Ultimate Guide To Choose Best Tattoo Machine Brands For Beginner

Starting out as a beginner tattoo artist You need a comprehensive guide on what you should opt for when it comes to being a tattooist. You really require polishing your skills. This can only be possible through the use of detailed and right equipment and tattoo tools which enhance your expertise in the field. This can be quite tricky to choose the best tattoo machine brand for beginners.

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Dragonhawk- best ever tattoo machine brand when it comes to coilDragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit
FK irons - the best one can get their hands onFK Irons Spektra Direkt2
Solong- the ultimate king of tattoo industrySolong King of Tattoo Industry
Inkjecta flite- the best for rotary machinesInkjecta Flite Tattoo Machines

There are a number of options to choose from but only a few fit your needs and requirements. Getting to know the reviews of every single machine and its features and specifications can be exhausting and time taking.

Best Tattoo Gun Brands

We have listed everything for you which will help you decide which brands are to be trusted and produce quality products. This will assist you in narrowing down what exactly are want. Have a look at these popular tattoo machines which will take your tattoo experience to a whole new level.

1. Dragonhawk- Best Tattoo Machine For Professional Artist

Who doesn’t prefer a quality kit that is too extremely affordable? In fact, this is what we all have been looking for; a kit that serves its purpose right while being easy on our pocket. In the competition of cheap tattoo kits, dragonhawk hand-assembled stands on the top 10 list.


Dragonhawk- Best Tattoo Machine Brand For Professionals

Quick Summary

  • Japanese made
  • Coreless system
  • Gear system
  • Advanced technologies
  • Power triangle
  • Easy configuration
  • Quick settings

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It has been in the tattoo industry since 2001. Started its business in Hong Kong, its offerings have been splendid and they have improved greatly over the years. A premium and superior kit which is sure to be your perfect partner in your tattoo journey are what dragonhawk aims at.

Their kits not only are easy and simple to use but are also incredibly less traumatic. Their coil tattoo machines left everyone in awe with their remarkable features and astounding qualities.


  • Highly compatible
  • Multiple needles provided
  • Multiple stroke wheels
  • 2.8 millimeters as well as 3.5 millimeters stroke length
  • Easy adjusting
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Quick operation
  • Needle grouping
  • Mag grouping
  • Power supplies
  • Foot press
  • Power supply
  • Sterling silver
Reason Why This Is Top Pick


The primary aim of the manufacturers of dragonhawk was to produce highly economical devices that have the same set of features that benefit tattooists. If you are hoping to get an extremely affordable tattoo kit, dragonhawk is what you should opt for.

Starting in 2001, the sales of this company skyrocketed. It was a company that was offering sales worldwide with happy customers and 5-star reviews till the year 32008. Astounding! Isn’t it? This has been incredible for dragonhawk due to their wide experience in the field and careful examination of the market.

The highly affordable pieces all manufactured thoughtfully and with great consideration were loved by the customers. Their expanding sales were proof of that. They managed to earn the trust and support through their economical tattoo kits. We are absolutely in love with the quality of the equipment produced by them.


Performance is another great factor of this company soaring to heights. Their equipment will surely polish your artistry skills and will let you earn a great experience in the field. The performance which their machines offer is superior and top-notch due to durable and high-quality construction and advanced and new technologies.

With the incredible performance, tattooists were in awe and experts just declared their kits a masterpiece. Coming in such an affordable range and with such skills and expertise, not to forget how incredibly simple it is to operate these devices is, this is by far the best company in the market if you aim to get a tattoo kit at an affordable price. They have got everything covered, that too very cheap. We would suggest you go for it if you are a beginner wanting to flourish your career.

Dragonhawk tattoo machines

2. FK Irons – Best Tattoo Machine Brand for Beginner

The FK irons are certainly the best brand for the tattooist. It is undoubtedly made with precision and utmost perfection. The experts of the field have carefully and thoughtfully prepared each and every part to minimize the errors and to let the artist experience just the best while they take on all the trouble.


