Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machine Box Set Review

Coil tattoo machines have been in the game for quite a long time until the rotary ones came and swept them all over with their advanced technologies and exceptional qualities. There is certainly something great about rotary machines. Stealth rotary machine is one of those rotary machines which have really made an impression and people are going crazy about it.

Why? Well, this is for you to figure out. The rotary machines have been quite popular and there is a lot of buzz going on. The reason what makes stealth rotary tattoo machines our absolute favorite due to their affordability.

Astounding Liner along with the remarkable shader is what makes this combo a great deal for you. The weightlessness is achieved by distributing the weight right and choosing the material like plastic which is a very light material. The swing length of the machine is 3 millimeters. The noiseless operation is another plus point of this gun.

Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

The best thing about stealth rotary machines is that it contains astounding and incredible qualities of all the rotary machines. This is very lightweight and easy on your hands. The coil tattoo machines are usually around 10 ounces and this when compared to this is just 3 ounces. The long hours of tattooing aren’t tiring now as the weight just got reduced by 1/3rd. It is as easy and light as it can be.

Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machine Box Set Review

Quick Summary

  • 3mm Swing
  • Aircraft Aluminum
  • Motor spings up to 7,000RPM

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Moreover, the entire machine is set and absolutely ready to operate and use. This makes it a perfect machine that requires no tuning or any kind of adjustment. The frame is composed of plastic which some people consider as a downside although it is not. This makes this hard and sturdy. This is definitely going to beat your old tattoo machine as it has gone really far with amazing qualities. This is going to replace your favorite machine.


The only thing which is a tradeoff of the great qualities is that it makes noise and is not as quiet. This works at incredibly fast speed and with that, it has great noise which puts you down. Linework requires perfect speed and that will cause high noise. The needle is a weak connection. This is not a big issue and doesn’t require you to worry.


  • Affordable
  • Weightless
  • Excellent operation


  • Loosen screws
  • Makes a little noise

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Final Verdict

This is the best if you are looking for affordable tattoo machines. This machine has few cons but the exceptional qualities outnumber them. However, this would not be very quiet so make a wise decision if you can put up with that. We would highly recommend you going for this as this is great and is right on budget.

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