Compass Tattoo Machines Reviews – Finding The Right One

Dragonhawk is quite a famous name when it comes to tattoo machines and other relevant accessories. When it comes to affordable and economical rotary tattoo devices, dragonhawk’s name instantly clicks our minds.

Their tattoo supplies are high quality and top-notch. They didn’t leave anything when it comes to tattoo equipment and has created an entire line of coil products suited with the respective compass tattoo machines so that all kinds of artists are benefitted.

If you are looking for some premium, high-quality coil tattoo machines, look no further because dragonhawk has it all for you. To prevent you from exhaustion, we have listed the details out below. Read more to find out the perfect fit for you.

Don’t Have Time To Read? Check out our favorite products in the table below.

2 PCS Compass Tattoo Machine Tahiti Liner Portland Shader IronLink Common Compass Tattoo Machine
Compass Tattoo Machine Samar Shader 10 Wraps Steel Frame WQ2063Dr. Pet Compass Tattoo Machine
2 PCS Compass Tattoo Machine Plata Liner Fuego Shader Gun for Tattoo Kit 2062+2062-1Compass 360 Tattoo Machine
Deluxe Compass 2 Tattoo Machines Plenty Liner Hawke Shader Steel FrameBergoti Compass Tattoo Machine

1. Link Common Compass Tattoo Machine Tahiti Liner Portland Shader Iron

If you are looking for the right comfort then Tahiti liner is the best fit for you. Stability is desired in all tattoo devices for precise lines and fine design. This is great when it comes to stability as the needle is perfectly balanced eliminating sidewise movements. Both of these machines are high quality and the material is carefully and thoughtfully selected.

Link Common Compass Tattoo Machine Tahiti Liner Portland Shader Iron

Quick Summary

  • Copper coils
  • Effective running
  • Efficient motor
  • Single stroke
  • 8 wrap of coils
  • Superior quality
  • Right shading

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The steel material enhances the durability greatly making this last very long. The ease with which both of these machines offer is highly suitable for beginners. All you need to check if they are properly tuned or not. Whether it is the intricate designs you are working on or it is the proper, fine lines, this has got you all covered with its ultimate stability and remarkable excellence.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick

Great Shading 

Both of the models, may it be Tahiti one of Portland one, have excellent shading properties. This will let the artist do remarkable shading and expand their customer base. The designs are perfectly highlighted by the right shading offered by these superior machines. This will let the artist experience more and more and perfect their artistry skills.

Right Stability

The needle is rightly pointed and stabilized. The right stability guarantees precise design. This will aid you to draw impeccable lines. The design will be perfected. This also allows making a solid line with just one stroke. The stroke is short and very precise. Moreover, quiet operation is obtained. This also limits the vibrations which let you concentrate perfectly.

Quality Construction

These machines are constructed with high quality. It goes through an extensive process that is very careful and thoughtful. The steel frame is present to endure strength. Along with having an appealing and catchy design, this is very easy to carry and handle.


  • Steel frame which ensures strength
  • Appealing design
  • Economical
  • Great stability
  • Great comfort
  • Medium size
  • Easy handling
  • Great precision
  • Thoughtful construction


  • Tuning might be required
  • Heavy

2. Dr. Pet Samar Shader Compass Tattoo Machine for Professionals

If you require an effective machine for the art of tattoo making, then Samar shading is probably your biggest choice. The remarkable tattoos are made through quiet, smooth machines. The soft and easy running of the machines will enable you to draw exquisite and intricate patterns with great detailing.

Dr. Pet Samar Shader Compass Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary

  • No discomfort
  • Highly efficient
  • Powerful machine
  • Incredible speed
  • Enhanced durability
  • Effective working
  • Hard construction

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Hitting hard at an incredible speed of 110 Hertz, this is sure to get your work done in the shortest period. Further, the machine is highly durable. All thanks to the hard and strong steel frame which induces strength to prevent damage. This also prevents arm pains and other strains that are quite common when it comes to tattooing. This also comes with a case that serves the purpose of protection when you are not using the machine.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick

Effective Working

This machine works effectively allowing you to draw fine lines and precise designs too quickly and swiftly. The machine is quite efficient due to its incredible power output. This is all possible due to the advanced motor integrated into the machine.

