Gay Couples Tattoo Ideas – Latest Designs 2022

You met a great guy, you’ve been together for a while, and you want to commemorate your great relationship with a tattoo. Before you book an appointment with your favorite tattoo artist, you should take some time to think up the perfect tattoo for a gay couple. Take a look at some of the ideas that we have come up with along with some helpful guidelines in getting the best results for you and your partner.

Consider the Stage of Your Relationships

Before you start picking out designs with your beau, you need to evaluate where you are at in your relationship. Remember that tattoos are somewhat permanent, so you should not be hasty in getting one if you think you might regret it. Even if you hit it off together so well, there is no way that you should get a tattoo with each other when you haven’t been together for at least a few solid months, no matter if you’ve met on a gay dating platform or it is a close friend of yours who introduced you.

Otherwise, you could break up soon after, and you’re left with a semi-permanent piece of ink that is going to make you feel foolish or require a coverup. It’s not just the newness of the relationship that makes getting a tattoo a mistake.

The other thing is that you do not have enough history to make the tattoo significant. People that have been together for years can come up with a dozen inside jokes, symbols, and words that have special meaning to the partners. You will feel the significance of the moment every time you look down at your arm and fondly remember the reason you got that tattoo. If you have to work hard to come up with an idea for a tattoo, then it’s a sign that you and your partner may be better off without it.

Find a Design of  Your Choice

When it comes to finding a design, like a raven on for example, for a couples’ tattoo, you want to spend some time working out the fine details. When you get such a tattoo with your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband, you’ll want it to mean something specific to your relationship while also being meaningful. Finding the right design can take a fair amount of time and effort, though. Use these shortcuts to hasten the process of developing a great tattoo idea.

1. Matching Gay Tattoos

Matching Gay Tattoos

2. Unique Couple Tattoos Design

Unique Couple Tattoos

3. Become Gay Tattoo Design

become gay tattoo design

4. Gay Pride Dots Design

Gay Pride Dots

5. Rainbow Gay Heart Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Gay Heart Tattoo Ideas

6. LGBT Unicorn Tattoo

LGBT Unicorn Tattoo

Meaningful Text

The first sort of tattoo that you can attempt to get with your partner is some meaningful text. What was the first song that was playing when you got together? What is something your partner always says? What is a quote from your favorite movie? These are all good tattoo ideas because they mean something to both you and your partner.

Picture Divided into Two Halves

Another wonderful tattoo idea for an LGBT couple is to get a picture that is divided into two halves and placed on your body. That way, the picture is only complete when you and your partner are together. It will remind you that you are the missing piece to one another and make you fondly remember being together.

Traditional Triangles, Lambdas, and Rainbow

Being in a gay relationship is often a trial. You have to deal with family members, society, and the challenges that come with two guys being together. That is why getting a tattoo that symbolizes those struggles and takes into account the struggles of the past can be a wonderful idea. All these tattoos are highly meaningful and still relevant today.

Dates and Names

Dates and names can help you remember an event forever. When was the first time your partner told you they loved you, and you said it back? What day did you meet? What’s your pet name for them? Get something like this on your body if you truly feel as though the relationship deserves to be etched on your body forever.

Take Care of  Your Ink

A tattoo is not something that you can get and then forget. You need to take care of it if you want it to heal correctly and without infections. That is why you need to learn the basic steps of tattoo care before you leave the shop. Most of the time, you will be given explicit instructions from your tattoo artist on what you need to do in order to keep the tattoo from getting infected or suffering in quality. If you have had tattoos before, you will probably get basic supplies and information. Do not be afraid to ask your tattoo artist how to take care of the ink in the following days and weeks after you get the tattoo.

Getting a couple’s tattoo with a gay partner is a momentous occasion. You’re telling them that you trust them enough that you want something that represents your relationship with you forever. It is a big decision and one that should not be made lightly. Knowing what to get, what to know ahead of time, and how to get information for caring for your tattoo after will give you the best results. Now that you have all that info, you and your partner can start planning.

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