91 Filigree Tattoo Design and Ideas with Meaning

To replenish your pursuit of refined ink, the quickest route towards sleekness will undoubtedly be a filigree tattoo. These astonishingly ornate illustrations can catapult the core nature of your exterior to illustrious new heights. For suave men, nothing is more fearlessly fashionable than a filigree tattoo.

With filigree tattoos, people want to bring that style that has been around for hundreds of years and modernize it a bit in their tattoo designs. What’s cool about using this style in tattoos is that you can make it work in completely new ways. It used to be that only jewelry and a few other items were made this way, but in tattooing, you can make just about anything into a filigree design.

In most cases people who decide to get a filigree tattoo to want to give their designs a more polished and perhaps a more distinguished look. Sometimes this style is used to make an image look more realistic, while in other cases people use it to make their designs look a bit aged. You’re only limited by your artistic skills here, but even if you aren’t an artist most tattooists will be happy to help add a bit of this style into your tattoo idea.

Tattoo artists these days are vying to make their mark in the competitive industry by figuring out new ways to improve their designs. To adhere to these new challenges, more and more artists are picking up on the relatively new trend of incorporating filigree styling in their designs. Filigree design originated back in the 16th century when it was primarily used in jewelry and architecture. Today, filigree has emerged as an enriching option for tattooists and their customers.

As a result, artists can make filigree work in many new ways in their craft. Everyone loves how filigree patterns have the amazing ability to make a tattoo look realistic and modern, or aged if required. There’s a lot an artist can do with filigree as the artist’s imagination is only limited by their talent. Furthermore, some of the most incredible filigree tattoos are purely filigree, with no other design element present.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, filigree designs were commonly made of gold or silver wires. At that time, no piece of jewelry or architecture was complete without a touch of filigree. As filigree reemerges through the medium of tattooing, tattoo designs are looking more flourished and beautiful. In this article, I’ve showcased some of the most attractive filigree tattoos on the internet. Each design’s artist/source is credited where possible so that you can explore further.

Filigree Tattoos

Filigree tattoos look amazing in different visible locations of the body. Here are 91 amazing filigree tattoo designs that are sure to inspire you

1. Collar Filigree Tattoos

Collar Filigree Tattoos

@amiratattoos via Instagram

This is a jewel in a filigree setting tattoo design. The heart-shaped diamond is framed in elegant, gold filigree. To me, that’s beautiful, elegant, and unique. There’s no better placement than a woman’s collar region for a stunning tattoo like this.

2. Green Filigree Tattoo

Green Filigree Tattoo

@clarasinclairart via Instagram

This black, green, and grey tattoo on the collar region is proof that a pure filigree design can look amazing on a man. The artist has maintained perfect symmetry throughout the linework, shading, and colors.

3. Filigree Hibiscus Design


Filigree Hibiscus Design

© Inkbyknapp

Shane Knapp. A beautiful filigree hibiscus design inked on side of women. Her tattoo is stoked up beautifully with a green filigree design. You can notice that filigree is a beautiful partner with gigantic flowers.

4. Chest Filigree Tattoos

Chest Filigree Tattoos

@samsaratattoobinley via Instagram

This black and grey masterpiece by the artist looks astounding on the man’s right pectoral continuing onward onto the outer right arm via the shoulder region. The contribution of the filigree pattern to the classic clockwork tattoo design is phenomenal. The filigree inclusion adds a perfect blend of modernity to the intricate old-world clock and its mechanism.

5. Ornamental Clock Design

Ornamental Clock Design

@daily.danish.ink via Instagram

The great thing about filigree is that it adds an ornamental look to just about any design. Take this stunning chest and arm piece for example. This piece has a skull, woman, and clock design with filigree surroundings. By incorporating filigree, the design looks elegant, modern, and unique.

6. Filigree Skull Pattern Tattoo

Filigree Skull Pattern Tattoo

@lianakinnen_art via Instagram

Here the chest tattoo looks more complete and symmetrical because of the filigree pattern on the outer sections of the main elements (skull, woman, and tiger). The focal part is the 3D tiger right in the center. This ornamental animal tattoo looks pretty amazing on the skin. This shows how unique animal tattoos can look when amalgamated with filigree.

7. Red Skull Filigree Tattoo Design

Red Skull Filigree Tattoo Design

@clarasinclairart via Instagram

In the above chest tattoo, the emphasis on filigree is more prominent than in the other two chest designs on this list. The artist has done a beautiful job with the color scheme and the fine detailing. Filigree is a relatively new style of tattooing. I recommend getting such designs inked by artists that are experienced, as they typically use the best tattoo kits available, to ensure perfection and safety during the process.

