91 Kingdom Hearts Tattoo Unique Ideas & Design

Kingdoms Hearts is an amazingly popular series of video games incorporating a wide range of Disney, Pixar, and Square Enix titles into its gameplay.  First created in 2001, and today, it boasts of blockbuster popularity globally. The game gets its direction from Tetsuya Nomura and is a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix. Tattoo artists and enthusiasts who are passionate about the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise have been coming up with amazing Kingdom Hearts tattoo designs that look extremely cool displayed on the body.

If you grew up playing the Kingdom Hearts (KH) game series, your childhood was awesome! Whether you’re a Square Enix or Disney fan, you’ve come to the right place for Kingdom Hearts tattoo ideas. Find an image you like and take it to your trusty tattoo artist as soon as you can. Warning – choosing just one KH tattoo idea will be really hard!

Kingdom Hearts Tattoo

Are you an ardent Square Enix or Disney fan that grew up playing the amazing Kingdom Hearts game series? If yes, not only was your childhood exciting, you would’ve developed a strong emotional connection with the game and its characters. As a result, like many others, you’re likely on the mission to find the perfect Kingdom Hearts tattoo or set of tattoos to display on your body.

1. Disney Mickey KH Tattoo

Disney Mickey KH Tattoo


On the topic of Mickey and Kingdom Hearts, how about this design where Mickey is ready to wield his keyblade any moment now? The loose line art style looks like something out of the official Disney artbook. This tattoo is perfect for any fan of the games and every placement, not just the forearm.

2. Sora Tattoos


Source: @marc_toon via Instagram

This crisp, immaculate tattoo on the leg shows Sora in all his innocence. This is a colorful tattoo of him wielding the Keyblade.

3. Black Line Tattoos


There are some badass examples of effective black line ink above. There’s a variety of methods used, whether it’s sharpie-like thick lines, or more delicate, gentle combinations. Given the subject matter, I particularly like the comic book/manga choices some artists make in their depictions, giving their images the look of a cartoon development storyboard.

4. Kingdom Hearts Mickey In Battle Tattoo



If you’ve played the games, you surely remember the epic boss fights. In case you are ready to dedicate your arm or leg to Disney’s Mickey, literally, why not get this tattoo design? This tattoo can represent your own dedication to fight evil in life, just as Mickey is fighting the wretched hoard of Nobodies. Just keep in mind this tattoo design is time-consuming.

5. Illuminating Blue Effect

Illuminating Blue Effect

Source: @arcos_noir_tatts via Instagram

This arm tattoo looks super amazing. The artist has achieved excellent results with black and grey Ink. Giving it a cool touch is the illuminating blue effect behind Sora’s head.

6. Kingdom Hearts Sora Tattoo



If Sora from KH is your favorite character ever, why not get a tattoo of him? This amazing tattoo design of the classic character has bold colors, crisp lines, and well-done shading; what more do you want from a Kingdom Hearts tattoo?

7. Classic Sora Tattoo

Classic Sora Tattoos

Source: @chrismesitattoo via Instagram

This is a classic Sora tattoo. It depicts the jubilant teen on his line of defense. The subtle colors give it an everlasting appeal. This style of tattoo won’t fade easily, and even if it does, it’ll still look incredible.

8. Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Tattoos


Source: @sophieluna.x via Instagram

The Keyblade is a special weapon wielded by main characters in Kingdom hearts, such as Sora and King Mickey. It’s usually used in traditional hack and slash strategies but has a range of other uses within the game.

9. Kingdom Hearts Characters Tattoo



You have to admit having Donald Duck and Goofy follow you everywhere in the game is always hilarious. Everyone loves these iconic Disney characters! So why not get a tattoo of them pestering Sora? This tattoo design is great for someone who equally loves all characters from KH.

10. Sora Gold Crown

Sora Gold Crown

Source: @jey_jey_tattoo via Instagram

I love this tattoo of Sora wearing his gold crown. In the game, when the first Proof is acquired by Sora, the Copper Crown is obtained. Upon gaining subsequent Proof, there is an up-gradation to a Silver Crown and finally a Gold Crown.

11. Full Color Kingdom Hearts Collages

Full Color Kingdom Hearts Collages

Kingdom Hearts may be based on Disney, however, there is a wide swathe of different styles that can be drawn upon to make quality body art. These color tattoos do a fantastic job of mixing up full color compositions, whether they’re done with cartoon-like crisp flat fill, negative space, and shapely framing, or shadowy contrasting colors and incorporation of neo-traditional effects

12. Sora Wielding the Keyblade

Sora Wielding the Keyblade

Source: @rachwilltattoo via Instagram

This Kingdom Hearts Sora tattoo is the complete works. Depicted here are a cheerful Sora wielding the Keyblade and the Kingdom Hearts logo in the background.

13. Kingdom Hearts Forearm

Kingdom Hearts Forearm

Source: @michelabottin.ackerman via Instagram

No, this is not a painting; it’s a fabulously inked tattoo! The artist has done an impeccable job, and this tattoo looks perfect on the forearm.

