How Many Tattoo Machines Do You Need? Detailed Guide

The tattoo has been in the game for quite a long and it keeps stunning us with new and innovative designs. The tattoos can be given in all the parts of the body and the fashion never dies. You have a number of options to choose from but getting a tattoo requires tattoo machines. Some tattoo artists prefer machines having certain qualities while some opt for others.

One thing which cannot be neglected during the entire tattooing process is the tattoo machines. The lack of the right machines would result in a pathetic tattoo design. Due to the cleaning and the necessity which it poses, just a machine is not enough. It is not only impractical but also insufficient. There are several tattoo machines in the market and one has to make a wise choice on how much one should have.

Tattoo Machine

The essential part of the tattoo machine consists of a motor that serves to control the armature coil which has an up and down movement. Another important part is the electromagnetic coil. The armature bar has an integrated needle grouping that embeds ink on your relevant skin parts.

The above summary might let your mind tell that tattoo machines are extremely easy to use and operate which is not the case usually as one needs to be aware of a number of other things as well. One can, however, get acquainted after thoroughly going through the instruction manual.

This article will not only determine how many machines are a fine choice to begin your tattoo career but also is a great guide about a variety of tattoo machines. You need to learn each and every step and should have a deep insight into all the working components in order to operate it safely.

This will also make you aware enough to fix small issues and figure out which part is causing the issue. Having a complete grip on the topic will let you choose the best machine available in the market.

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Tattoo Machine’s Types

The grip of the tattoo machine is rugged and therefore it helps you to achieve stabilized motion and create astounding tattoo designs. This class of tattoo machines is known as the tattoo gun. With a wide variety of machines with innovation in the market, we need to look at the following classification.

Coil Tattoo Advanced Machine

Coil tattoo machines are one of the most advanced and high-quality machines available in the market. The machines are tailored to suit all user needs and are user-friendly. There are a number of reasons why this tattoo machine falls in the category of one of our favorites.

Due to the alternating current present in the coil, the armature does an up and down movement. The workings of electromagnetic circuits result in the insertion of needles in your skin. This is how the tattoo design is created. There are various classes of coil tattoo machines based on what size they are, what shape they come in, what design they offer, and what material is used in their construction.

The tradeoff of some of the really exceptional qualities of coil tattoo machines comes with the noise they make which disturbs the tattooist. The noise produced is high. The powerful and astounding motor ensures high efficiency and does professional work. Along with delivering precise and accurate results, this also has several other good qualities. The maintenance is easy and simple. The size of these machines is big and bulky.

They are further divided into the following three types.

Beginning to Tattoo What Equipment Do You Need

Linear Coil Tattoo Machine

If you want dominant outlines, this class is exceptional and highly suited to this purpose. They are fast and swift and cause very little trauma.

Shade Coil Tattoo Machines

These machines are appropriate for shading purposes. These are ideal and powerful machines that do excellent shading with black ink. The long armature provided will also penetrate deeply easing the trauma caused.

Color Parker Coil Tattoo Machines

When it comes to coloring, this tattoo machine proves to be exceptional. The pigment is strong and deep. The high and crisp pigment is due to the deep penetration in the skin. The stable operation will ensure fine and accurate lines.

Rotary Tattoo Advanced Machines

The two essential parts are the armature bar and the electric motor. Electric motor serves the purpose of driving the armature coil. The needles will penetrate deep into your skin. They are easy on your hands and the lightweight determines stress-less working. If you have to work on a large tattoo, the best choice is rotary tattoo machines which are best suited to the purpose.

The easy and simple operation will let beginners work with ultimate ease. The maintenance-free and noise-free machines make this machine astounding. They are versatile and can be used for shading purposes as well as lining purposes.

Pneumatic Versatile Tattoo Machines

This is a high-quality, advanced machine which is costly. The mechanism which is used to make a tattoo design will use an air compressor. The pen shape, easy carrying, and strong grip will let the machine function perfectly. The design is ergonomic.

