7 Best Tattoo Ink For Dry, Sensitive, and All Skins 2021

What inks do tattoo artists use? With a variety of the best tattoo inks available in the market, choosing the right one can be intimidating.

Luckily, we are here for you!

Today we will help you choose the best tattoo ink. Most artists are wondering what factors to look for when choosing the best tattoo ink in the market lately.  Others will ask,  ‘what makes the best tattoo ink”?

To know more, just stick with us for a couple of minutes and let us answer you with our in-depth guide.

Tattooing requires many types of equipment. No equipment remains forever with you except one thing – the tattoo ink. It will perfectly remain with you forever under your skin and will become your identity. So make sure that tattoo ink applied on your skin is of top-notch quality.

Before anything else, make sure that you know what makes the best tattoo ink. This list of products can surely set you on the right track.

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Our 7 Top Pick for Best Tattoo Ink Brands

1. Radiant Tattoo Ink 19 Color Kit Set For All Skin

Radiant Tattoo Ink 19 Color Kit Set

From their home base in Los Angeles, Radiant Colors have made themselves one of the country’s premier ink manufacturers, supplying some of the highest-end, vibrant colors nationwide and internationally.

Over its ten years of production, the company has made a name for itself as a premier location for sourcing top-quality tattoo inks.

One key behind Radiant Colors’ success is their long history of partnerships with renowned artists worldwide to ensure that they produce inks that match the requirements of tattooists and are on par with the latest developments in the field. The company also uses the most cutting-edge technology to ensure that its end products are always homogeneous, sterilized, and free of any pollutants or irritants.

Furthermore, folks with sensitive skin can enjoy these products without worry, as all Radiant inks are entirely organic and vegan-safe.

Try out their flagship offering, the Radiant Ink – Pastel Colours set, for colorful soft tones that are guaranteed to impress every time. The company also offers a range of standard colors in singles or groups, available in ½ ounce, 1 ounce, and 2-ounce bottles.


  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Available in ½ ounce, 1 ounce, and 2-ounce bottles
  • 100% organic and vegan-safe
  • Made in the U.S.A


  • Ink cap is little insecure. You need to close it tightly

2. Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Best Black Tattoo Ink For Outlining

Bloodline Tattoo Ink - Best Black Tattoo Ink For Outlining


This is the best darkest tattoo and thin ink you’ll ever come across. You can use it on any type of skin even on black skin since dark can be seen black skin clearly, as well. It will be the best choice for African people. You can make the best tribal tattoos with it. This is basically used for outlining and shading.

Bloodline was established in California in the year 1996 and it is well known for its quality. The ink doesn’t contain any harmful components and is very light so it will not harm your tattoo machine.

This tattoo ink passes through many checklists before coming into the market. So you don’t need to worry about the side effects of tattoo ink like tattoo ink poisoning.

It has great brightness. Once it is applied to the skin, it remains with you forever and it never loses its color or fade-down. Due to its consistent flow, it will not cause any issue to the artist while making a tattoo. It is very smooth and saturated easily in the skin and also reduces the time of healing. It will make you feel great.

If you want a clear, darker, shinny tattoo then bloodline tattoo ink is the perfect option for you.

The other best thing about bloodline black tattoo ink is that it will not dry up easily. So, be sure that your ink will last for more years to come.


  • It enters the skin with ease because of light weight
  • Crafted with premium high quality pigments
  • Perfect for new tattoo artist


  • Little issue in packaging of product

3. Panthera Ink – Safest Tattoo Ink

Panthera Tattoo Ink - Light Sum Review

Italian products are often considered the standard (when it comes to quality) in a wide range of fashion and beauty niches. The tattoo ink space is arguably no different. Panthera Ink is a company based in Italy that currently represents one of the premier manufacturers of colors thanks to their extreme focus on producing only topline quality products.

Started in 2000 on the back of 25 years of the founders’ active tattooing practice, Panthera Ink is an ink line by tattooists that continually strives to be the go-to for artists that demand products at the bleeding edge of innovation, quality, and safety practices.

Panthera Ink achieves this lofty goal by incorporating qualitative analysis systems into their selection of raw materials to ensure the best sources and the highest purity levels. The company also integrates some of the most conscientious processing methods into its manufacturing process.