FK Irons - Best Tattoo Machine Brand for Beginner

Quick Summary

  • Fallen king-FK irons
  • Started in 2007
  • USA Made
  • Developer: gaston siciliano
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Aluminum grade
  • Lightweight
  •  Comfortable
  • Stroke wheels
  • 7 colors

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It is quite famous among the experts in the fields. The pro tattoo artists absolutely adore products from FK irons. This has earned a great reputation over time due to the careful manufacturing of the parts and excellent technologies. They make sure to embed high-quality materials and to add advanced technologies in their models so that they are not outdated.


  • Interchangeable wheels
  • Maxon motor
  • Swiss motor
  • Sterling silver
  • Wrap coils
  • Contact screws
  • Handmade screws, 8 in number
  • Silent
  • Can operate on low
Reason Why This Is Top Pick


The founder of this great brand, FK irons, is not only an expert tattoo artist but is also a high-tech engineer who has prepared the machines under his supervision. It can be greatly owed to his contributions that the brand stands where it stands today. Considered and rightly produced analyzing each and every aspect carefully, there is certainly no fault in any equipment.

We can be sure of that. There are thousands of supporters and fans of this brand due to their wide contribution in the field and due to the trust and reputation, they have built. They have earned a great number of 5-star reviews due to their remarkable production. The rotary machines they have produced are advanced, up to date and the best in the market due to the incredible and remarkable technologies that are in the machines.


These technologies make FK irons stand out among the rest and make it on the top of the list. Not to mention how fast and swift their machines are. Causing absolutely no strains on your hands and arms, FK irons have managed to produce equipment from the right material so that they are lightweight and easy to lift and carry around. Moreover, the needles are highly stabilized so that precise dimensions and design can be made and fine lines could be drawn.

Further, the machines and the entire kit are very simple to work with. The simple operation urges beginners to work with it and a large number of features is a plus point for the pros and experts in the field as they will get to experience more and more and wouldn’t be left out of anything.

We all are well aware of their incredible products like spektra direct2 and spectra halo2. They made quite a hype due to their top-notch features and qualities which left us all agape and in astonishment. Their equipment is a result of their detailed and remarkable craftsmanship which polishes and refines one’s artistry talents. These are the best brands the beginners could get their hands on.

FK Irons Tattoo Machine Brand

3. Solong – The Ultimate King of Tattoo Industry

Tight on budget? Need a brand that has been established for years and has earned the right repute? Then go for safe ends and choose solong which is our next pick for famous tattoo brands. It is without any doubt the best tattoo brand you can count on. They produce superior machines which will turn your destiny and will let you earn a lot with their countless qualities.

Solong - The Ultimate King of Tattoo Industry

Quick Summary

  • High quality
  • Handcrafted
  • Reliable
  • Stainless steel
  • Rotary machines
  • Pen Machines
  • Coil Tattoo
  • RCA cable

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This company is the best due to the reason that they have been really honest and straightforward with their customers regarding their tattoo kits. If you want to go for the most reliable brand in the tattoo market, solong is the right choice you can opt for you.


  • Power cable
  • Real pen
  • 1.5 meters long cable
  • Spring system
  • Durable
  • Do not subject to breakage
  • Power triangle
  • Stroke length is 3.5 millimeters
  • Powerful
  • The warranty period extends up to 6 months

Solong has been the best in China and is continuously trying to expand its business throughout the globe. In fact, it is unbeatable when it comes to advanced rotary systems as no company can do it better than them. The devices which they produce are very reliable, strong, and durable. They work for a long time and have quality features that aid you on your journey as a tattooist.

They take up the models and try their best to better them. This way they work not only for us but in a wide perspective for the tattooist benefitting them largely. They have been quite involved in the making of the new models of renowned brands like a tornado. One thing that they ensure at all costs is that the machines need to be lightweight and easy on the hands.

It should not cause any strain on your hands and arms. No pain should be there as the tattoo machines have to be lifted up for quite a few hours. Solong is definitely the future as they don’t bring themselves up with strategies rather they genuinely aim to do the best for the tattoo business.

