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Tattoo healing, how much time it takes and what practices you should adoptWhen you finally make up your mind to get inked and get a beautiful and classy tattoo, you need to understand how long it will take to heal itself. Getting a tattoo with a rotary tattoo machine has great fame all over the globe but not a lot of attention is given to another important aspect of it, which is the healing time. This is crucial and plays a significant role and that is why people should be well-acquainted with the entire process of healing.

This needs attention and should be given due importance. If no proper attention is given to healing, it might end up being really painful. The deep wounds together with the introduction of foreign and different elements in your skin might result in extended healing periods. This is usually not as simple as you think it is.

This is why it is advisable that one should learn all they can about healing and what care and practices should be adopted. To provide you with insight and assist you with the process, we have presented the guidelines and all necessary practices one should be aware of regarding the healing process of tattoos.

How long do tattoos take to heal?

If you know how to heal tattoos faster, there is no way to do that. Your skin is definitely going to be greatly damaged by the insertion of tattoo needles. You will need proper and appropriate care for that much damage. The approximate time is 6 weeks for the tattoo to heal if everything works alright. In the case that some infection occurs or your skin gets prone to some other complication, it is definitely going to take much longer.

That is why it is highly recommended to give your skin the due attention and the proper care it needs and demands in the order for it to heal effectively and fast. What is worth noticing is the fact that the skin type variations play a crucial role in deciding how long will tattoo healing take. Regardless of a set approximately 6 weeks time, it largely depends on what skin type you possess. Some skin types heal the tattoo faster when compared to others. However, the proper care enhances healing in every case.

Effective Tips for Tattoo Aftercare:

Tattoo DesignIf you want to have a fast and effective recovery, you should have adequate knowledge of all the methods, tips, tricks, and practices you should be adopting to make the healing process fast. There are no specific ways you are inked.

It differs depending upon the artists and the tattooists. A basic understanding of the factors carries huge importance as it indicates what measures you could adopt. We have provided below quick guide below which will aid in your tattoo healing process.

There is a number of stages of the tattoo healing process and we will provide a detailed guide on that. This will assist you in recovering from the tattoo process effectively.

Tattoo Aftercare Process:

1. Do not remove the covering for a couple of hours after getting a tattoo.

You need to resist your temptation to see how the tattoo looks on you. You need to wait a few hours. As the tattoo’s exposure to sunlight or open-air constituting bacteria might result in allergic reactions, it is crucial to take necessary precautions to not expose or open the wound.

This will also protect the tattoo from being rubbed against the clothes. It will be safe and well-protected inside the covering. The real question is how long one should keep the tattoo covered? This largely depends on the position and the area where you are inked. The maximum weight you have to do before removing the covering is almost about 5 hours.

Tattoo After Care Kit2. Washing your hands:

It is highly advisable that you properly wash the hands before you finally remove the covering and after that when you will be touching the tattoo. This is a step that should be remembered at all costs as it can save the area which is inked from allergic reactions. Wash your hands again and again before you perform any activity so that if you accidentally touch that area you are still good to go.

3. Use of hypo-allergic soap:

The use of hypo-allergic soap or some cleanser that has excellent anti-bacterial properties can smoothen the entire process. One needs to provide this with a clean soak towel or with warm fingers. The application should be thorough but gentle. Do not apply this for hours or long enough and do not panic if the tattoo starts oozing. This is quite normal as it results from excessive ink induced when you were getting a tattoo.

4. Patting the tattoo:

Patting should be the case always. Never try rubbing off or scratching the tattoo with a paper towel or a cloth, always pat the inked area. Moreover, try to use something disposable or new because your old towels or cloth might cause infection or allergy on the tattoo. When you will rub the area, it will cause pain and therefore it should be avoided no matter what.

5. Air-drying:

Whenever you plan to apply a moisturizer to your inked region, do make sure to air-dry it for almost 60 minutes before applying the aftercare product. Medicated, unscented, and light moisturizers are preferred. The scented moisturizers may result in undesirable results.

Most of the time, the tattooist will suggest you a product, make sure to stick to that. The fragrance added in scented products may cause redness and irritation due to the fact that they contain oil. Do avoid using such products.

Model Tattoo6. Let the tattoo breathe:

Keeping the tattoo too packed or covered every time may do more harm than good and for this reason, it is preferred that you let your tattoo breathe. Do uncover it and let it have some air. Expert advice recommends covering it once you go to sleep to avoid accidentally touching it or either scratching it.

7. Cleaning and moisturizing:

The very first week after you get a tattoo is very crucial and proper care needs to be done. Cleaning and moisturizing play a vital part and they should not be ignored at any cost. You have to keep your tattoo free of sweat.

For that reason, the recommended practice is to wash it after a couple of hours. Don’t let your inked area be sweaty at any time. The application of moisturizer should be thin and gentle. The moisturizer should not be too much so that the tattoo doesn’t heal properly due to lack of contact with the air and lack of breathability.

8. Scabbing:

After a couple of days, the scabbing of the tattoo begins. The tattoo usually gets very itchy and urges you to scratch but you need to refrain from doing that. Be very careful after the washing tips given above so that the tattoo doesn’t subject to your accidental peeling.

Week two Care:

1. Tattoo Peeling:

Week two is the time when you finally get to know how your tattoo is going to peel off. It is quite normal and obvious that the tattoo will eventually peel. Week two needs excessive care as well. This is the peak of the time when the flaking starts and itching gets way more than week one so you are required to be extra careful with it. Do not scrub or soak the tat. Be very gentle with it.

2. Continue Moisturizing your inked area:

Moisturizing plays a huge role in week two care. The tattoo is so itchy and to prevent itching, you need a moisturizer. This will speed up the healing process. Do make sure that that tattoo doesn’t get extra moisturized and stays perfect and fresh. The bubbles are an indicator. If you see them popping out, do not apply moisturizer until completely dry.

Week three and onwards

1. Be patient:

Week three and onwards is the last stage of the tattoo healing process and therefore extra patient is desired and demanded during this stage. The already started scabbing and flaking will start to be off your skin in this stage as it is near to completion. You are required to show patience and avoid itching or scratching the flakes off. It is better to let them off in a natural way.

2. Protection From Sunlight:

Keeping the inked area away from sunlight plays a major role and it should be practiced. Moreover, applying moisturizer should be a developed habit by then. The tattoo will appear dull and almost complete. Continue protecting and moisturizing.

3. Apply Sunscreen:

Eventually, the tattoo part will appear better and vibrant than before. This is exactly the time when your tattoo has been completely healed. One more indication is that the flaking, scabbing, and itching will completely stop from occurring. There will be no irritation or itching at all. When such a condition has been achieved, do make sure to apply a thin layer of moisturizer and sunscreen on daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you know if your tattoo is healed?

If your tattoo shouldn’t scar it means your tattoo is healed.

Can a tattoo heal in 1 week?

No, the tattoo can not heal within 1 week, although it takes up to 4-6 weeks to heal a tattoo.

How long do small tattoos take to heal?

Every tattoo takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal but small tattoo healing times are naturally shorter. Small tattoos take 2 weeks to heal.

When should I start putting lotion on my tattoo?

You should start moisturizing your tattoo as soon as it starts to dry — not before.

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