How Does a Tattoo Stencil Machine Work? – 7 Simple Steps

Being a tattoo artist means experimenting with different styles and breaking different boundaries. On the contrary, many tattoo artists are scared to try out new and better designs and like sticking to cliché, old ones. The better equipment can however assist you largely in boosting up your confidence and encouraging the tattooist to come up with new, better designs.

The proper way of making a tattoo is to first produce a top-notch tattoo stencil. This process has to be done prior to the insertion of the needle. Stencils are composed of special inks that can leave an imprint on your skin, assisting you in deciding the place as well as the design.

Now the real task is getting to know the operations and working of tattoo stencils. Practicing with the machine will let you expertize your skills with this machine. If you have just started on the tattoo journey, this stencil tattoo machine comprehensive guide is a must-read.

What Basically Is a Tattoo Stencil Machine?

This machine will let you create the stencil which will assist you largely in deciding where to get a tattoo and which design will suit you. The tattoo transfer machine is the perfect choice for beginners in the field to experiment with new and innovative designs which are equally classy and chic.

To give you an idea, it resembles a typical photocopier. The only difference is the paper. Where we use A4 paper for the photocopier, stencil paper is used in the stencil machine. The functionality is quite different too.

How to Use a Tattoo Stencil Machine

The stencil machine performs the following basic functions which are 9 in number. They are listed down below.

  • Operation Panel
  • Document Feeder
  • Input Mouth
  • Indicator Light
  •  Paper Cover
  • Warning Light
  • Output mouth for document
  • Push up
  • Output mouth for transfer paper

As easy as working on a stencil machine is, one should still be aware of all the steps involved. Dive in!

Step 1

Purchase a high-quality, top-notch thermal stencil paper which is from a reputed company. It is available almost everywhere.

Step 2

Stencil paper consists of 4 layers which are as stated below

  • Protective layer
  • Yellow layer
  • Carbon paper
  • Stencil paper

Leaving the carbon as well as the stencil paper, remove the remaining two.

Step 3

The next step involves pushing up the open area so that thermal paper is inserted. This is the step where mistakes are commonly made so do make sure that it is inserted right. The attached edge which is always hanging down the flank should be the hanging point of the paper.

Step 4

It is finally the step when you should turn the machine on and then push some buttons to adjust the settings according to your own requirements.

Step 5

The next step involves taking a screenshot or print copy of the desired tattoo design. Afterward, add the print copy into the slot provided for copies. The copy needs to be put in the front area provided by the opening. To provide the available details, printing is required at the bottom section.

Step 6

As soon as you are done with the first five steps, all you need to do is to press the start button and the process starts.

Step 7

Wait until the design is getting copied. Once that function is done, a stencil pencil is used to cut the essential part and then the design can be copied to the appropriate area.

How is the Design Transferred to the machine?

How is the design transferred

After you have successfully made a design on stencil paper, you are now aiming to transfer it to your skin. Well, it is not as complicated as it thinks.

For the design to be transferred, follow the steps stated below.

  1. First off, prepare the skin area which is to be inked. The hair on the skin is to be shaved through a razor. The antibacterial soap is used to clean that part of the skin thoroughly.
  2. Once the area gets completely cleaned, take a clean towel to pat and dry that area. Stencil solution is to be applied next. The stencil solution applied should be enough that it covers the whole area completely. Tattoos usually bleed if the solution is used in excess. Therefore, select the adequate amount. Then dry the solution.
  3. While carefully using the face side and keeping it directed towards the skin, put the stencil paper on the skin. Keep pressing it against the skin; continue to apply pressure on the skin through the tissue paper.
  4. Liftoff stencil paper. The tattoo design is imprinted on the skin. Leave the skin so that it dries itself. Once, it is ensured that the area is dry, start the tattoo process.

Tattoo Stencil Machine- A must-have

You can make a high-quality, excellent design tattoo stencil by following the down-stated advice.
Use a regular pen to draw intricate, top-notch tattoo designs. You can create the designs on canvas. This will let you show your creativity and be a better and advanced tattoo artist.

Manual drawing is another method that has proven to be just as effective. Freehand is difficult as you have to make the entire design yourself. Tracing is very easy when compared to freehand as you need to just trace the design. The only issue that comes with this way is that if you make one design wrong or a line extends then the whole process is to be redone.

To completely eliminate this issue and to save you the labor of doing the work, again and again, a stencil machine is used. Let’s see why it is necessary to have a tattoo stencil machine at your place, may it be a tattoo studio or a small tattoo-making shop.

Enhances Tattooist’s Efficiency

The stencil machine is definitely going to up your tattoo game and enhance your efficiency as it skips on the extensive labor processes one goes through. One’s efficiency is boosted up as the drawing ends within a couple of minutes and doesn’t hours.


If you wanna travel and make amazing tattoo designs, carry this portable tattoo stencil machine which lets you continue your tattoo activities with incredible ease even if you are traveling.

Highly Adjustable

Tattoo stencil provides the customer with the choice of where they want the tattoo and if they want this design or not. Putting it at various paces will enable them to decide whether it looks fancy enough and if not, the location can be changed easily.

Can I work with any stencil paper?

No matter how top-notch quality and durable the machine is, the end game decides on the quality of the thermal paper. If the quality is excellent, the design will be good and will be transferred will ultimate precision resulting in an excellent tattoo. One should always keep themselves away from an inexpensive, bad-quality paper as that might result in bleeding which should be avoided at all costs.

How can one use stencil paper with effectiveness?

Speaking of the truth, using transfer paper, in the beginning, can be a little confusing. It gets easier once you are acquainted.

You can either use the stencil paper in a manual process or use a machining one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one make a tattoo stencil at home?

You can successfully make a tattoo stencil. However, this will involve a few types of equipment as stated below.

  • Carbon paper
  • Stick deodorant
  • Transfer paper

First, a simple tattoo design is drawn and then all the papers are to be joined and pressed. Once done, the design is transferred to the skin.

What is the function of a tattoo stencil?

It is super easy and convenient to work with. The tattoo stencil will let the client decide which tattoo design is best suited to him and where he wants to get a tattoo.

Are stencil prints permanent?

They are just there to serve as an outline. These aren’t permanent and can be washed easily.

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