Best Fake Tattoo Sleeves For Women and Men Reviews

Do you live in a location where the climate is always bright and hot, or are you prepping for the sunny summer months ahead? In preparation, one of the arrangements you shouldn’t overlook is doing everything it takes to protect your skin. With the advent of short sleeves or sleeveless days comes the chance of harming your exposed arms from the dangerous UV rays as well as the burning sun in general.

Fortunately, there’s a beautiful way of protecting your arm while you also look trendy. There are some very attractive fake tattoo sleeves you could slip on that are sure to get people’s attention while you ride your bike, for instance, in style. Wearing a fake tattoo sleeve is also a painless, economical, and safe way of testing the waters of how it feels to show off a tattoo.

Everyone is much sensitive about their arms in order to protect them from sunlight and that’s the reason we need fake tattoo sleeves that will not only protect your arms from the sun but also helps to provide you with a full tattoo arm that will attract the attention of everyone.

There are varieties of sleeves available in the market with different colors and pictures but you need to make sure it must be UV resistant and the size of that sleeve must fit on your arms.

Not only in women, but it is also getting much popularity among men too as they provide ultimate sun protection and catchy look at the same time. So here we will review the best fake tattoo sleeves that will suit your personality.

Best Fake Tattoo Sleeves Reviews

After considering a multitude of fake tattoo sleeves available online, our extensive research, including our analysis of customer ratings & reviews, has led to the following shortlist. The fake tattoo sleeves reviewed below are unisex and compatible with most skin tones.

1. HOVEOX 20 PcsTemporary Tattoo Arm Sleeves

HOVEOX 20 PcsTemporary Tattoo Arm Sleeves

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These 20 stylishly designed temporary tattoo arm sleeves by the brand HOVEOX are sure to catch anyone’s attention. The package includes a collection of high-quality tattoo sleeves depicting designs of dragons, skulls, tigers, figures, crowns, hearts, and tribal patterns. These arm sleeves are comfortable, protective, a perfect fit, and realistic.

These attractive, fake tattoo sleeves not only work as a sunscreen but are fit for many other occasions. You could choose to wear them while partying, trick or treating, bar hopping, playing a sport, or even posing for a photo shoot. Moreover, they make incredible gifting options.

A majority of men and women won’t have to worry about the fit. When unstretched, the length of each sleeve is 15.4 inches, and the width, 3.5 inches. Each tattoo sleeve is 92% nylon and the rest spandex material, which gives it a soft feel with sufficient stretchability for a snug, comfortable fit on most arm sizes. The material does a great job in protecting your arm from the bright sunshine. Overall, unless you have really large arms, the fit is breathable and dry.

The care instructions are easy. All that sweat that passes through the sleeves before evaporating, may cause a stench and require thorough cleaning. Luckily, the quality of the fabric and tattoo design is durable. Even after hand or machine-washing it multiple times, the tattoo sleeve continues to fit perfectly and retains its realistic vibrancy. For optimal care, hang drying the sleeves is the recommended course of action.

2. Toirxarn 8PCS Tattoo Sleeves Cool Temporary Sunscreen Arm Sleeve

Toirxarn 8PCS Tattoo Sleeves Cool Temporary Sunscreen Arm Sleeve

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This fake tattoo sleeve provides ultimate sun protection along with comfortable wearing. The best thing about this sleeve is that it is made up of durable nylon and soft material that will never trouble you even after wearing it for a long period of time.

This package includes 8 different cool designed sleeves that will make you look different in a crowd. This ultimate sunscreen tattoo arm is stretchable and can easily fit on the arm of a person having a weight between 50 to 80 kg.

It will absorb the sweat and provides you with an easy and comfortable wearing experience. Apart from that it also protects your skin from other creepy things like mosquito biting and dust.

3. 12 PCS Sports Arm Sleeves For Braces Splints & Slings, Tattoo Sleeve

12 PCS Sports Arm Sleeves For Braces Splints & Slings , Tattoo Sleeve
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There are not many sheet tattoo sleeves that you can slip on your arm and wear throughout the day. Nevertheless, this design comes with 12 tattoo sleeves that you can easily and comfortably wear, stretch and wash.

The best thing is that it comes with 12 different designs that you can use interchangeably. First, you can wear a design on each arm that adds to your appeal and looks. Additionally, it has great protective properties if you’re cycling or working on the sun, especially in the summer when the UV rays are strong and you’re risking having a sunburn.

