5 Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Reviews and Buying Guide

Youruo Tattoo Removal MachineEveryone makes mistakes in their lives but believe me tattoo mistakes are the worst and one needs a solution to get rid of them. Whether it is an ex-partner’s name you wish to remove or a stupid, childish tattoo which seems uncool to you, you need to clear your skin from them perfectly.

The research to find the best ones for you was rather exhaustive and hard. The machines have varieties of different qualities and features and it gets really hard to test all of them separately looking for their technologies along with the specifications. The best option is to either consult some quality expert or to search for the reviews. We not only asked the experts about the features of the machines but also went through the general reviews of the public to get this detailed and thorough review to you.

The recommendations were penned to prepare the best reviews for you. The companies were also noted to make sure that the machines are manufactured perfectly and with utmost concern. Further, it ensures if the product is trusted and reliable.

In a Hurry? Check out our favorite products in the table below.

Top Neatcell Fascinating Blue Tattoo Eliminating Machine1. Neatcell Tattoo Removal Machine
2nd Tattoo Removal Machine for Makeup, Salon, or Home Use2. Youruo Tattoo Removal Machine
3rd DONSU Tattoo Removal Machine3. DONSU Tattoo Removal Machine
4th Hydraskincare Perfect Skin Rejuvenation4. Biotechnique Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Along with all the reviews and the pros and cons, you must first look into the buying guide as it will greatly aid you in selecting the right product you were in search of. To get you the right piece, one needs to search deeply and look for everything. We don’t recommend you settling for just anything as that will be at the account of your valuable money and is not the wise thing to do.

For that reason, one should select the machine-based over what the requirements are. The laser removal of a tattoo is the best option you can opt which will clear your skin. What you are looking for right now are some remarkable laser tattoo removal machines that do the job effectively. Well, don’t you worry any more about those tattoos as they are going to vanish with these best and efficient machines.

1. Neatcell Fascinating Blue Tattoo Eliminating Machine

This is a very safe machine you could use on your skin. It will safely eliminate the tattoo leaving behind your normal skin. Moreover, it won’t cause you much pain so you don’t have to worry about that part. This has a high-tech function due to the advanced technology integrated into this quality production.

NEATCELL Handheld Blue Picosecond Pen Scar Tattoo Eliminating Melanin Diluting Device

Quick Summary

  • Safe Eliminating
  • Faster
  • Effective
  • Better Effects

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It has a carbonation formulation with ion combination which makes the action powerful and strong but most importantly highly safe. When you turn up the voltage, the electric ion is functioned to discharge which performs carbonizing.

Its performance is incredible. It has a wide range and has a powerful machine added to get the action right. The energy is rapid and strong and it picks up the dark pigments instantly making your skin free of the tattoos you wanted to remove so badly. You don’t need to go through a number of treatments with this highly effective machine as it is best in what it does. With incredibly performing its job, this has remarkable effects and your skin remains perfectly protected.


  • Fewer treatments
  • Safe and sound
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless
  • Advanced
  • High-Tech

The light, as well as heat effect, is not produced due to the short pulse width. This machine is very durable and it is going to last along. You can take our word on this. Moreover, it is perfectly safe to work with no matter what your skin type is. The pen used with this machine is a picosecond pen and it is incredible in breaking up melanins to the ultimate fine particles which are removed with incredible ease.

This will aid in enhancing metabolism. It guarantees that freckles will be reduced together with the dark spots. It will provide the skin that healthy, fresh glow it has been longing for. To promise stable and efficient energy output together with durability, it is made wireless. This will ease the operation. This is certainly the best option for you and we would suggest you consider this.


  • USB charging
  •  Safe
  • Smart battery
  • Thermal upgrade
  • Laser tube included
  • Efficient performance
  • Chip upgrade done


  • It cause a lot of pain

2. Youruo Tattoo Removal Machine for Makeup, Salon, or Home Use

The fact that how versatile this machine is, makes it one of the best in the market. This cannot be used for tattoo lightening but also to remove eyebrows here. Amazing! Isn’t it? Whether it is about the tattoos which you are struggling with or it is the lip liners, whether it is eyebrows or eyeliner, this is the ultimate gadget for you to have it all solved in seconds.

Youruo Tattoo Removal Machine for Makeup, Salon, or Home Use

Quick Summary

  • Versatile
  • Treat multiple things
  • Doesn’t form scars
  • Faster
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Cooling functions
  • Remarkable function

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It will certainly wash all the stains on your skin too with guaranteed perfection. The best thing is it has been prepared with ultimate concern and attention. The usage of this will prevent destroying the natural tissues which mean that your skin won’t develop any scar. If you are up to treating any exogenous pigmentation, this is a great machine for you.

Tattoo Removal Before After

The mixed dyes will go their magic and will treat such pigmentations, may it be endogenous or exogenous. The machine is designed, analyzed, and made so that the heat is dissipated fast and the machine doesn’t overheat. It has certain cooling functions which won’t let it happen. Moreover, it has got everything covered. It won’t let your skin remain with blue or either black scars and pigments and washes that all away. This is appropriate for removing a tattoo and you won’t regret getting it.


