Tattoo Aftercare: How to Take Good Care of Your Inked Area?

Getting inked can be quite expensive. This requires detailed research. In your search for the perfect design that is classy and chic, you find the perfect tattooist who knows his/her job well. This is extensive research. And then finally you spend a lot of money on getting that perfect piece you were always longing for. Go through all that pain of getting the needle inside. The great and master body art by the expensive artist needs to be well in shape and should look as amazing as It really is, right?

To keep a tattoo in the right shape needs good care and requires proper attention. For that one needs to be fully aware of all the tips and tricks and all the procedures used to do proper care of your tattoo. Are you wondering how that can be done? The procedures are very simple and easy and just require know-how. A few tips to keep in your mind and there you go, proper care is guaranteed. So what are these essential tips and tricks? Can’t wait to be aware of those? Let us get straight to them!

Following the proper aftercare procedures:

Tattoo LotionHealing of the tattoo plays a significant role and determines how it shapes up, how fast it heals and defines the final appearance. This is by far the most important step. Therefore an adequate amount of information about the tattoo after the healing process becomes necessary. The first day of aftercare differs in the number of steps from the latter days.

It is, thereby, highly recommended to observe the first day’s steps with sheer attention. The process leaves your skin raw and it is rawest during the initial days especially the very first day. Moreover, the inked area is freshly tattooed and therefore the ink is quite fresh on the very first day. Careful steps with gentle hands and proper care need to be performed and practiced.

The tattooists are well-aware and they will give you a sufficient amount of information about what steps to follow. A number of experts belonging to the tattoo field have tons of advice for you. Go check the most reliable ones.

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Using the right and trusted products:

Tattoo ArmMoisturizing and applying cleaning agents have to be done at all levels of the healing process. The application of such stuff requires proper attention that the products are trusted and will not damage your skin. These products enhance the rate of tattoo healing and are mandatory during the initial stages. You just cannot apply any soap or any moisturizer for this process.

The skin gets really sensitive therefore determining the right and quality products are crucial for proper healing. How will you determine which moisturizer to use in your freshly inked area? Experts are of the opinion that mild and light products work the best during the early stages. If you possess dry skin, then try applying antibacterial soap, not to forget they must be mild.

This way your skin will feel fresh and hydrated. Do not apply fragrant cleansers as a fragrance and other chemicals might be subject to severe irritation and redness. Together with mild, unscented soaps, mild, unscented moisturizers are also very good to use as said by experts. They will prevent clogging the pores of your freshly tattooed area and will also keep it alive, fresh, and free from any infection.

Other things which are worth considering are tattoo ointments which further assist in the healing process. Experts also highly prefer using tattoo ointments. Do listen to your tattoo artists for more advice on which process will be most efficient for the healing of the

Staying Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is also crucial to healing. Keeping good care of yourself and drinking adequate water is essential for proper healing. The skin will be moisturized, hydrated, and plump if your water intake is sufficient. This is by far the easiest step one could practice.

Avoid Soaking the Inked Area in Any Liquid:

Tattoo After Care TipsMoisturizing is quite different from soaking or keeping the tattoo in liquid. When moisturizing is essential for right healing, soaking can deteriorate the progress. The tattoo needs to be well-protected from soaking in water or any other liquid, especially during the initial weeks. Make sure to keep it out of showers, baths, or any other thing which might lead to soaking.

This will let your raw skin be exposed to water which can slough off the raw particles and skin and can cause severe infection.
Practice moisturizing the tattoo while keeping it dry. This will let it heal faster. Do not put in a lot of moisturizers that the tattoo is always wet with moisturizer as it can also result in infections or slow recovery.

Do not Stretch:

Getting a tattoo can be very painful. Your skin goes through trauma and it is not wise to put it under another very soon. Do not stretch when your raw skin is under the healing process. The stretching is quite a strenuous and tedious task and any such task should be avoided in the initial month as it can further expose the skin to damages. Avoid practicing any of those activities which will put the freshly tattooed skin under strain. Keep the skin relaxed and enjoy a quick healing process.

Protect the Skin Well:

Girl Having TattooTaking the bandage off the tattoo enhances the risk of infection due to the attack of bacteria. Therefore, the tattoo should be well-protected and covered by something to prevent it from being infected by bacterial reactions. One should also wear sunscreen and avoid exposing the bare tattooed skin to the sun. It is also one of the necessary precautions.

Moisturizing the Inked Area:

The tattoo needs to be well-maintained and for that reason, new tattoo lotion plays a huge role. The ink will get its color right and will be vibrated more if it is properly moisturized and hydrated. This will eliminate the need for later touch-ups and will save you labor. Over-moisturizing should not be done and should be avoided at all costs. What is best is to apply a thin layer which will keep it hydrated and also the area won’t be over moisturized or wet.

Avoid Scratching Tattoo:

Tattoos are bound to get really itchy. When you will get inked, within just the initial 2 weeks, you will feel a strong urge to scratch due as the tattoo will get itchy. Do you have any idea why? You will start feeling it gets itchy when the scabs will be formed during the healing process.
The healing will definitely stimulate new and fresh skin. It will also stimulate nerve endings.

Due to which the itching will get really bad. The healing will be hindered if you will scratch. So, you ought to have very good control over the itching and do not scratch at all. The new scabs will flake off making the skin raw again if you will scratch. You will have to start again. Therefore, it is highly recommended to control that at all costs. The scratching will also cause bacterial infection due to excessive touching which might lead to infections. To avoid delay in healing, do not scratch.

Do not touch:

Flower TattooThe feeling you get after getting a tattoo is unmatchable and you want to show off the classy art to everyone. That is obvious and there is absolutely no problem with this but while you are showing it to your friends and family, protect it by not letting anyone touch it as the tattoo will be fresh and raw. This is important and should not be taken lightly. Go a little snobbish by telling people not to touch it rather than getting an infection.

People touching the tattoo area might be a carrier of bacteria into the open, new wounds of your tattoo. If they do touch, make sure their hands are washed with a mild antibacterial soap which will prevent bacterial infection. The fresh tattoos always hurt so it is wise advice to not let people touch them.

Do not wear tight clothes:

Wearing loose clothes will not cover the fresh tattoo area and will give it the breathing it deserves. The tight clothing will definitely rub onto the inked area and will cause pain and irritation. Also, this will definitely lead to a delay in the healing of the tattoo so it is not at all suggested. Do wear easy, loose clothes that will keep the tattoo protected.

Pay close attention:

Ignoring the raw tattoo and letting it heal the way it naturally will is not a good idea. You need to observe it well, take proper precautions and practice necessary tips to ensure that it heals well. Do not simply ignore the entire aftercare procedure as it will be quite bad for the tattoo. The tattoo won’t heal properly. Also, it won’t look as amazing as it deserves to look. The ink won’t get the proper color and for these, all reasons, just do not avoid the aftercare process at any rate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to care for a new tattoo?

Wash your tattoo with antimicrobial soap and water and make sure to pat dry. Apply Vaseline or Antibacterial ointment and don’t put another bandage on your tattoo.

What to avoid after getting a tattoo?

Fresh tattoos are sensitive to the sun so, avoid wear sunscreen because sunlight can cause your tattoo to fade. Clean your tattoo area daily and wash your tattoo with antimicrobial soap.

How long do you need to care for a new tattoo?

You need to take care of a new tattoo for 3 to 4 weeks. Wash the tattooed area, twice a day with antimicrobial soap and water.

How long do you need to wait to shower after getting a tattoo?

You need to wait at least 24 hours after getting a tattoo.

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