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Hildbrandt is the true example for many people struggling to get somewhere for it started as a small garage shop. Now, hildbrandt is one of the most renowned, famous companies manufacturing impressive tattoo kits. We absolutely love how compact yet how comprehensive their kits are. They are certainly the best when it comes to the tattoo industry. The Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit includes two coil tattoo machines and two rotary machines.

The big-name of Hildbrandt is due to the trust they have built with their customers over the years through remarkable products. With expertise in this field over the period of 15 years, they are surely the conquerors, making the finest tattoo pens. Their tagline depicts the very same.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review

The durable materials which have the finest qualities are first verified so that the products are reliable and quality is rightly ensured. Comfort is another feature that is not at all compromised. The tattoo kits manufactured by Hildbrandt are super feasible and simple to use. They manufacture such kits which can be easily used by all, not just artists. Isn’t it simply astounding?

Best Overall

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit

Tattoo Kit of Hildbrandt

  • Sterilized Tubes
  • Aluminum Grips
  • 3 Grips

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Trying to experiment with the tattoo field and explore the artist within you? Hildbrandt is here to assist you with their beginner tattoo kit which is surely the best in the market. The kit comprises several high-quality materials which are all simple and easy to operate and use.

The beginners who want to make a name but do not have the proper apparatus and kit need not worry anymore due to this comprehensive tattoo kit. This is definitely going to wake the tattooist inside you.

One such kit is rightly and technologically built, carries a unique, chic, and modern name, and is all set to make some aesthetic designs. The pro 3 tattoo kit from hildbrandt is one of the best beginner tattoo kits on the market. The kit is broad and all-inclusive consisting of six superior items listed down.

  • Machine gun
  • TKHPRO 2
  • Needle
  • Power supply
  • Quality ink
  • Case

If you are with this kit, there is nothing else you will need while you carry on pursuing your passion. This consists of all the accessories you might need. Safety is crucial and the good thing is all the safety items come along with this kit which makes it ideal for beginners.  This product has famously acquired a name for itself which is state of art due to its incredible features, specifications, and qualities.


  • 0.44 magnum of 8 liner
  • Wrap shader having a caliber of 0.38
  • Two different and unique clip cords
  • It possesses the incredible capacity to operate more than one machine at the same time.
  • Dual machine
  • The power supply is digital
  • Latex Gloves
  • O’Rings packs
  • Step brushing
  • Rubber bands
  • Practice skin
  • Spanner key remarkable turning set
  • 5 needles sets comprising of 10 needles in each set
  • Inch long tubes
  • Sterilized tubes
  • Aluminum grips
  • 3 grips
  • Stainless-steel cup holder
  • Carry case included
  • Inks come in 7 different colors

Easy operation

The kit comprises 3 grips which are provided so that utmost comfort is ensured and the operation is simple and easy. This will also ease the client not only the tattooist. This is there so that it is more feasible for the tattooist to work and that he feels comfortable tattooing.

No Issues with Voltage

Voltage issues have been highly eliminated. The tattoo kits which were manufactured before proved to be quite sensitive to voltages but this kit has resolved this matter. This can be operated at a lower voltage. The rating can go as low as 3.8 volts. This will provide solid protection against any short circuits.

Buyer Protection

A large warranty period further builds the trust and gives the buyer the protection that the kit will be returned or changed if any issue appears but that never happens with this quality pro 3 tattoo kit.

Sterilized Tubes

The tubes included in this kit have been sterilized to give you ultimate protection against any germ or bacteria.

50 Needles

The kit contains a fair number of needles which are 50 in number. With this, you can work without worrying or fearing that the needles will fall short.

Tattoo Machine Tuning and Setup


  • Quality materials
  • Durable construction
  • Buyer protection is ensured
  • The voltages issues are eliminated
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for both beginners as well as professionals


  • Might prove to be a little complicated at first

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Critical Analysis and Final Verdict

The ideal, all-rounder kit faces one shortcoming. The kit is a bit advanced which requires beginners to practice more before they can work comfortably with this. This needs fair practice by newer ones. The number of needles, however, encourages one to practice without fearing them running out.

Name any accessory and hildbrandt pro 3 has it. This is a prime kit for all your tattoo needs. Get one to take out the true artist in you and to make an impression on your clients. Why wait? Purchase this ideal kit now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do all-black tattoos turn green?

Yes, black tattoos slightly turn to green color because black inks used today do tend to have different base pigments.

Who is the highest-paid tattoo artist?

Don Ed Hardy is the highest-paid tattoo artist. He charges $1,500 per hour for a tattoo and he is not only the highest-paid tattoo artist but also the richest.

Does vitamin C fade tattoos?

The tattoo can fade, ut you can try to prevent that by protecting your ink with vitamin C

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