Top 4 EZ Tattoo Machine Reviews

Ez Tattoo Machine Top PicksThe EZ tattoo machines are perfect when it comes to rotary machines in the market. Starting from the year 2005, the year when these machines were first developed, EZ has been the talk of the town due to its extraordinary features and astounding qualities. From Avant pens to astral, from filterV2 pens to EZTAT2, these pens are comfortable and extraordinary.

The 4 of the machines which we are going to review in detail are superior and premium machines which are worth buying. Unlike the coil tattoo machines, the EZ ones are really quiet and offer easy operation. Moreover, these machines are very versatile having multiple operations. This is all due to advanced technologies which are embedded to make that all possible.

These machines are made carefully and thoughtfully to ensure that they are less traumatic on your skin. This is a great machine and has excellent fluidity. This doesn’t allow you to do very intricate work like most of the coil machines but it can do a fair job.

Below are the most popular and efficient of the EZ’s machines. Dive in and see what is most suitable for you.

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EZTAT2 Astral Tattoo Rotary Cartridges Machine Kit Gun Japan Motor RCA ConnectionEZTAT2 Astral Tattoo Rotary Machine
EZTAT2 BAT Tattoo Cartridge Machine Kit Japan DC Coreless MotorEZTAT2 BAT Tattoo Machine
EZTAT2 Avant Tattoo Cartridge Machine Import Swiss Maxon Motor Disassembly Pen Type with 3Pcs Optional GripsEZTAT2 Avant Tattoo Machine

1. EZ TAT2 Astral Tattoo Rotary Cartridges Machine

This model is driven by the most powerful and technically advanced motor, the Japanese one. This enhances the efficiency largely making you able to work for long and have durable machines. Coming with an excellent system which is interchangeable drive one, the manufacturers come in one 3 plungers that have different hardness levels varying from soft to hard.

EZ TAT2 Astral Tattoo Rotary Cartridges Machine Kit

Quick Summary

  • Japan Motor
  • Comes with three extra plunger
  • Aircraft Aluminum
  • Comes with an official one year warranty

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Most tattooists face problems with adjusting the machine their way. Well, thanks to you all as this one has a COMBO version to it. This version includes highly adjustable grips. This consists of a VISE version which is not just limited to a few great features but consists of flex as well as fixed grips.

The construction of this machine is of aircraft aluminum which keeps the machine lightweight. Further, it consists of the RCA. The warranty period of this machine extends up to a year. The pressure that this machine exerts on the client’s skin is very gentle and it makes it easy to make a tattoo.

It is available in about 4 colors which are bright and catchy. The stroke length is about 3.5 millimeters. The machine is very durable and reliable due to its high-quality construction. We would highly recommend you go for this if you want a quiet, stable machine that is capable of making almost every tattoo art.


  • Hard medium
  • Soft plunger
  • 4 color of choices
  • 2 needle choices
  • Adjustable model
  • Fixed needles also available
  • Durable
  • Flexible


  • Hard adjusting
  • Voltage has the limit which is about 9 volts

2. EZTAT2 BAT Tattoo Cartridge Machine Kit DC Coreless Motor

Advanced and colorful, the EZTAT2 has the best exterior design which the tattooist looks for. The system is interchangeable and comes with three pressure levels which allows you to adjust it accordingly. The choice to opt between hard, medium, and the lightest mode will let the needle exert pressure accordingly. The grip is extraordinarily comfortable. Its grip is made so that it doesn’t slip off your hands.

EZTAT2 BAT Tattoo Cartridge Machine Kit DC Coreless Motor

Quick Summary

  • Cartridge Tattoo Machine
  • Screw Design
  • Aircraft Aluminum

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The unique and perfect design so that your hand is perfectly gripped while being very comfortable is made. The exterior color choice is very interesting and gives a pleasant vibe to it. The contrast of gold with black lifts up the appearance of these tattoo machines. The stroke length varies, having three options.

Either you can select 3.5 millimeters or you can go up to 4.5 millimeters according to whatever operation you are performing. Whether it is shading or lining, this extraordinary machine has got you all covered. The versatility is exceptional. Not to mention how high quality the machine has.

Having a remarkable power rating of 8000 rpm, the motor runs at an incredible speed. It can go up to a voltage rating of 10 volts. Whether it is the detailed work involving intricate patterns is what you wish to do or it is simple lining work, this machine is the beast that has all the voltage ranges for all kinds of works.


  • Interchangeable cam
  • 18 volts
  •  Highly suitable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Reliable


  • Hard grip

3. EZ Avant Tattoo Cartridge Machine

If you are looking for precise lines and fine designs, you should go for Avant adjustable tattoo machines. This will let you make the design smoothly and perfectly. What is even more astounding is that you can choose the right grip accordingly. It is integrated with a Maxon motor which is very advanced and lets you have high power output.

EZ Avant Tattoo Cartridge Machine

Quick Summary

  • Comes with Maxon Motor
  • RCA Adapter
  • Easy maintenance

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This can be disassembled which means that the fuss of maintenance and cleaning is eliminated. The disassembly of the machine will let you clean thoroughly and perfectly thus enhancing the machine’s life. The machine is very durable for the reason that it is made of high-quality material and it has been constructed with careful consideration to ensure that no faulty part is being integrated.

Moreover, lubrication is also no big issue as you can easily lubricate this machine once it is disassembled. All you have to do is to pour in the liquid. No-fuss! It comes with multiple accessories which are needed to make the whole thing work. The efficient RCA cord and the highly effective cord clips are perfected to give you the ultimate experience.


  • Optional grips
  • Excellent comfort
  • Powerful machine
  • Maxon motor is advanced
  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Compatible with multiple needles
  • Worth the price


  • Expensive

4. EZ Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit Filter V2 Pen

Are you looking for a machine that promises you exceptional precision and stability? They do not look any further because you can have it all in one and only, filter V2. It takes tattooing to the ultimate level. This offers a quiet operation and guarantees to draw intricate and fine lines. This has a continuous operation that lets you have it all. This is extremely durable, promising stability and low noise.

EZ Rotay Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit Filter V2 Pen

Quick Summary

  • Precision DC motor.
  • Good Stability.
  • Continuous Operation.
  • Space Aluminum Shell.
  • 7-15 Volts DC Cord Connection.

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Made of aluminum, this is exceptionally easy to carry and highly portable. It has a strong connection and incredibly powerful power which ensures high speed and strong operation. Enjoy the excellent quality and powerful functionality of this premium piece. With an operating voltage that varies between 5 and goes as high as 15 volts, it is highly versatile and has covered all the operations.

The rpm is very high and has a rating of 16,000. Incredible, isn’t it? This is very consistent and lets you draw all the lines with great precision. It is very suitable for beginners. We would highly recommend you to go for this one.


  • Strong Construction
  • Motor powered
  • Consistent
  • Incredible power and efficiency
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Excellent power output


  • No universal plugs
  • Small Pen

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