14. Black and Gray Kingdom Hearts Tattoos

Black and Gray Kingdom Hearts Tattoos

Just because Kingdom Hearts is a video game, doesn’t mean it’s restricted to high octane, bright color ink designs. These black and gray examples run the gamut of black and gray delineation. There’s the nuance of painstaking dotwork, saturated grayscale shading, fine needle black fill, and some brilliant delivery of clean, crisp linework.

15. Axel, Roxas, and Xion Kingdom Hearts Tattoo

Axel, Roxas and Xion Kingdom Hearts Tattoo


Have you ever wanted to just tattoo the entire scene from your favorite video game? Who said that wasn’t possible? While this tattoo design needs more time to be completed, no one can deny how visually pleasing the result is!

16. Simple Sora Kingdom Hearts Tattoo



Did you say you are a big KH fan but want a simple kingdom hearts tattoo on a budget? We have you covered, just keep reading! This straightforward design of Sora is ideal for those who dislike complicated and colorful tattoos. You can try a smaller size to make it subtle, ideal as a wrist tattoo, or ankle tattoo.

17. Vibrant Sora

Vibrant Sora

Source: @_juliejupiter via Instagram

“Here’s looking at you, kid!” A vibrant Sora is depicted in his cool avatar. The tattooist has showcased his side pose on the arm.

18. Colorful Kingdom Hearts Tattoos


The example above is like kid’s coloring books brought to life, with the innovative thrust of strange imagery added in to crank up the new wave aspects to eleven. Equally important to the wide variety of color schemes for these pieces is the necessity of using clean, slightly thicker black lines conveying scale and balance to the riot of vivid ink.

19. Kingdom Hearts Nobody Tattoo



Looking for a not so expensive geeky tattoo to reference your favorite game – Kingdom Hearts? Consider this simple design of a Nobody! By choosing to use just blank ink you can save some money for a new tattoo, while still looking cool with this one. Show off your ankle with this sinister Nobody tattoo.

20. Sora Side Pose

Sora Side Pose

Source: @arteria.ink via Instagram

This is another classic Sora pose, this time in a more vibrant look with brighter colors.

21. Watercolor Kingdom Hearts Tattoos


Top quality watercolor tattoos can be difficult to pull off, however, these are uniformly brilliant. The best thing about these watercolor images is how they’re deployed- there’s a range of saturation depths, color thicknesses, and incorporation of more restrained color styles used in aiding the flow of each concept.

22. Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Tattoo

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Tattoo


A tattoo of the iconic keyblade from Kingdom Hearts is what every fan needs to think about! Since keyblades come in a plethora of designs and colors, choosing the best one may be difficult. Our pick is this epic-looking manly keyblade in grayscale. Nobodies should be afraid of you sporting this style of Kingdom Hearts tattoos.

23. Beautiful Keyblade Tattoo

Beautiful Keyblade Tattoo

Source: @chowdahbowl via Instagram

Shown above is a beautiful Keyblade tattoo that looks amazing placed on the arm. The combined elements are wonderful, as they together symbolize what the Keyblade stands for in a more reinforced way. The elements are the heart, flowers, and of course, a Keyblade.

24. Kingdom Hearts Anime Portraiture Tattoos

Kingdom Hearts Anime Portraiture Tattoos

The Kingdom Hearts franchise was born from the studio responsible for the video game leviathan Final Fantasy and then folded into the amazing world of Disney and Pixar. There’s so much source material to use and develop which extends to the anime genre as well as classical cartoons.

These portraits show off the fundamentals of anime. They mesh a wide range of vibrant colors with classical tattoo portraiture fundamentals of staging, shape, and clean delivery. Using anime allows for innovation, such as shadow concepts, cartoon effects, and the incorporation of texts from within the game framework

25. Keyblades with the Kingdom Hearts

Keyblades with the Kingdom Hearts

Source: @george_vincent_tattoo via Instagram

Through the soothing colors, the tattooist has done a splendid job at inking an intricate set of Keyblades with the Kingdom Hearts symbols in the background.

26. Kingdom Hearts Crown Tattoo

Kingdom Hearts Crown Tattoo


If you’re looking for a simple tattoo to reference the incredible game series that is KH, it doesn’t get easier than the crown symbol. Instantly recognizable as something out of the Disney collaborated game, this design is subtle and cheap. Choose a different colored ink than the traditional black for a more noticeable design!

27. Fairy Harp Keyblade

Fairy Harp Keyblade

Source: @cpo_ink via Instagram

Featured in this tattoo is the Fairy Harp Keyblade. The Fairy Harp is a Keychain meant specifically for Sora’s Keyblade. Sora’s Keyblade, along with the Fairy Harp keychain, appears in Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

28. Black Ink Kingdom Hearts Tattoo



If you’re having a hard time choosing just one element, then just combine them all in an impactful tattoo design! This image has it all and needs no other color than pure black ink. Ideal for a forearm or calf muscle placement, this tattoo design might be the coolest one!