Consequently, Panthera Ink produces a line of products that brings vibrant, eye-catching colors yet offers some of the least possible risks to the end-users.

Their Tribal XXX ink is one of the darkest blacks on the market and is many tattooists’ favorite ink for lining work. The Tribal XXX is one of the most vibrant, fade-resistant blacks you will find anywhere.

Another popular offering from Panthera Ink is the Panthera Ralf Nonnweiler Artist Series, a partnership with famous german tattooist Ralf Nonnweiler, an excellent ink for shading and grey wash pieces.


  • A strict manufacturing process ensures the highest purity levels
  • 100% organic and vegan-safe
  • Made in Italy
  • Made by tattooists


  • The price of tattoo ink is comparatively high

4. Intenze Tattoo Ink – Most Supernatural Ink

Intenze Tattoo Ink - Most Supernatural Ink

Intenze is a tattoo ink maker company that was established in 1978 by Mario Barth. Today, they have produced more than 250 shades of color of tattoo ink.

The motive of Intenze is not only to produce the highest quality ink but also to work with an artist and push their limits. The world’s best tattoo artists like Mark Mahoney and Bob Tyrell appreciate the stand-out quality of the product.

Health Safety and higher quality are the main concern of Intenze tattoo ink. They sterilize, mix, and bottled tattoo ink in most cleaned and hygienic rooms. They have a third-party biochemist lab that sterilizes and tests the quality of every bottle of ink before sending them to the market.

The Intenze ink is 100% vegan and they do not add any animal product in their ink and never test ink on any animal. Their tattoo ink complies with American safety standards and EU-quality certification. They ensure the quality and safety of their ink and meet global health standards and continuously innovate their product.

If you are having a tattoo for the very first time and are afraid of the consequences of tattoo ink then Intenze tattoo ink is the most preferred option for you.


  • Combo includes all attractive and shinny colors
  • Beautiful color saturation
  • Ink includes money back return policy


  • The price of tattoo ink is comparatively high

5. Mom’s Millennium Ink

14 Millennium Moms PRIMARY 2 Tattoo Ink

Contrary to what the cheeky brand name would have you believe, Mom’s Millennium Ink is one of the most reputable names in the tattoo industry. From their launch in 1998, the company made a name for itself in the market, thanks to its rich inks portfolio, famed for its vibrant colors and unrivaled consistency.

For expert tattooists, the ink’s consistency is one of the top factors to consider when choosing the right product for any job. With consistent ink, you don’t have to worry about shade mismatches, and you can rest assured that your art will maintain normal levels of vibrancy at all points. Here, Mom’s Millennium Inks deliver.

The company placed intense emphasis on multiple checks of its products for color consistency, regular flow rate, and pigment durability.

Consequently, the brand holds the admiration of many artists and other industry participants for producing inks that you can always trust to act right.

Restock your arsenal with Mom’s Millennium Ink 70 bottle superset for a supply of all the high-end tattoo inks you need. Alternatively, you can coup their Nuclear Colors UV-reactive ink set for unique (only visible under a blacklight) and fashionable tattoo highlights that are sure to impress.


  • Long-standing reputation for producing consistent inks
  • Over 80 shades are available
  • UV-reactive ink available
  • All-American brand
  • Vegan-safe


  • Price of ink is high because of its professional grade

6. Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black – Best Black Tattoo Ink

Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black Best black tattoo ink

This ink is darker than dark and has a very bright dark look that never fades away, easily flows in the skin, and dries up quickly. It will also heal the skin quickly.

The best feature of Intenze super black tattoo ink is that it will not get dry. So if you are afraid of the drying issue of ink, then you can buy this tattoo ink.

If you put this tattoo ink on your skin then you will definitely be amazed by the results of this tattoo ink. It is the most bright, safest, durable, and easily absorbed by the skin.

It is the branded tattoo ink that is manufactured by the oldest tattoo ink-making company. They ensure the quality and safety of their ink and meet global health standards.

The price of ink is not so affordable but after using this tattoo ink you will not regret your decision.


  • It heals very darkly in the skin
  • Ink will not get dry out
  • Ink is packaged in a tamper-proof bottle
  • Vegan-friendly ink


  • Price of ink is high because of its professional grade

7. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

Starbrite Colors offers the closest thing to a quality budget brand you will find in this market.