Solong Tattoo Brand

4. Inkjecta Flite – The Best For Rotary Machines

In this race for best features, excellent qualities, and incredible technologies, the one having the affordable price wins. Inkjecta flite is the best in the market when it comes to affordable kits. The not only price is the main quality of this brand. Along with the low price, the customers are highly satisfied with the qualities and are of the opinion that it is excellent when compared with the price.

Inkjecta Flite- The Best For Rotary Machines for Beginners

Quick Summary

  • CNC
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Billet
  • Torsion bars included which are quite unique
  • Power triangle
  • High-speed motor
  • Advanced motor
  • Nanotechnology system
  • Operating voltage extends up to 9 volts

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This persuades us to opt for the beautiful, classy, and highly economical pieces manufactured by the world’s best inkjecta flite. Their supplies are elite and superior as they are carefully manufactured under the supervision of experts. Get ready to get an extremely pleasant experience with none other than inkjecta flite.


  • Armature bar which is lightweight
  • Stroke length of 3.5 millimeters
  • Powerful thrusts
  • Large needle
  • Tube dia of 8 millimeters
  •  Different color choices are available
  • The warranty period extends up to 18 months

When it comes to reliability, this is the best brand. When it comes to quality, this is the brand you can trust on. When it comes to affordability, you can surely count on inkjecta flite. When it comes to superiority and delivering quality, this brand stands at its best. What else does one demand?

The accuracy is astounding too. The device will allow you to draw intricate patterns through high precision technology that makes fine lines and perfect designs you are willing to make. Another great quality is how effective the operation will be. Moreover, the equipment is simple to operate and use which gives beginners ease and provides them with the confidence they require.

Inkjecta Flite

5. Cheyenne- Perfect Choice for New Tattooists

With the right product quality along with the craftsmanship, this brand has earned the repute of being the best in the market for beginners helping them out through their superior equipment to succeed and make out their way in the tattoo field. This brand aims at doing whatever it can to uplift the tattooist business and to manufacture the newest and most innovative machines and other equipment for them.

Cheyenne- Perfect Choice for Tattooists

Quick Summary

  • Popular products
  • Pen-style
  • Germany manufactured
  • Cartridge needles
  • Other accessories necessary for tattooist
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Real pen
  • Grip

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It aims at serious and quality business. So far it has been successful in the aims with the quality products and excellent machines. Many tattooists prefer this brand due to its tagline which is rightly targeted at the artist. They do not only mean their business rather they want to do through their experience and expertise in the field whatever they can for the artists out there.

Moreover, whether it comes to reliability or durability, whether it comes to quality or performance, whether it comes to trust or weight or any other factor involved, Cheyenne has got you all covered with their tattoo kit. They carefully analyze all the aspects and features so that nothing is left and to assure that they deliver you nothing less than the best.


  • Power supplies
  • Power cable
  • Fantastic performance
  • Low vibration
  • Strong system
  • Spring system
  • Stroke length of 3.5 millimeters
  •  5W motor
  • Power triangle
  •  Long warranty

This brand has struggled a lot to make it where it is today. It stands out among the rest due to the hard work and day and night efforts its manufacturers have put in. The machines that this brand produces have a strong and firm grip along with being really comfortable on your hand.

The company is renowned for being really innovative as it has shown through its highly advanced and innovative coil tattoo machines which are famous throughout the globe. The design is another factor of their machines which deserves a pension.

The classic plus modern design which lets one experience the true pen holding experience and lets one draw precise and fine designs with premium ease is what urges us all to go for this brand when we are starting out. Make your performance great and fantastic with Cheyenne rotary coil tattoo pens as they are your way forward.

Cheyenne Hawk

6. Bishop Rotary Remarkable Tattoo Supplies

Not looking for any sort of compromise? Bishop rotary remarkable tattoo supplies are the way forward. The company has made quite progress considering that it was just established in the year 2009. This brand has astounding quality. They have been on top due to the outstanding products they have manufactured and the high-quality machine their company has been involved in manufacturing.