What’s also interesting about them is that they’re quite stylish and easy to wear. They’ll stretch easily and allow an even thicker arm to spread it and wear it effortlessly.

With 12 designs out of the box, there’s sure at least one design that will go well with your personality and fit. They’re made out of spandex and nylon fabric, so they won’t cause any sort of irritation on the body. Washing it in the machine will also help save time, and if you have to wash some of them, you can still rely on the other ones in the package.

They’re the next hottest things on parties and Halloweens, as well as cosplays.

4. Benbilry 6pcs Art Arm Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Benbilry 6pcs Art Arm Fake Tattoo Sleeves Cover For Unisex Party Cool Man Woman Fashion Tattoos

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Next on our list is the Benbilry 6pcs fake tattoo sleeve set. The quality and designs of the sleeves ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd. The stretchable composition makes them easy to slip on and remove. The fabric is an ideal blend consisting of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. These tattoo sleeves blend in perfectly with your natural skin tone. The effect is as though you have a real tattoo inked on your arm. The only way to tell that apart is by glaring at the wearer’s arm from close proximity.

The tattoo designs include skull, heart, dragon, tiger, figures, and tribal patterns. While a collection of 6 pcs isn’t enough to match every one of your outfits, it’s sufficient to suit most occasions and activities. These include: playing a sport, such as lawn tennis; camping; or cross-country participation; etc.

The unstretched measurements of each sleeve are 15.4 inches in length by 3.4 inches in width. Unless you have extraordinarily big arms, you’ll get a proper, comfortable fit. Each of the 6 tattoo sleeves arrives individually packed in a polybag to preserve its quality.

5. iToolai Fake Temporary Tattoo Sleeves for Men and Women

iToolai Fake Temporary Tattoo Sleeves for Men and Women

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This tattoo sleeve is another top-performing listing in our buying list. The best thing about this sleeve is that it is easily breathable which means your skin will not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. The elastic is stretchable so that everyone can wear it easily.

It provides ultimate UV protection with 5 different picture variations that include a skull, Buddha, eagle design, Maori, and fashion that looks cool and attractive.

You can wear these sleeves while driving, camping, or having some function at your place. Other than self-wearing, you can also gift it to your near and dear ones.

Trust me! You will never regret your decision.

6. Pinkiou Temporary Tattoo Fake Arm Sleeves

Pinkiou Temporary Tattoo Fake Arm Sleeves

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This relatively affordable fake tattoo set of designs for arm sleeves can be used with ease and great comfort. Moreover, it’ll serve as an amazing piece of protective clothing for the outdoor, especially when it comes to skiing and cycling. Some people who are recovering from deep scars can also wear these for protection.

They have a little dark design which may not appeal to everyone. However, that’s usually how these designs are. It’s also worth noting that the design is quite stretchable, thanks to the spandex and nylon materials that make it. That also means that you’ll be able to wear your sleeve even on legs, and not just arms, although it won’t cover the entirety of your leg.

It’s also worth mentioning that these designs can be washed in the washing machine so you’ll be able to put them together with another laundry without worrying that the sleeve will shrink too much, or that the texture on it will fade.

There are total of six pieces. We must add that they’re specifically suitable for parties, especially those darker ones. We have no doubt that they’ll make you feel like a true pirate, while also absorbing sweat and other fluids from your arms.

7. 6pcs Set Arts Fake Temporary Tattoo Arm Sunscreen Sleeves – AKStore

6pcs Set Arts Fake Temporary Tattoo Arm Sunscreen Sleeves – AKStore
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The tattoo designs of these 6 temporary tattoo arm sleeves consist of the most popular tattoo symbols like crown, heart, skull, sun, dragon, bird, etc. The distinguishing factors are the soft fabric with high elasticity, light and UV resistance, and dry and breathable comfort. Also, the brand has ensured the tattoo appears more realistic than similar offerings by competitors.

The unstretched measurements of each tattoo sleeve are 15.4 inches in length by 3.4 inches in width. Like with the other fake tattoo arm sleeves on our list, sleeves in this package, too, perfectly fit every arm size, except really big ones.

Furthermore, the seamless sewing technology is so advanced, it gives each sleeve a finer, smoother finish at either end. The seamless finish gives the illusion of having blended in with your skin at the wrist and bicep location. To further make it look real, you can wear a watch over the delicate sealing at your wrist area, while ensuring the short sleeve overlaps the other end.

