FK Irons Rotary Powerful Tattoo Machine Review

The utmost class with quality, FK iron is here to make a strong impression and to raise the standards set for tattoo machines. The manufacturers of this remarkable machine are trustworthy and have produced quality tattoo machines which are sure to protect you right and make intricate and steady patterns.

The creative culture of tattoo art is not getting over any time soon and we need astounding machines to carry on with this aesthetic culture. FK irons are all set to make the machines better inside out. The machines have incredible stability and excellent power output together with an aesthetic outside appearance.

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FK Irons Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

One of their most amazing devices is spektra direkt2 which has an excellent finish. The classy and chic matte appearance of this machine attracts the masses to purchase it. Along with the incredible visual appeal, a compact and comprehensive device looks as perfect as it can in one’s hand.

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FK Irons Spektra Direkt2 Tattoo Machine Product Image PNG

FK Irons Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Stroke Caps
  • Aircraft Aluminum
  • Durable

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Well, with the astounding looks, spectra direkt2 has much more to it. The remarkable set of features, astounding qualities, and advanced technologies make it one of the best tattoo devices in the whole market.

The incredible design with new technologies makes it our absolute favorite. A Multiverse system is remarkable in accepting cartridge grips without even the use of any sort of adapters which is truly amazing. No worries about purchasing any adapters anymore as you don’t require them in all-new, advanced spectra direkt2. The tranquil hums along with the smoothest operations make FK iron the best ever tattoo machine quiet to its unmatchable characteristic and uniqueness.

This is suitable and compatible with the usual standard needle sizes. No special requirements make it an easy device to work with. All the other tattoo devices require specific needles to fit in the machine. This machine is easy to use as it is compatible with all.


  • USA machine
  • Interchangeable caps
  • Stroke caps
  • 4 millimeters of strokes
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Anodized
  • Maintenance-free
  • Motorbolt system
  • HEX drive
  • Silent
  • Tranquil operation

The machine has a variety of incredible features which promise you the utmost comfort and remarkable ease while making this stand out among the rest.


The materials which are used in the construction of this machine are one of a kind and very durable. The use of aircraft aluminum makes it lightweight so that it can be used for a long time as well as long-lasting. The effect is further made prominent by anodizing it so that its life can be further enhanced. The quality of FK iron’s tattoo machine is top-notch and unmatchable.


The lubrication is added manually in most of the machines for the smooth operation of the mechanical parts. There is no such fuss about spectra direkt2 as it has excellent lubrication between the parts allowing them to function properly exhibiting great power.


The comfort which you are to get with this device is incredible. The lightweight, steady and smooth operation is surely better than all the other tattoo machines in the market.


  • Stroke caps
  • No lubricants used
  • Hex drive
  • Motor belt system
  • Comfortable
  • Classy and chic


  • Needles are not included with the machine and have to buy separately

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Critical Analysis and Final Verdict

The machine is all set to design and make classy, exquisite, and intricate patterns but there is one drawback. The machine does not include a needle which is a basic requirement. This is a compulsory accessory and should be in the kit. From functioning to operation, from details to design, everything else is perfect. We would highly recommend you purchase this exceptional device for your great experince.

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