29. Sora Keyblade

Sora Keyblade

Source: @melina_tattoo via Instagram

The array of dazzling sparkles adds to the magic of this, what is, Sora’s Keyblade. That is, as long as the holder of the Keyblade is a strong-hearted soul, like the main characters in Kingdom Hearts are.

30. Gurren Lagann Keyblade

Gurren Lagann Keyblade

Source: @lil_tat_mama via Instagram

This forearm tattoo shows the Gurren Lagann Keyblade. The length and breadth of this tattoo design look great on the forearm or the calf region.

31. Halloween Town

Halloween Town

Source: @zmctattoo via Instagram

Halloween Town is a world found within the game Kingdom Hearts. It’s based on a classic Disney movie called The Nightmare Before Christmas. This tattoo shows the Keyblade with elements of Halloween Town.

32. Oathkeeper and Oblivion

Oathkeeper and Oblivion

Source: @alyssagainestattoo via Instagram

The above tattoos of Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades look super cool paired up on both your forearms. The symbolism takes us back to the story mode of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Wherein, during Mission 93, only Roxas can dual-wield the Oathkeeper and Oblivion. In Kingdom Hearts III, players can unlock these two Keyblades for Sora by earning both the Proof of Promises for Oathkeeper and the Proof of Times Past for Oblivion.

33. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, & Goofy

Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, & Goofy

Source: @jimmyimier via Instagram

This is a tattoo full of happy faces. Donald Duck, Goofy, and Sora can be seen with Sora’s Keyblade. The colors and placement of the tattoo make this a perfect piece.

34. Sora with Goofy

Sora with Goofy

Source: @glitterpoops_ via Instagram

Are you looking for a sleeve design with your favorite characters? This design with a crowned Sora along with Goofy, Donald, and a few Heartless looks super cool.

35. Sora and Zero

Sora and Zero

Source: @glitterpoops_ via Instagram

This is the cutest tattoo of Zero (Jack Skellington’s loyal pet ghost-dog) and Sora from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The whole design is done with perfection using the tattooing style of black dot work.

36. Sora and Mario

Sora and Mario

Source: @raydos7 via Instagram

Surprised? Not if you’ve grown up playing the game, I bet! Featured in this tattoo is Mario, the main Super Mario Bros. character. He’s a Kingdom Hearts ally in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. He helps Allen to stop Tabuu from enslaving the universe.

37. Riku from Kingdom Hearts

Riku from Kingdom Hearts

Source: @ardenwhitesound via Instagram

Riku is one of the main player characters in Kingdom Hearts. He is a childhood friend of Sora and Kairi, also from Destiny Islands. As the series progresses, Riku turns into a Keyblade master, upholding the power of light and darkness. Like Sora, he, too, is ever ready to sacrifice his life for the protection of his friends. This would be the ultimate tattoo that symbolizes power, protective nature, and loyalty.

38. Heartless Tattoos

Heartless Tattoos

Source: @owlt via Instagram

This tattoo of a Heartless on the rib cage area looks amazing, elegant, and simple.

39. Nobody and Heartless

Nobody and Heartless

Source: @unc_paul_knows_upk via Instagram

I love this large tattoo of a Heartless with Nobody. A Nobody is the remnant of those whose hearts were lost to darkness. When Sora’s heart got released from the body, it transformed into a Shadow Heartless. This, in turn, would create Sora’s Nobody, Roxas.

40. Darkside Heartless

Darkside Heartless

Source: @swamplost via Instagram

This is another Darkside Heartless tattoo, this time in superior black and grey inking technique. It looks great on the guy’s leg.

41. Wayfinder Tattoos


Source: @minaxkate via Instagram

This Wayfinder tattoo has another little Wayfinder attached to the other end of the brown cord. It looks elegant, cute, and undoubtedly cool.

42. Pride-themed Wayfinder

Pride-themed Wayfinder

Source: @mikesgarbageart via Instagram

When you collaborate innovation with sentiments and an iconic gaming franchise, you get a gifted tattooist that creates something unique, like this Pride-themed Wayfinder.

43. Kingdom Hearts Symbols

Kingdom Hearts Symbols

Source: @tiz_tattoo via Instagram

This watercolor Kingdom Hearts heart and crown tattoo looks great in any size and on any body location. This particular one is on the heart itself.

44. Simplistic Black Line Heartless

Simplistic Black Line Heartless

Source: @vicky_blackbunny via Instagram

This simplistic black line design has the Heartless symbol, Heart, Crown, and Nobody emblem in bottom-to-top vertical sequential order. These are four of the most powerful symbols in the series, and what better way to ink them than in this style!

Other Kingdom Hearts Tattoo for Inspiration

Here are some simplistic Sora tattoo designs I was delighted to spot on the world wide web. All of these may look simple, yet they are what they are due to the great work by talented tattoo artists. Let’s have a look.


Source: @arky_sparky via Instagram


Source: @marcel_meira via Instagram


Source: @amyottoson via Instagram


Source: @jacklesdoughlas via Instagram


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