15 Best Crow and Raven Tattoo Design Ideas

Thinking about getting a raven tattoo? We have 15 different and beautiful designs for you to explore and browse through down below. We have gathered tattoos that will look great on men as well as women. Make sure that you check out your preferred category and find the ideal design that is unique as well as meaningful to you down below.

What Does A Raven Tattoo Symbolize?

Ravens can symbolize loads of different motions and things. Its black color usually symbolizes prophecy, as well as insight. This bird is spiritual, as well as connected to the spiritual world.

Who Can Get A Raven Tattoo?

A raven tattoo will suit anyone! You can represent your true feelings, your strength, as well as your inner thoughts. If you ever lost someone this raven tattoo will easily symbolize your grief as well, it is all about the perfect placement, as well as the color that you end up using with your raven.

Top 21 Best Raven Tattoo Designs

Raven Tattoo Design for Men

1. Traditional Raven Tattoo Black Symbolic Ink


Image Source: instagram.com

Black and white raven tattoos are not that unique, but they are gorgeous and a piece of art. This feminine tattoo with some flowers will suit you if you are a fan of precise artwork.

This design symbolizes a creator. Anyone who ends up getting this tattoo will show their power and true colors, despite the fact that this tattoo is black and white.

2. Feminine Raven Tattoo Designs On Leg


Image Source: instagram.com

This tattoo of a raven is perfect for women who want something feminine tattooed on their bodies. You will enjoy putting it on top of your thighs or your leg if you are into unique and precise lines. Women who want to decorate their tattoos with flowers will enjoy this raven.

It shows that you are a powerful and strong person who has been through a lot but has managed to come out of everything with a smile on your face.

3. Bright Green Raven Tattoo


Image Source: instagram.com

This teal tattoo is amazing and unique, as well as special for people who want to show it off among people. If you like magical symbols, artsy designs, as well as colorful pieces, you will enjoy it!

This design will stand for your sentimental and mysterious side. You will enjoy showing it off if you love to let others see you as a brutally honest person.

In Greek culture, ravens have been talked about in songs, poems, as well as different books and through history!

4. Mandala Inspired Raven Tattoo On Stomach


Image Source: instagram.com

Side tattoos are quite painful, so heads up before you get this design. Stomach tattoos are time-consuming as well. This gorgeous design will take you 7+ hours to achieve.

This mysterious and mandala-inspired tattoo will tell others that you are a complex person and that you also have your deep sides and true sentimental feelings. You are caring, giving, as well as covered in loads of different layers!

5. Neck Piece Raven Tattoo For Men


Image Source: instagram.com

How brave are you when it comes to getting neck tattoos? This one is quite painful since it is a larger piece, but you will enjoy it if you want to seek attention everywhere you go.

Black color is quite common, which means that this tattoo will show off your true side. However, the placement will say that you are an adventurer and that you are not afraid of any new obstacles.

6. Raven Tattoo Designs On Shoulder With Red Ink


Image Source: instagram.com

Shoulder tattoos are an amazing choice for men who want to show off their masculine arms and their shoulders. If you work out quite often you will enjoy getting this raven tattoo.

This tattoo symbolizes your inner warrior and true power. It will tell others that you are a strong individual who doesn’t give up.

7. Evil Crow Tattoo Design With Flower Details


Image Source: instagram.com

Do you want something simple yet kind of scary tattooed on your arm or your shoulder? This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out. Show your brave and bold side if you are a fan of gorgeous and giant pieces.

This tattoo can be your common piece that symbolizes your power. You can also dedicate it to someone who you truly love yet who has made an impact on your life or your lifestyle.

8. Raven Tattoo Chest Precise And Symmetrical Ink


Image Source: instagram.com

Chest tattoos are great for men who want something big and bold tattooed on their bodies. This raven tattoo is for guys who want dramatic pieces and who work out a lot. Your chest will look even more attractive out in the summer and in high heat when you show it off!

This is a symbol of dark thoughts and determination. If you are an individual who stands for what they think and believes in, this is perfect for you!

Did you know that ravens can imitate human speech?

9. Colorful Raven Tattoo Over Chest


Image Source: instagram.com

A pop of color will suit you if you are into sentimental pieces and if you want something mysterious to get. This color combo is unique and the pop of teal will suit everyone, no matter their age, skin color, or personal preference.

This color combo will represent that you are a true believer in great things and that you believe in faith!

10. Unique Raven Tattoo With Leaf Details


Image Source: instagram.com

This black tattoo with leaf symbols will look amazing over your chest! It is a time-consuming piece that will look artsy on guys who are connected with their inner emotions.

This design will show your love for life. It will also symbolize that you are filled with courage and that you are someone who can fly away anywhere you want and at any time you want!

Fun fact: ravens love ants. They either chew them up, eat, or even rub against their feathers.

11. Neo Traditional Crow Tattoo Colorful Ink


Image Source: instagram.com

Is green your favorite color? You will love this unique design if you are a fan of spiritual designs and if you want something that truly stands out, go with this bright lime piece!

This design will show off your inner peace and connection to your spiritual side. It will let others know that you are a brave and cautious person, especially when it comes to your surroundings.

12. Raven Tattoo Small Design And Bright Ink


Image Source: instagram.com

Another colorful design that you will love is this one if you are a fan of symmetrical pieces and brighter tattoos. This raven will represent your bold side, and who doesn’t want a bit of attention?

A pop of color and this symmetry are for men who enjoy the attention and who want to let others know that they have that spiritual side. It will take you up to 7 hours to get this raven tattoo placed onto your body.

13. Detailed And Precise Raven Wing Tattoo


Image Source: instagram.com

This forearm piece is an amazing sleeve design for men and women! Do you like symmetrical designs? You will love this piece! It is unique and perfectly done, so make sure that you have the patience to get this tattoo.

This tattoo stands for peace and your inner ambitions. It will let others know that you are a powerful and strong-minded individual who never gives up on goals.

14. Small & Funny Raven Tattoo


Image Source: instagram.com

Do you want something small yet with a pop of color? Go with this slight purple ink. It will look great on your forearm and it will suit women the best.

This design symbolizes your spiritual and feminine side. It also lets others know that you are always reliable and someone that they can trust.

15. Mysterious Forest Inspired Raven Crow Tattoo


Image Source: instagram.com

In the mood for something scary and precise? Get yourself this forearm tattoo. It will show your love for nature while letting others know that you are in love with nature.

Its symbolism stands for free will as well as patience. You are a determined individual who never gives up on your goals, no matter how big they are!

Ready For Your Raven Tattoo?

Since now you know true raven tattoo meaning and you have browsed through loads of different designs, were you able to find your ideal tattoo inspiration? These 30 raven tattoos will suit you if you are a fan of mysterious elements and if you want a tattoo that is noticeable and perfect for brave individuals!

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