The durability of these sleeves is worth a special mention. Due to the use of imported dye materials and innovative heat transfer technology for the printing, the prints are brighter, and will not fade after washing, and hang drying. The sleeves’ thin fabric does an incredible job at blending in with every skin tone. Yet, upon closer inspection, one can make out the truth.

8. Skeleteen Fake Temporary Tattoos Sleeves

Skeleteen Fake Temporary Tattoos Sleeves
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These tattoo sleeves provide the ultimate wearing experience for both adults and kids. These multipurpose sleeves can be used for parties, sports, or any casual outing, and even if you are a rider then also it will give you an impressive and gentle look.

It is made up of 100% non-toxic elements that can be suitable for both men and women and the 14 inches size can be easily fitted to a normal arm. So if you are looking for a sleeve that gives a cool gangster appearance then it is the option that you can choose.

9. Tattoo Sleeve for Kids, Baby Tattoo Sleeves Arts Fake Slip

Tattoo Sleeve for Kids, Baby Tattoo Sleeves Arts Fake Slip
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Does your little one have sensitive skin or they saw a cool-looking tattoo sleeve outside or on TV? Since you can’t get them a real tattoo sleeve, neither do we think they’d enjoy the process of getting it, there is an epic-looking package of fake tattoo sleeve designs that stands out in every view.

Your little one will feel tough in stretchable material made out of nylon and spandex. Whether your child is small or big, the sleeve will easily fit their arm and stretch if needed. They’re also great for keeping your little one hot during the cold winter days while protecting them from the strong summer sun.

While they’re not suitable for babies and young toddlers, any child from 2 to 8 years old is more than welcome to wear this one. The material is also waterproof, so it’ll easily and effortlessly collect the sweat while your child is active outside. There are a total of eight pieces so they can easily change them if they want to flaunt a new design.

If it gets dirty, don’t worry. You can easily put it in the washing machine with other clothes and wash it effortlessly. The design won’t fade away and it’ll look just like new, even after it got dirty with dirt or spilled juice.

10. SPOKKI 24 PCS Fake Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

SPOKKI 24 PCS Fake Temporary Tattoo Sleeves
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The brand, SPOKKI, offers these 24 stylish tattoo sleeves. Each individually packed in a  polybag. These sleeves are meant for both summer and winter use. They are 100% nylon, highly elastic, and soft. This means you get breathable comfort while sporting the trendiest fake tattoo designs on your arms or legs. The moisture-wicking sleeves are easy to clean, and they dry rapidly. Moreover, slipping them on and off is a breeze.

Whether you’re a man or woman, this selection of 24 designs by SPOKKI, gives you ample flexibility to mix and match every one of your outfits with at least one of these sleeves. The unstretched size of the arm sleeve is 16.9 inches in length and 3.34 inches in width. These elastic arm sleeves fit almost any arm size, excluding extraordinarily big builts. If your body weight is within the range of 45-100 Kg’s (that’s 99-220 lbs), chances are these sleeves will fit you perfectly.

Each of the tattoo designs is incredibly realistic. From a reasonably nearby distance, an onlooker may feel your fake tattoo sleeve is a real tattoo. The colors and details of each pattern make it seem as though the best professional tattoo kit, having the best tattoo machines, was used for inking a full arm tattoo. What further helps it look so real is the 100% nylon fabric, which makes the sleeve fully immerse with your natural skin color. It’s a bonus that the sleeves don’t fade easily.

Don’t worry about the choice of tattoo designs on the sleeves. Each design consists of popular tattoo themes like skull, dragon, heart, tribal shapes, flower, snake, eagle, crown, tiger, figures, etc. The best part is, you can wear them on a variety of occasions and activities, including sports. The incredible elasticity allows for easy movements no matter what sport the sport.

11. Tattoo Sleeves Odowalker Pack of 20

Tattoo Sleeves Odowalker Pack of 20
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These tattoo sleeves will fool anyone about 25 yards away. That’s good enough, considering you’re better off than getting inked permanently with a design you’re unsure of. The package contains 20 realistic tattoo sleeves by Odowalker. Each sleeve has a popular tattoo pattern with vibrant colors and a comfortable feel.