The tattoo ink market is rife with an abundance of attractive, low-priced offerings that end up being subpar in quality and are often a significant safety risk. Here, Starbrite Colors offers a much-needed breath of fresh air.

From their manufacturing plant in Connecticut, this brand produces a line of high-quality inks at a fraction of the price you get with more expensive options. With Starbrite, there are no cutting corners, and what you get is quality that is on par with the offerings of most major brands.

Starbrite runs its production efforts from a Class A ISO-certified Cleanroom, ensuring that your ink is free from any pollutants or irritants. The brand also incorporates state-of-the-art gamma radiation to ensure complete sterilization of the end product.

Even in terms of the quality of the resultant art, Starbrite inks are no pushovers. Their inks pack a smooth texture and consistent flow that make them easy to work with and ensures they enter the skin evenly and heal quickly.

Starbrite Tattoo Ink provides a decently priced option that is excellent for both starters and established artists. With 170+ shades to choose from, the brand also does an excellent job of covering all the bases that require covering.


  • Competitive pricing scheme
  • More than 170 color shades available
  • Vegan-safe
  • S.-made


  • Little issue in packaging of product

Things to Consider While Choosing Tattoo Ink

There are many tattoo inks in the market that claim their quality but not every ink is suitable for everyone. There are certain things that you need to check. So, here is the list of three things that you must check when buying tattoo ink.

1. Always buy Tattoo Ink from Branded and Reputed Manufacturer

Reputed manufacturers always produce high-quality products and they have high standards in producing their products. These organizations spend lots of time in research and money to produce best-in-class inks.

Their products go through numerous and rigorous tests before being supplied to the market.

Note: Tattoo ink is placed on the most sensitive part of our body so never choose tattoo ink for sale for just saving a few bucks.

2. Check the main Ingredient of tattoo Ink

There are many types of ink that are made from different kinds of ingredients. Some are made from organic compounds and some are made from chemical compounds. These may be toxic and harmful to your skin.

So always check the ingredient of tattoo ink and it must be made from organic compounds that are safe for your skin. The best examples of toxic ingredients are lead and arsenic. One should also check whether they require water-based or alcohol-based ink for their tattooing needs.

3. Choose ink that is safe for your skin and last longer

Basically, pigmentation and bases are responsible for the durability and permeability of the ink. If you want more durable tattoo ink then go for alcohol-based ink.

In this type of ink, the pigmentation is effectively absorbed by the skin due to some chemicals it consists of. It may cause more irritation to your skin than water-based tattoo ink. The main reason is that it is made from natural and organic pigmentation and vegetable dyes.

In order to identify the best tattoo ink, the amateur and professional should conduct extensive research on tattoo ink. Check all the available tattoo ink reviews. This is the only way you can find out the best tattoo ink that will make your drawing more attractive and shiny.

FAQ Session

Q1. Is colored tattoo ink dangerous?

Many colored in includes toxic ingredients like chromium, nickel, cadmium that can react to your skin if you have any skin-related issue.

So if you are suffering from any skin issue then it is recommended to not get inked.

Q2. Can you get cancer from tattoo ink?

It is not scientifically proven but many tattoo experts claim that it might cause cancer if you use unauthorized products at the time of tattooing.

Q3. What color tattoo ink fades the most?

There are some vibrant colors like pink, light green, and yellow that fade the most. On the other hand, black and grey are the hardest colors that last longer than other tattoo ink colors.


While doing tattooing, there is a lot of tattoo equipment and accessories which are used, including machines, needles, ink, and many other small things.

However, ink is the one thing that is the last product to remain on your skin whatsoever. So, make sure the ink you choose is of great and superior quality as it could possibly be. Remember that poor-quality ink may damage your skin and harm you.

In our comprehensive article, we have reviewed the best tattoo ink for you. You don’t have to effortlessly stumble upon looking for the right product. All recommendations in our list are super good and you can apply them to your skin worry-free.

Uniquely, these suggested inks are the world’s safest, supernatural and high-quality ink. So you can choose any according to your requirements, needs, and desires.

Hope you like this article. If you have any questions regarding tattoo ink, then feel free to ask or address any issue in our comment section

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