It is extremely lightweight and provides easy maintenance. The stroke profile is variable. It covers all the qualities and functions of rotary as well as coil tattoo machines. From blending to coloring, from shading to outlining, this is an exceptional tattoo machine that has got you all covered.

What Things Should One Consider When Opting For High-quality Tattoo Machines?

To get yourself the best machine for you, you need to consider some things which will aid you to make a wise decision.

Skill Level

The beginners are not in practice and cannot be well-acquainted with complex tattoo machines therefore, beginners should always opt for a tattoo machine that has easy operation. The advanced machine will make it very difficult for you to operate and use them.

Is Tattooing Your Professional or Part-time Hobby?

The difference between both, a hobbyist and a career-oriented tattoo artist is vast. When a hobbyist merely does tattooing for fun and exciting purposes as they take pleasure out of it, tattooists take this seriously, polishing their tattoo skills. Hobbyists do not aim to continue this as his/her career.

Those who are starting their career want to make a wise decision on what to buy so that they can retrieve its cost and that the machine serves right for the initial period as they continue on their profession. This is how they aim to make a profit. They need to consider various options in order to buy the right machine for them.

Some Essential Items

  • You need to carry on extensive research so that you can figure out which machine is best suited to your needs and requirements. With the tattoo industry progressing, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Therefore, one’s research will determine which one is the best fit for them quality-wise and cost-wise.
  • Once you know which price range suits you, your choices will be narrowed down.
  • Consulting also plays a huge role. When you just start on this journey, you are unaware of most of the brands and the right machines so it is always the best option to consult professionals. They know what the best fit is for you and what you are in search of.
  • Do consider looking for a tattoo kit that contains all the accessories and add-ons which you might need on your tattoo journey.

What is the Appropriate Way One Should Use a Tattoo Machine?

What is the Appropriate Way One Should Use a Tattoo Machine

One should adhere to the following tricks in order to make the most of the tattooing process.

  • Instruction manuals should always be thoroughly read and understood. Usually, that is comprehensive. If not, then try taking tutorials.

DIY Tattoo Machine Making Process

Tattoo machines can be made at home. The quality is fine and exceptional performance can be achieved through them. In order to make one for yourself, follow the down listed points.

  •  First off, gather the following items to make a successful machine
  • 9V battery
  • Clips
  • Electric motors
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors
  • Buttons
  • Sellotape
  • Wires
  • Cutting knife
  • Pliers
  • Superglue
  • Tattoo needles
  • Guitar strings
  • Lighter

Use a toothbrush in order to make a strong frame

  1. Make an L shape base with one end longer than other
  2. Afterward, the barrel of the ballpoint is cut to half. The stainless steel tip is removed afterward. This is how tubes are made.
  3. Then using guitar strings or either sterile needle, a tattoo needle is made. The appropriate choice will be the latter.
  4. Wires, as well as batteries, are used for switch make. First, half the red-colored wire. The plain wire is cut to half a centimeter till insulation is exposed. Ensure the end wires to be slid if not then undoing of batter screws is required. Consider attaching it to the other side before the battery and clip connection. The contacts are then made by attaching black as well as red wire.
  5. Needle movement is checked next before rotor tip insertion. Super Glue is used for that purpose when it is filled in holes. The needle is placed opposite to the hole.
  6. Next, the mechanism and the frame need to adhere together. Certain measurements are taken to ensure the frame and needle. Correct spot, once found, tap the motor. Wires should be left uncovered.
  7. The contact point of the motors is the right place where the switch should be placed. Tap it to ensure that it is tightly closed. Connection is then established between the clip and the battery. Ensure that there are no sparks.
  8. Lastly, the ink tube has to be attached perfectly to the handle. While the motor is turned off, the needle needs to be passed correctly within the buttonhole, this should be placed on the glue rotor’s other side. It is then placed within the tube. The needle is adjusted next.

You are all done with high-quality perfect homemade tattoo machines.

Final Verdict

The answer to the number of tattoo machines depends on the intensity, frequency, and type of work you are involved in. A pair is recommended by experts as it will make the process efficient and effective. They are surely the most important part which cannot be neglected therefore wise decisions should be made to get yourself the best one.

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