Gaara Tattoo Art – What Does It Mean Story Behind This Design

Gaara is a fictional character within the manga and anime television series, Naruto. Naruto, the manga dating back as far as 1997 has been a very popular manga and anime series. Since the debut of the anime, the popularity and fan base have never stopped rising. This fantasy, adventurous story fixated on the boy Naruto and his friends and allies.

Gaara is one of the fan favorites of the show. Initially, Gaara was introduced as an antagonist. Since Gaara is what is considered a shinobi, being from the shinobi world, he is the son of the leader of the land, the Fourth Kazekage. Before he was born, his father intended on having a child to use as a weapon to restore their village. Being only looked at his entire life as a demon and outcast of the village, Gaara grew a deep hatred for those that made themselves his enemies by relentlessly looking at him as a monster.

Just as Naruto was in his village, considered a dangerous person, it was not until Gaara met and became friends with Naruto that he started to change his perspective and ability to control his anger and hatred more. Naruto, being possessed by the beast ‘Nine tails’ knows exactly how Gaara was being treated, for he is possessed by the beast known as the ‘One-Tailed Shukaku’.

Gaara became the Fifth Kazekage which literally means the Fifth Wind Shadow. He was chosen as this so that he can help protect the village and all those who live there. Doing this helps vanish the fears the villagers had about him.

When it comes to the popularity index of tattoos, Gaara tattoo designs are among the most loved ones! Interestingly, Gaara, a fictional character created by Masashi Kishimoto, himself has a tattoo on his forehead. Gaara is a character in the manga and anime television series called Naruto. The series’ inception was in 1997, and since then, its popularity has consistently been on the rise.

The series is a very popular fantasy anime centered around the courageous Naruto and his circle of allies, including his friends. Even though the series began rolling out a bit before the start of the new millennium, even today, the immense popularity of Gaara tattoos is at pace with the consistently rising Naruto fan base.

Actual Story of Gaara Tattoo Art

In the television series, Gaara was first introduced as the antagonist of the show. The fictional characterization of him involved him being instrumental in reestablishing their village by, as per his father’s wish, being like a weapon for the task. As a result, the whole outlook about him amongst the villagers became that Gaara was a demon, a monster, an outcast member of the village. Later, Gaara and Naruto allied as they both were thought of as the most dangerous people in their village. Their object became to change their viewpoint of deep hatred towards their rivals by trying to control their rage.

Gaara is raised by his uncle Yashamaru, whom he perceives as no less than a real father. His uncle was ordained to raise him in response to the fears Gaara’s family and the villagers had about his powers. A turn of events happened as Gaara turned six when his real father had instructed Yashamaru to kill Gaara. Subsequently, an assassin came to kill Gaara one night.

Yet, he failed, and himself succumbed to death after being defeated by Gaara. Soon after, Gaara realized the dying body was that of his uncle, Yashamaru. In his dying moments, Yashamaru admitted that he didn’t really care about Gaara. He reasoned that Gaara had always blamed Yashamaru for his sister’s (Gaara’s mother’s) death and that Gaara would always fight for himself just as a demon would. This is when Gaara felt, more than ever, that he would never be loved by anyone, neither from his family nor his village.

Gaara was in control of the power of the sand. Hence, he branded himself with a tattoo of the symbol ‘ai,’ meaning “love,” right on his forehead. In other words, “the demon was in love with himself,” and this was stated on his forehead for the others to know. The deeper significance to onlookers was that this youth not only has a troubled character but also is significantly misunderstood. In the right environment, with proper guidance, and under loving family supervision, the youngster wouldn’t have shaped out to be as brutish as he (Gaara) was.

1. Gaara’s Brand On Forehead Tattoos

The ‘brand’ imprinted (or tattooed) on Gaara’s forehead in the manga series Naruto triggered the wonderful and now popular idea among fans and enthusiasts alike of getting tattooed with that unique, attractive symbol. Shown below are some stunning examples of how Gaara’s brand symbol (on his forehead) is being showcased on different parts of the body.

Gaara’s Brand On Forehead Tattoos

Source: @aokunaru via Instagram

The above tattoo is a fantastic design showing Gaara with his forehead symbol inked in black shading and dot work on the woman’s arm.


Source: @tomasantattoo via Instagram

This calf area tattoo looks simple. Yet, it’s the artist’s perfection in black linework that has resulted in the awesome depiction of Gaara as the controller of the power of the sand.


Source: @aokunaru via Instagram

This is an incredible Gaara tattoo done professionally in black dot work. The commendable tattoo artist has contrasted the forehead symbol to highlight it for the symbolism that ardent fans are so familiar with.


