Dragonfly Authentic and Powerful X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

If you are into tattoo accessories and machines, you would have surely heard the name of dragonfly due to its marvelous contributions and remarkable productions of tattoo machines which makes us a fan. Dragonfly X2 rotary is a great example of why this company is the best among the rest. The company has come a long way by manufacturing quality, top-notch and excellent machines which provide you with utmost stability and astounding features.

The machines produced by dragonfly are a must-have as their products can be trusted and this is the reason why they are world-famous. The dedicated team and staff of professionals ensure that no product lacks quality and they are up to the standards and demands. There are various other reasons why this company is considered the absolute best.

Dragonfly Authentic X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

Ensuring grade-A condition, the machine is produced by experts of a Swedish company who make sure that each and every part is dimensionally correct and is embedded with advanced technologies and the newest features. The motor promises an astounding rating of power that ensures strong operation. Due to their due concern and care for customer’s demands, they are famous worldwide and this product is loved by tattooists all over the world.

Best Overall

Dragonfly Authenitc X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonfly X2 Review

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Reduced vibrations

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This does not end here as the kit is composed of several other accessories like needles which make it a complete package of quality. The beginners who are starting their tattoo profession are guaranteed utmost ease and comfort using this and will be a great start for them. On the other hand, it has high-end features and amazing qualities which make it ideal for professionals.

Thus, it has been carefully manufactured and thoughtfully designed considering everyone’s demands and needs. Dragonfly X2 rotary tattoo machine is what all of you were looking for!


The features and specifications of the Dragonfly X2 machine are beyond perfect. Every spec has been included to ease the operation and for the right movement. The features are advanced and will provide the user remarkable comfort they have been longing for forever. Let’s dive in!


6 watts of incredible power is promised by this tattoo machine. The efficiency has been highly enhanced due to which there is a noticeable reduction of 80 perfect in electricity uses.

Swedish Motor

Sweden is famous for manufacturing motors that promise a high-quality power output like no one else. This machine has to include the best motor that is certainly the Swedish one that guarantees excellent power output.


It is a highly compatible motor that can be easily adjusted with any cartridge.

Strokes and Needles

It can be operated with three different types of strokes. Whether it is 2.6 mm, 4.6, or 3.7, the dragonfly rotary X2 machine has got you all covered.

Reduced Vibrations

The machine is produced so that it offers a tranquil operation. The vibrations are minimized and dampened due to which it doesn’t make many noises and works smoothly.

Variable Colors

It comes in multiple colors so you don’t have to compromise on that part. Whether it is deep purple you want your tattoo machine to be or crazy lime, whether it is seductive pink or demonic blue, the machine has it all with its variable color range.

Durable Materials

This model from dragonfly has been manufactured with quality materials. Aluminum has been chosen which is very lightweight and thus ideal for tattoo machines. The added anodized frame makes it a perfect choice for you all as it guarantees exceptional comfort.


Another great feature of this tattoo machine is that it reduces friction due to added oil lubricants between different mechanical parts thus promising high output.


  • Chic and Classy Design
  • Compact and Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Reduced Vibrations
  • Steady Operation
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Quality Material
  • Variable Colors


  • Less information
  • Noisy

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Critical Analysis and Final Verdict

This machine is undoubtedly the best so far with its ergonomic design and reduced vibrations. It is certainly placed on the top among all the tattoo machines due to the incredible efficiency which it promises. The bills can be drastically reduced which will be a blessing for people. It proves to be beneficial for the long term.

The material which is used in the construction of this machine is airplane aluminum which is sure to be resilient and durable while keeping the weight low. The choice is absolutely impressive. The incredible ease with which the needles can be switched and popped up is another feature that makes it a must-have. Moreover, the added lubricants reduce the friction between mechanical parts ensuring that they work perfectly and smoothly.

Together with all these important and advanced features, the machine doesn’t compromise on style at all. The look of this tattoo machine is impressive with a choice of different colors provided to choose from. We would suggest you definitely purchase this. We make sure that you won’t regret this.

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