The fabric — 92% nylon and 8% spandex — is moisture-wicking, stretchable, and highly breathable. In the summertime, you’ll remain cool, while your skin is protected from dangerous UV rays to quite an extent. In winter, these sleeves look equally great, acting as effective warmers or a cool Halloween accessory.

The sleeves are designed in a way that one size fits most men and women. They are super elastic, and when unstretched, they measure 18.5 inches in length by 4.7 inches in width at the bicep. If you’re a woman, you can use these sleeves as stockings in the winter. If you’re a 12-year-old, you’ll likely have to pass up on this product, as it won’t give you a snug fit.

The brand does send you colors and designs at random. Yet, you can rest assured, you’ll receive the most popular tattoo designs. It’s an incredible overall value-packed deal since when you opt for the pack of 20 pcs, you end up getting a better average price.

If anything, this collection of sleeves tilts closest to a Halloween look. That’s because there’s a linkage of the patterns to the look of a pirate, tribal chief, prison inmate, biker, or rock n roller, among other such Halloween concepts. Above all, the wearer gets incredible protection from the bright, hot summer sun.

Things to Consider When Buying Fake Tattoo Sleeve

Before we review the best fake tattoo sleeves, here are a few factors that you should look into before browsing different fake tattoo sleeves. They’ll undoubtedly make your shopping experience go smoother.


There are two key types of fake tattoo sleeves:

  • Sticker/Sheet tattoos that last from 3 to 7 days.
  • Fake tattoo sleeves that you wear like a shirt.

Most people avoid stickers because they can be messy, they peel easily and can cause allergies. Sheeted sleeves are more convenient and more commonly used because you can wash and clean them, while also changing them every day as they come in a bundle.

The sheet tattoos are more durable and can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. If they were designed by a reputable tattoo artist, they may even last up to 10 days.


Length is an important factor to consider when shopping for a fake tattoo sleeve. Some of them may be too long or too short for your arms, depending on your height, how long your arms are and what’s your biological sex.

For women, the length of a fake tattoo sleeve is about 16-inches long. This is also an appropriate length for men. Still, some tattoo designs span over 18 inches long. There’s nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind that your sleeve may be shorter if your arm is thicker, but that’s more about the stretch of the material that we’ll mention below.

There are also shorter tattoo sleeves, which is why you must pay attention when shopping so you wouldn’t buy the one that is too long or too short for your demands.


It’s super-important that the tattoo sleeve that you’ll buy will be stretchable. Sizes vary, and when not stretched the width of the design should be between 4 and 5 inches. That may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The material needs to contain some polyester and elastin to be able to stretch easier.

Note: If the tattoo sleeve is machine-washable, it could result in it shrinking a bit, both in width and length. Some material can also lose a bit of flexibility, so make sure that there’s enough stretch for your needs.


Usually, fake tattoo sleeves come in different patterns and designs. More importantly, they’re usually bundled into a package of 5 to 6 designs that are packed together. With that in mind, you should consider which designs are more girly and which are not.

Whether something feels too girly or manly is a personal preference. We’re sure that there’s a tattoo design that will meet everyone’s needs. Additionally, we included a diverse selection of fake tattoo sleeve designs that you can use for your needs, and we’re sure that there’ll be at least one that feels just right for you.


Cleaning your fake tattoo sleeve may be more difficult if it’s not machine-washable. We made sure that most of the designs are. Make sure to read the instructions that come with the product, so that you won’t wash it at a temperature that is too low or too high, as that could either shrink the material and make it appear shorter and less stretchy.

A worse scenario would be that the pattern washes away, or even rips from the pressure caused by the high temperature. The safest bet is washing on hands or spot cleaning, but having a machine-washable fake tattoo sleeve simply feels more convenient.


If you’re going for the sheeted tattoos rather than slip-on tattoos, it’s good to know whether the tattoos you’ll be using are waterproof. Usually, most of them are safe to use in the shower or bath. Most of them are also resistant to sweat if you’re going for a run or workout in the gym.

However, if you plan to swim in the pool or ocean, they may not live up to the challenge due to chlorine and salt in the water.


All the fake tattoo sleeves we shortlisted and reviewed were great because of the fit they offered and their authentic tattoo look. Choosing the best among the listed ones should be a lot easier for you now. An introspection of your personality and preferences can bring you further closer to a final purchase decision. You’re not far off now, our top 11 list has the best and most popular tattoo sleeves on offer in the current market!

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