Source: @ink.ray via Instagram

This is yet another example of a great Gaara tattoo in black and grey. Here the demon, Gaara, is in full action, as seen from his angry expression. Further, the highlighted forehead symbol and eyes symbolize the demon’s love for himself.

2. Gaara’s Symbol And Eye(S) Tattoos

These next couple of popular ideas emerged out of nowhere but made a heck of a lot of sense! We know that Gaara’s symbol is above his eye. To make the tattoo of the standalone symbol more unique and anime-like, enthusiasts love to add the eye and eyebrow as additional elements. This type of design is sure to get instantly noticed by ardent fans of the show.


Source: @bronsontheblank via Instagram

The idea of the stunning shoulder-area tattoo above (and below) is that Gaara’s eye is giving the effect of morphing into a one-tailed beast-like form. The eye looks best when inked in either red or black.

3. Gaara Tattoos (With Gaara Himself)

The next set of tattoos are of Gaara himself. Popular amongst this category are poses of Gaara in action, Gaara posing in his one-tailed beast form, and baby Gaara with a teddy.


Source: @larryhtattoos via Instagram

This Gaara arm piece is a work of perfection. It looks like a paint job as the bright colors give the full anime appeal. Here you can see Gaara in action during a fight with his enemies.

4. Beast-Like Gaara Arm Tattoo


Source: @christianvaldivia via Instagram

This watercolor-style tattoo shows Gaara in his beast form, probably out to kill a few enemies. Gaara was raised to act as a weapon to help reestablish his village. As a result, he grew up thinking his main objective is to hate and kill all his enemies.

5. The Gaara’s Symbol Tattoos

A lot of manga and anime fans of the franchise who’re intrigued by Gaara’s character and are looking to get tattooed love the symbol by itself. It’s a wonderful idea to use the symbol for a tattoo anywhere on your body you deem fit. The symbol is a simple, meaningful, and compact tattoo idea that can look stunning on any empty, visible space on your body, provided the artist does justice to the quality and precision of the design.


Source: @vitutinta via Instagram

Any side of the ribs, or abdomen, is one of the popular places to get this symbol tattooed. It’s popularly common to get it inked mainly in black.


Source: @azula_tattoo via Instagram

Here’s another popular color for the symbol — red. This region is perfect for the tattoo, especially if you’re in a hot climate and wear a bikini or short, skimpy tops frequently. The meaning of the symbol and above location make it a sexy tattoo, too.

6. Tattoo Of Baby Gaara With His Teddy


Source: @derek_tattoo via Instagram

When Gaara was a child, he had a teddy bear. This pretty tattoo on the forearm shows him holding on to his teddy. The artist has done a splendid job with color, dot work, and fine black linework to make this complex piece of art look simple, cute, and elegant.

7. Gaara and Shukaku Anime Tattoo

Gaara and Shukaku Anime Tattoo

Source: @bronbronink via Instagram

In Japanese folklore, Shukaku is a one-tailed beast that has a mischievous nature and an ability to shape-shift. Fans of Gaara would remember him having lost his ties to Shukaku during the Naruto series.

8. Black Ink Baby Gaara Tattoo

Black Ink Baby Gaara Tattoo

Source: @bessytattoo via Instagram

This forearm tattoo is a very special design showcasing baby Gaara in black and white. You can’t go wrong with a tattoo design such as this. It’s simplistic, catchy, precise, and meaningful. Especially if you’re a Naruto series fan. Such a tattoo is also cheaper, less painful, and quicker to get.

9. Grey Gaara Sleeve Tattoo

Grey Gaara Sleeve Tattoo

Gaara, in a fit of rage, is depicted in the amazing black and grey full-forearm sleeve tattoo above.

10. Blue-Eyed Baby Gaara Tattoo

Blue-Eyed Baby Gaara Tattoo

Source: @rizztattoo via Instagram

This cute baby Gaara with teddy bear tattoo is a full inside forearm coverage tattoo in grey and blue.

11. Fine Black & Grey Dot Work Baby Gaara Tattoo

Fine Black & Grey Dot Work Baby Gaara Tattoo

Source: via Instagram

The record number of baby Gaara tattoos on the internet are a testament to their growing popularity among fans. This one is inked with very fine dot work and black linework, and it looks out of this world.


Gaara’s unique character has been the talk of the industry by a substantial number of anime and manga publications. As per the multiple publications, the highest point of the series has undoubtedly been the fight between Naruto and Gaara. The reason for that is the similarities between these two characters, as well as Gaara’s attempt for self-redemption in the aftermath of their fight.

Data based on the reader base of the show indicates Gaara is rated among the top ten manga and anime characters. These reasons have led many fans to don Gaara tattoos, much like the awesome ones shared in this article. In fact, the character is so popular that several types of merchandise have been launched related to Gaara. These include key chains, action figures, plush dolls, posters, and much more.

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