11 Cool Small Tattoo Designs For Girls In 2022 Best Ideas with Photos

Do you dislike larger pieces, and do you want your tattoo to look simple, innocent, as well as low-key? Say no more! Small tattoo designs are for people who dislike the needle and are trying to place something beautiful, unique, yet highly practical on top of their body. You will enjoy our list since we have different tattoo options listed down below.

Reason To Get A Small Tattoo?

Tattoos don’t have to be large to make an impact. Today, smaller tattoos are trending – especially for princesses. That’s because dainty body art can seem more elegant than oversized pieces or full sleeves as the tattoo will appear more in proportion. Tiny tattoos can also be easily covered by clothing.

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11 Small Tattoo Designs for Women & Girls

1. Meaningful Tattoo

Even small tattoos can have a powerful meaning. When choosing a meaningful tattoo, many women choose their life’s motto, favorite song lyrics, or the name of a loved one. Your hand or inner wrist are ideal placements for these inkings as you can always see them and be reminded of their meaning.



2. Forearm Small Tattoos For Ladies And Dog Lovers

Wrist tattoos are usually the best choice for people who want to show their love and appreciation for their loved ones. Everyone will always spot your wrist tattoo, so make sure that you dedicate it to someone that truly touches you.

A dog print or a dog image will show your sentiment side. You will let others know that you are in tune with your emotions and that you want to cherish the memory of your furry pal forever!

Forearm Small Tattoos For Ladies And Dog Lovers


3. Cute Small Tattoo

Small tattoos come in cute designs. Those that are young at heart will find cute tattoos reflect their personalities perfectly. Playful and petite, these designs are an excellent choice for your first inking or a matching tattoo with your best childhood friend. Adorable animals like pandas, puppies, and frogs are popular choices for these tattoos. Try cartoon-style artwork for an extra cute look!



4. Small Simple Tattoo

For those who have a relaxed and classic sense of style, or prefer black ink tattoos, small and simple designs are a perfect choice. They are also ideal if you’d prefer a short and inexpensive tattoo session, as they can be done in one sitting. Plus, the beauty of a small and simple tattoo is that you can place it almost anywhere!



5. Small Flower Tattoos Over Forearm

A fan of flowers? Craving a simple yet beautiful flower tattoo somewhere on your body? How about this forearm piece? It is the perfect tattoo for women who want something minimalistic and cute at the same time.



6. Small Rose Tattoos Orange Ink

Rose tattoos are in demand right now, and it’s no wonder they have become so popular. The minimalist and understated take on the classic floral design suits those who have a modern, sophisticated style. A petite and pretty rose tattoo can be placed nearly anywhere, from the forearm to the fingers, wrist, or hip.



7. Family Inspired Medium Tattoos Over Forearm

Are you a family-oriented person? Maybe you want to dedicate something to your closest friends and family? If so, place this tattoo over your arm and let others know that you are proud of your roots!

The symbolism is pretty straightforward. You are family-oriented and you know what it’s like to have your closest ones with you through thick and thin.



8. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are some of the most popular inkings for women. That’s because the butterfly represents transformation, nature, and freedom. Additionally, they have a beautiful and feminine look. A versatile tattoo choice, butterflies look just as good in color or in black ink. Plus, even as a small artwork, these winged insects stand out.



9. Small Cross Tattoo

The cross is a sacred symbol in Christianity, representing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. For followers of the religion, having a cross tattoo is a way to affirm their commitment to their faith. But it doesn’t have to be large and elaborate to be meaningful. For many women, a small cross tattoo is perfect because it can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Instead of showing off their faith to others, it acts as a subtle – yet powerful – reminder that God is always with them.



10. Small Finger Tattoos Bright Blue Ink

Ring or fingernail tattoos are beautiful as well as extravagant. If you are a fan of something fancy and romantic at the same time, you will enjoy showing off this gorgeous hand piece. It is not a time-consuming piece either, and it will suit younger women the best!

This finger tattoo symbolizes your sentimental and romantic side. It is also a symbol of patience and growth.



11. Small Delicate Female Tattoos

Do you fancy henna? Maybe you are a fan of noticeable smaller tattoos? This finger design will look so beautiful and creative on your ring finger. It will also tell a lot about your loyalty toward the other person.

You are someone who doesn’t have a lot of secrets. You are also brave and comfortable with yourself and in your skin.

Small Delicate Female Tattoos


Ready For Your New Small Tattoo?

Are you ready to enjoy and get your next tattoo? There are loads of different small tattoo ideas that you can explore and place over your body. Our list will help you make up your mind + you will enjoy it no matter your gender! Let us know your favorite and top pick, we would love to know!

Frequently Asked Questions

A small tattoo can really go anywhere on your body. Ideally, you want to choose a location that will show it in the best light. The wrist and ankle are excellent choices. They’re smaller, more delicate areas of your body, so a mini tattoo won’t seem out of place. Other good locations include your ribs, fingers, and along your collarbone.

Where do tattoos hurt the most?

The areas where tattoos will hurt the most include the head, center chest, ribs, groin, inner thighs, feet, shins, hands, inner and outer elbows, and armpits. Generally, anywhere that has more muscle and fat will hurt less, as there’s more cushioning and protection of nerve endings. However, remember that everyone experiences pain differently, so consider your pain threshold before jumping in.

How much does it cost for a small tattoo?

Most tattoo shops charge by the hour, so getting a small tattoo can be reasonably inexpensive. However, some shops will have a minimum starting price. Expect to pay between $50 and $200 for something small and basic. The more details and colors you have, the more time it will take and the more it will cost.

How long does a small tattoo take?

A simple design that’s around an inch in size will generally take less than an hour, depending on your artist. Tiny pieces may take only 10 minutes.

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