8. Jewelry Style Filigree Tattoo Design for Women

Jewelry Style Filigree Tattoo Design

Filigree tattoos are inspired by the popularity of filigree style jewelry from the mid 16th to 19th century period. The jewelry back then was mainly gold and silver. This chest piece — having hints of gold color — on the woman is a tattoo of that stature, yet it looks like an elegant filigree style necklace.

9. Hummingbird Filigree Tattoo Design

Hummingbird Filigree Tattoo Design

© Stilo Ink, Jamie

A beautiful hummingbird stoked up with a lovely filigree design. Her neck filigree tattoo design with glowing colors is one of the most beautiful designs in this collection.

10. Back Filigree Tattoo for Women

Back Filigree Tattoo for Women

@tattos_by_zoe_emily via Instagram

This is yet another example of a pure filigree tattoo. This large tattoo on the woman’s back looks stylish, elegant, and perfectly symmetrical. I love that it is simple and not dense. The artist has used impeccable fine lining skills and the design has turned out successful in every possible way.

11. Swallows and Heart Filigree Tattoo

Swallows and Heart Filigree Tattoo

@clarasinclairart via Instagram

The above tattoo on the woman’s center upper back depicts swallows and a heart. The heart is filled with a beautiful filigree pattern. Perhaps the artist’s inspiration was the filigree-style architecture of the past that had extensive use of the style across monuments and other prominent buildings. Below the neck is the ideal placement area for an amazing medium-sized tattoo like this.

12. Spiritual Filigree Tattoo

Spiritual Filigree Tattoo

@aidovich88 via Instagram

The eye in the center of this tattoo design represents the soul or spiritual awareness. This design has various spiritual, religious elements. What sets it apart is the embellishment with filigree. Only an expert can ink such a design with so much perfection.

13. Full Back Colored Filigree Tattoo

Full Back Colored Filigree Tattoo

@aarondellavedova_art via Instagram

This full-back tattoo is amazing in every possible way. It took the artist two years to complete and we can see why. The use of gold color for the filigree part of the design adds a traditional touch. All in all, the gifted artist did an incredible job at the composition, which although is dense, looks picture perfect and soothing to the eye.

14. Black Filigree Tattoo

Black Filigree Tattoo

© Timothy Tattoo, Tim Bruder.

A black filigree tattoo design was beautifully inked on her forearm. The magical key is stoked up with a filigree design in order to make it showier.

15. Filigree Lettering Tattoo Design

Filigree Lettering Tattoo Design

© Chris Sabatino, Art Monster.

A beautiful filigree lettering tattoo design inked on the arm of a guy. In order to make your lettering design showier, it’s nice to stoke up it with a nice filigree design.

16. Neck & Head Filigree Tattoo

Neck & Head Filigree Tattoo

@nezz_tat2 via Instagram

In the design above the artist has made incredible use of a stylish filigree pattern around the pyramid. Paying heed to the detailing of the 3D eye’s cornea and iris, it’s safe to say the design couldn’t have been more realistic. This is one of those tattoos, wherein you’re bound to hear the client say “the pain was worth it”.

17. Center Eye Filigree Design

Center Eye Filigree Design

@rebelmusekcmo via Instagram

If you’re bold enough to consider getting a tattoo inked on your full head and neck, you’ll be bold enough to bear the pain. With a prominent filigree design like the above, you can’t go wrong.

18. Gambling Filigree Design

Gambling Filigree Design

© Bredflemingtattoo. Bredley Fleming.

An arm piece beautifully stoked up by filigree design, rose, cards, dice, ace of spades, gambling design. The main motive of stoking up filigree in any design is to make the whole image of the tattoo more attractive and showy.

19. Filigree Design On Leg

Filigree Design On Leg

© Sarin_art, Ryan Schepp, Cream city tattoo.

A beautiful filigree design stoked up to the skully perfume automizer design on the leg.

20. Forearm Filigree Tattoos

Forearm Filigree Tattoos

@dannypokes via Instagram

The forearm is one of the most popular places to get a tattoo on your body. This black and grey lion tattoo is a great option as it’s spruced up with an ornamental filigree pattern to add to the fun.

21. Poker Filigree Design

Poker Filigree Design

@gracie.tattoos via Instagram

This poker-inspired piece with extensive use of filigree is sure to attract eyeballs wherever you go.

22. Filigree Locket Tattoo

Filigree Locket Tattoo

© Derog Tattoo, Dave Freeman Aka Wak.

A filigree locket tattoo beautifully inked. Her locket is stoked up by the stunning gigantic filigree design.

23. Dove and Rose

Dove and Rose

@nezz_tat2 via Instagram

Nothing but filigree can make the above dove and rose tattoo look so complete.