We cannot emphasize more how good of the tattoo equipment this is for beginners as it will aid them in polishing their skills and learning new techniques. It is certainly going to take your tattoo art to heights.


Durability is another great factor of this machine. This is achieved through hard and strong steel frames which are sure to last long. The construction is hard and thoughtful preventing any damage and ensuring long-term use. The rest is handled by a solid case which prevents the machine from damage when idle.


  • Fast running
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth
  • Affordable
  • Appealing design
  • Excellent finish
  • Hard and strong steel frame
  • Durable
  • Effective operation
  • Efficient and swift working
  • Lightweight


  • Tuning might be challenge for those who are new in tattooing field

3. Compass 360 Compass Tattoo Machine Plata Liner Fuego Shader Gun

One machine is for lining specifically and the other one is devoted to shading, this machine has been designed with the right purpose that doesn’t leave any field so that the design is perfected in every way possible. The coil machines that come with this package are two in number.

Compass 360 Compass Tattoo Machine Plata Liner Fuego Shader Gun

Quick Summary

  • Efficient machine
  • Excellent lining
  • Remarkable shading
  • Excellent power rating
  • Astounding speed
  • Comfort grip
  • Right precision
  • The warranty period extends up to a period of 1 year

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These machines not only give you comfort and pleasure but guarantee an excellent, easy and enjoyable experience to your dear clients as well. The tattoos produced as the result of these efficient and effective machines are precise and chic. This is ideal for beginners and experts alike due to easy and detailed features which allow beginners to explore more and more with incredible ease and experts get to enjoy multiple features.

The machines are just so amazing to work with. This aids in faster and swift movements. The lining is done perfectly through these machines. The power rating it works between ranges from 130 hertz to about 150 hertz which is quite excellent. If you are looking for efficient work, then these machines have got you all covered. This machine is intended to create the right balance. The speed, as well as power, is perfectly balanced.

Coming towards the second model of this entire package which is the Fuego model, it operates at an astounding speed that ranges from 100 hertz to 110 Hz slower than the other model. This model is also a champion when it comes to fast working like the other one which tells us how important it is for the manufacturers to get the fast machines produced.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick

Fast Machines

The manufacturers have duly considered that the machines are fast and swift. This will let you work with great efficiency and effectiveness that will save you labor and your precious time. The precision which is obtained through these quality machines is remarkable. We are absolutely in love with this quality production.


Along with the ergonomic design of these astounding machines and the comfort grip, these machines have much more to them. The power rating is exceptional and the movement of the needle is steady. Get your hands on the best innovative tattoo coil machines right now!


  • Fast machines
  • Efficient machines
  • Perfect balance
  • Steel frame
  • Affordable


  • Slightly Heavy
  • Might face some difficulty when it comes to setting the machine

4. Bergoti Deluxe Compass Tattoo Machines Plenty Liner Hawke Shader

What a tattoo artist demands are a perfect combination of two things, a liner plus a shader. Well, if you are looking for one then you have got the perfect fit for you. This great machine is not going to cause any trauma to your skin due to its soft feel.


Bergoti Deluxe Compass Tattoo Machines Plenty Liner Hawke Shader

Quick Summary

  • 7.7 ounces
  • 100-110 hertz of speed
  • Copper coils
  • Less trauma
  • Faster movements
  • Appealing design
  • Swift working

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The smooth running of the machine allows one to get the perfect, exact design on the skin. This is surely the best package you can have.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick

Incredible Speed

This machine has an incredible speed having a range from 130 hertz to 150 hertz.


This feels very light and easy on your hand due to only 7.7 ounces of weight. This will let you have a comfortable feel when you are tattooing. Say no to pain with deluxe hawks.

Classy Appearance

This machine looks classy and chic with its perfect appearance.

Comfortable Operation

Due to its lightweight and easy grip, the operation is very comfortable. We are absolutely in love with the comfort this machine offers.


  • Smooth running
  • Efficient operation
  • Lightweight
  • The steel frame makes the assembly durable
  • Powerful machine
  • Effective working
  • Affordable


  • Adjusting might be tricky for some

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