Should I Use Lidocaine For Tattoos?

​Lidocaine for tattoos can be a lifesaver to those that don’t have a high pain tolerance but still want a tattoo. Some people do love the endorphins released while experiencing the pain of a tattoo, but for others, the pain is just too much and that’s where tattoo numbing agents come in.

However, all numbing creams are not created equal, though, and by far Lidocaine is the best.


Best Numbing Cream For Tattoos

There are all kinds of tattoo numbing creams out there; so how to choose the best one?

The way to choose the best numbing cream for tattoos is to look at the active ingredients. You’re going to want to get a numbing cream with Lidocaine. Lidocaine is proven to be the best numbing agent there is.

It’s such a good numbing anesthetic that it’s the cream dermatologists use to numb a patient’s skin prior to performing a procedure.

Does Lidocaine For Tattoos Really Work?

Lidocaine for tattoos works because it temporarily deadens the nerves in the area it is applied. It seeps into the top layer of skin numbing it; the top layer is where the tattoo needle is penetrating. It also works to prevent you from involuntary movements of your body caused by the tattoo needle striking a nerve.

You can’t overlook how much it helps out psychologically to those afraid of the pain either. It helps to go into the tattoo session with a calmer head and a feeling of protection.

Will It Mess Up My Tattoo?

No, if you use lidocaine for tattoos it will not mess up the tattoo. A lot of tattoo artists refuse to use it on their clients solely due to the fact they believe that the pain should come with the territory of tattoos, and that’s simply not fair. The good news is you don’t need their permission!

There are a lot of considerate tattoo shops that will offer you a numbing agent prior to the tattoo.

How to use Lidocaine for Tattoos?

It can come in a cream or spray form, and anywhere from a 2% concentration to a 5% concentration. Either way, you apply it to the skin and rub it thoroughly about a half hour or so from the time you are to start the tattoo. It’s best to rinse it off with soap and water after you rub it in. Once rubbed in and cleaned you need to wrap the area with saran wrap for the half-hour leading up to your tattoo.

Also, keep in mind that Lidocaine will be working at its best for about a couple of hours so keep that in mind when planning your tattoo sessions.

You Don’t Have to Endure The Pain!

If you’re like many of the millions of people that don’t feel pain is something you should be forced to endure then lidocaine is something that will really help you out. There are all kinds of expensive tattoo-specific numbing creams out there, but you don’t need anything like that. Just simple lidocaine numbing cream will work perfectly for your tattoos!

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