24. Celtic Filigree Tattoo Design

Celtic Filigree Tattoo Design

© Joe The Tattoo Artist Thurston.

Celtic filigree tattoo design beautifully tattooed. That is awesome mother knots stoked up with filigree.

25. Time and Direction Filigree Tattoo Design For Men

Time and Direction Filigree Tattoo Design For Men

@nezz_tat2 via Instagram

In the above sleeve tattoo, the artist has done an excellent job at incorporating filigree with the elements of time and direction. In the design, you can see a vivid depiction of a pocket watch, compass, map, rose, and filigree.

26. Arm & Sleeve Filigree Tattoo

Arm & Sleeve Filigree Tattoo

@docotattoo via Instagram

This dense yet attractive tattoo includes filigree to make it look ornamental. It almost looks like a fake sleeve because the artist’s superior abilities make it seem like a digital print, which it isn’t.

27. Compass and American Flag Filigree Tattoo

Compass and American Flag Filigree Tattoo

@tattoosbyseank via Instagram

This tattoo makes the cut because of its perfection and the artist’s distinguished, cohesive selection of the design elements. The elements are the compass, the American flag, and filigree. The tattoo wouldn’t have been to this unique effect with the filigree missing. The faded look is exceptionally smart on the artist’s part, as it gels well with the whole ideology behind the filigree style.

28. Filigree Shoulder Tattoo

Filigree Shoulder Tattoo

© Skip Samson.

Filigree shoulder tattoo. A beautiful filigree design inked on the girl.

29. Stomach & Rib Filigree Tattoo

Stomach & Rib Filigree Tattoo

@knicktattoo via Instagram

This 100% filigree tattoo on the woman’s stomach looks astonishing, to say the least. The use of grey and turquoise has never before looked this stunning on the skin. Only with filigree patterns can one attain such a unique effect.

30. Eagle Filigree Design

Eagle Filigree Design

@mikewilliams.nq via Instagram

We know making a tattoo a filigree tattoo won’t add any special meaning to it. Yet, it gives it a more remarkable look. Taking the above stomach and rib area tattoo as an example, you can see how the resting eagle and sun backdrop design falls in place perfectly with the help of a bit of filigree.

31. Filigree Head Tattoo Design

Filigree Head Tattoo Design

© Dmitriy Urban.

An unbelievable filigree head tattoo design. The artist inked it beautifully with black and grey jaw-dropping colors. One of the most beautiful head tattoo pieces we’ve seen ever.

32. Hand Crystal Filigree Tattoo

Hand Crystal Filigree Tattoo

@lilianraya via Instagram

The silver look, jewels, and filigree are the traditional mid-16th-century elements of design that we mentioned earlier. In these hand tattoos, no other modern tattoo elements were added. Yet, the feminine, realistic appeal of the original filigree influence is all intact.

33. Green and White Skull Filigree Tattoo

Green and White Skull Filigree Tattoo

@tattoostimcichon via Instagram

This green and white, skull and filigree tattoo design is customized for the hand. It looks amazing on this location of the body as the filigree adds a chic touch to the design.

34. Beautiful Filigree Design

Beautiful Filigree Design

You can’t arrange flowers on your shoulder more beautiful than this. Her tattoo is stoked up with a beautiful black filigree design.

35. Beautiful Filigree Rib Tattoo Design

Beautiful Filigree Rib Tattoo Design

© Body Graphics CMS.

A beautiful filigree rib tattoo design stoked up with dot work.

36. Leg Filigree Tattoo

Leg Filigree Tattoo

@darcynutt via Instagram

This daring full-leg sleeve looks amazing on the woman’s entire right hip and leg region. This type of design looks incredible when wearing a bikini or short shorts. My favorite part is the juxtapositioning of the elements with the filigree and the soothing choice of colors. This design is incomparable to anything seen before.

37. Lower Back Filigree Tattoo

Lower Back Filigree Tattoo

© Kareem Masarani, Newport Tattoo.

Lower back filigree tattoo. Beautiful green flower vine and beautiful green filigree are intertwined together in order to make her design showier.

38. Beautiful Filigree Foot Tattoo Design

Beautiful Filigree Foot Tattoo Design

© Jeff Terrinalli.

Another beautiful filigree foot tattoo design is amazingly stoked up with dot work.


Isn’t it amazing how badass filigree tattoos look? It’s astonishing how such a floral style can look equally good on men as it does on women. How you implement the style depends a lot on the artist’s talent and abilities. There’s no doubt in my mind this style will continue to gain popularity in the times to come. You may have lots of tattoo designs in mind, each for a different location of your body. Yet, with the added knowledge and inspiration through this article, you’ll now be able to further polish and distinguish the design by adding a bit of filigree every here and there.

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