Hawink Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine Review 2022

Aren’t you all excited and geared up to explore the amazing qualities of the extremely powerful and aesthetically appealing rotary tattoo pen from one of the best tattoo companies out there, the Hawink. This is surely going to leave you agape with such advanced technologies and excellent qualities.

Hawink Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine Review

Tattooists have to work all day and for that purpose, they require a lightweight, handy machine which is highly portable and easy to carry around and lift. This rotary machine duly considers the demands and needs of the manufacturers by using a material that is not only lightweight but also exceptionally durable.

Best Overall

Hawink Tattoo Pen Machine Rotary Short Pen

Hawink Rotary Pen

  • Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Carved
  • Longer stability
  • Quiet operation

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The highest quality, a top-notch machine that has advanced features and astounding qualities are what hawink believes in and it makes its products accordingly. The only thing with their tattoo machines is that they are costly which is due to the high-end technologies they make sure to incorporate and the highest quality devices they integrate.

The tattoo machines from Hawink are absolutely exclusive and have a classy finish which makes a strong, elegant impression and urges one to purchase that. While the tattoo machines are hard on your pocket, they are a fair number of reasons why they should be of that price.

They are almost twice the value, a regular, normal rotary machine is but it is remarkably durable, strong, and functions in the best manner possible. You can only understand the true value of their products created with great craftsmanship and absolute care once you purchase them.

These are certainly going to uplift the standards and would allow you to play with intricate designs with incredible comfort and a superior feel.  When we say this tattoo machine from Hawink is superior we mean it. They have been thoughtfully and carefully prepared and manufactured from aircraft aluminum. Yes, you heard it right, the aluminum from which aircraft are made. Isn’t it the most amazing thing ever?

What makes this rotary tattoo device unique is that it is an amalgam of rotary machines, mostly preferred by professionals of the tattoo field, and pen machines which promise exceptional comfort and right ease. They both differ largely but hawink has taken the best of both and combined to give us this premium product which is the ultimate king.

Where pen tattoo machines are famous for the ease they offer due to their incredible movement theirs, the rotary ones have their own advantages. The pen tattoo machines can be used to make an intricate pattern and tattoo and dig into fine details as the tattooist have precise control over the machine. The rotary machines, on the other hand, have superior efficiency. The enhanced efficiency enables the tattooist to work for long hours.

Wait for what? A pen-shaped machine for all the details along with rotary machinery for efficiency. This is a must-have for sure with all the astounding qualities this machine guarantees.


  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 128 grams
  • 3.3 millimeters of maximum stroke possible
  • The range of stitch frequency varies from 25 Hertz to 160 Hertz
  • 5-10 volts of operating voltage

Quality Guaranteed

This hybrid, high-quality, durable tattoo machine is all set to raise the standards set before. This is manufactured from the same material that is used in the production of aircraft. Aluminum alloy is surely going to better durability and reduce weight. Hawink CNC never compromises on their products and produces exceptional, superior, high-quality products and this rotary pen machine is proof of that.

Efficiency and Smoothness

The inclusion of a rotary machine tends to make it more efficient where the smoothness and precision are achieved perfectly by the pen feature included. Look no further because the Hawink rotary pen tattoo machine is an extremely handy, lightweight, precise, and efficient machine.

Quiet and Stable

The operation is tranquil and quiet causing no strain to your ears. Moreover, it provides utmost precision and keeps the needle stable and in place.


  • Longer stability
  • Temperature resistant
  • Offers free movements
  • Quiet operation


  • Costly

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Critical Analysis and Final Verdict

The only tradeoff is the price but this incredible hybrid machine deserves is all set to provide you efficiency like two amazing machines. The durability is remarkable; the machine entertains you for quite a long time. The quiet operation, better stability, enhanced efficiency, utmost precision, what and whatnot make this one of a kind. You wouldn’t regret a piece like this.

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