  • Excellent functions
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Doesn’t leave pigments
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Durable


  • This has a large apparatus which makes it hard to carry around

3. DONSU Tattoo Removal Machine

The one thing which should be guaranteed by the manufacturers is that when the pigment is to be removed, it shouldn’t leave the normal tissues damaged. Well, this one doesn’t. All thanks to the manufacturers who have carefully and thoughtfully integrated the machine and put in necessary parts that avoid damaging healthy skin cells.

DONSU Tattoo Removal Machine

Quick Summary

  • Quick dissipation of heat
  • No scars formation
  • Leaves healthy skin

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It also stops the formation of any scar. Another great concern which is again shut off by the manufacturers of this machine is heat dissipation. It dissipates the heat at an unbelievable rate. This is all made possible due to the cooling operators which are 3 in number. They really do want to work this thing out, don’t they?


  • Eliminates the damage of normal skin
  • 3 cooling functions installed
  • Treats pigmentations perfectly
  • Versatile usage

Whether it is exogenous pigmentation you want this great machine to treat or it is endogenous, this can do all with the advanced and high tech technology installed and integrated which plays its part right to make this the way you want. The usage of this machine is very versatile. From hospitals to beauty salons, from tattoo shops to clinics, this has got you all covered.


  • Fast function
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Versatile
  • Perfect use
  • Makes skin healthy
  • Great usage


  • Issues with packaging

4. Hydraskincare Perfect Skin Rejuvenation

This is a perfect package with complete and comprehensive accessories. It includes a comfortable stand that lets you rest your head or arm on it. It also comes with goggles which are very handy and cool. This comes in multiple colors which makes the exterior look catchy and appealing. The size of the panel has dimensions of 18*7 inches. The colors can all be switched on simultaneously. This will provide you with the perfect removal you were longing for.

Hydraskincare Perfect Skin Rejuvenation

Quick Summary

  • Stand included
  • Multiple accessories
  • Goggles
  • Various lights
  • Excellent functioning
  • Comfort guaranteed

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This doesn’t spoil your skill yet it leaves the normal skin back. It is an amazing product which one should be getting.


  • Excellent functioning
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Healthy
  • Perfect skin care


  • Lights might have some issues

5. Biotechnique Avance Tattoo Removal Plus Hair Removal Advanced Machine

This is a professional tattoo machine that has the capability to do it all. It perfectly removes your hair and tattoos. What is the best thing about this great machine is that it comes at an extremely affordable price which is unbeatable. This comes with about a year warranty period which is amazing and helps customers gain trust. It is incredibly faster and does the job quickly and effectively.

Personal Hair Remover, Medical, spa, Tattoo Removal & Facial Hair

Quick Summary

  • Quick
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Powerful
  • Professional

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The best thing about this incredible piece is that it comes with several helpful creams which are very thoughtful on the part of manufacturers. It comes off with carbon dye which gets the colors right off your skin easily.


  • Stores normal skin
  • Carbon dye
  • Pre-treatment gel
  •  Money-back guarantee
  • The warranty period extends up to a month

Moreover, the pre-treatment gel will reduce the pain largely making the job a lot easier and simpler. It has an inhibitor formula that restricts the growth of your hair once you have gotten the treatment. It works remarkably well on your skin making it all-natural and glowy.


  • Unbeatable price
  • Professional
  • Fast
  • Quick
  • Excellent results
  • Safe


  • Skin redness

What to Consider While Selecting the Best Tattoo Removal Laser Equipment

If you are in search of the right machine for you, you should go through a number of factors that should be there in your machine so that you are put at ease. You need to embed these in mind so that you do not make a stupid decision and regret it later. Along with wasting your money, it wastes your time, so you better go through this guide and decide what best is for you.

Instead of admiring the external appearance of the tattoo removal device, you should check-in for the necessary features which should be there to assist you during the real job. Down here listed are some great factors which you should duly consider when getting one for yourself. Do make sure that your machine has it all.

Single Purchase/ Multi-purpose

You might have seen multiple ads or have come across a machine that promises on doing multiple jobs, your first thought is to consider those fake. While that must not be true, the machine that excels in removing your tattoos perfectly off your skin might be perfect for depigmenting other things. The machine can be as effective for other jobs as well. Do consider buying the one that is tested and tried in removing the tattoos so you know that you are opting for an effective one.

Laser Technology

The two laser technologies which are trusted are q-switch and picosecond. Avoid opting for the machine which doesn’t clearly indicate which one it uses. Q-switch is believed to be older than picoseconds.


Wavelengths are another great point to consider. If you need to remove the black ink, the appropriate wavelength is 1064nm. If it contains multiple colors, you would need a range of wavelength varying from 533-755nm.

Easy To Use

This consideration is often neglected though it is very important. You really need it to be easy and simple so that you can operate it well. Not everyone is going to call the professionals to get the job done. Therefore, the machines should be simple to use and operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tattoo removal painful?

The experience is termed as being very uncomfortable but not painful.

Is it ok to remove tattoos at home?

It is perfectly fine if one does this job at home.

Does tattoo removal have any damage to the skin?

The uncomfortable feeling needs to be temporary and the skin should not be subjected to any damage which is permanent.

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