfect every machine they manufacture guaranteeing comfort and performance.
  • Quiet: The rotary machines were previously thought to make a whole lot of noise due to their machinery until stigma produced the best ones with such a quiet operation.


  • Feasible to all of the skill holders
  • Offers utmost comfort
  • Perfect design
  • Catchy details
  • Quiet operation
  • Warranty guaranteed


  • Costly

Critical Analysis and Final Verdict

While a lot of cheap tattoo gun brands are available in the market, Stigma tattoo machines are costly. The stigma machines have the highest quality and have excellent visual appeal. The machines, moreover, have exceptional power output and remarkable efficiency.

Durable machines are surely a wise choice to go for. They are ideal for all, may it be an expert or a beginner, the machines incorporate all your needs and requirements. We would highly recommend buying such machines having easy settings as it expands your skill set and enables you to work with high effectiveness.

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