Bishop Rotary Remarkable Tattoo Supplies

Quick Summary

  • Developer: franco vescovi
  • The frame is made of aircraft aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Company base: UK
  • Rotary machine
  • Maxon motor
  • Needle clip
  • Hand-assembled

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They are a team of experts led by Franco Vescovi who is the master head. The company is in strong hands and is soaring to great heights and achieving a lot due to their dedication and utmost motivation in making the best. Although they have just started and it is a relatively newer brand, its name has been heard by almost every tattooist and experts have verified the quality of the machines as premium.

They make absolutely no compromise on their work ethics and the material used. From the material to technology, motor to design, they have got you all covered with their remarkable expertise in the field. This company is achieving more and more and we would highly recommend you to go for this.


  • Rubber band included in the kit
  • Contact screws made of sterling silver
  • Wrap coils 8 in number
  • 47 microfarad capacitor
  • Excellent operation and functioning
  • Mag needles which are 5 to 13 in number
  • Supported needle size is as great as 50 mag
  • Stroke length is 3.5 millimeters which are considered ideal for shading as well as lining
  • Highly compatible
  • Standard production

The affair between the owner and his very obsession with the tattoo industry is the reason why Bishop is a great tattoo company. Vescovi was a great artist and his next remarkable step was to produce his own excellent coil tattoo machines that ensure results and precision. The company is known for producing some really fine rotary tattoo machines. It has earned quite a reputation.

Their machines not only perform excellently and with high efficiency but also are awe-inspiring and have amazing designs. Moreover, they make sure that their machines are customer friendly and are very simple to operate for beginners so that they get the most out of them.

The motors which are integrated with the machines are powerful and very efficient. The machines have a great number of advanced features which tells us how it is perfect for both, the experts as well as beginners.


7. Stigma Quality Machines – A Name You Can Blindly Trust

German engineering is certainly on the top due to its excellence and wide experience. This brand takes up German experience to a whole new level benefitting the artists and without any doubt that they are succeeding. The machines that are produced by this brand are remarkable when it comes to shading and incredible when it comes to the lining.

Stigma Quality Machines - A Name You Can Blindly Trust

Quick Summary

  • Ergonomic design
  • Impressive appearance
  • Germany production
  • Aluminum frame
  • Handcrafted
  • Carrying case
  • Rubber band
  • Practice skin included in the kit

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The right design with perfect precision is obtained with the assistance of these high-grade tattoo machines. Highly reputed, excellent design, perfect precision, and whatnot, the machines are best in all respects and can be trusted.


  • Cartridge needles
  • Highly compatible
  • Standard manufacturing
  • Needle clip that serves the purpose to keep needle rightly in place
  • Color packing
  • A large number of needles
  • Quality work
  • The warranty period extends up to a year
  • Preferred by experts in the field

The brand was initiated by two expert tattooists who came up with the idea of developing their own high-quality machines and serves the field after being in the industry for over a period of almost 20 years. The machines are high definition and have been developed, analyzed, and produced under the supervision of Artemis Rosakis who is known as the father of the brand.

The best quality which distinguishes this brand from others is that their tattoo kits are very adjustable. From the hardness of the needle to the hit, you can set it all according to your convenience and need to obtain the perfect tattoo. The versatility is to envy. Their machines are highly versatile, whether it is shading or it is lining, the machines can do it all with high precision and utmost stability.

It not only gets a top spot in performance but has a very ergonomic design. How can we forget how incredibly lightweight the machines are so that there are no pains on your arms and you can work comfortably. The external appearance is impressive and classy so that it looks fancy in your hands.

It absolutely covers each and every aspect leaving the customers with no questions over the quality or design. Stigma rotary is the best beginner tattoo brand for so many reasons and you won’t regret getting a kit from there.

Stigma Rotary

8. Dragonfly- Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Brand

This was created not initially as a brand but as a line of the brand, the ink tattoo machines. With time it earned such fame and is now known by everyone in the tattoo industry. It has manufactured some really fine machines. It is now a trademark of that company due to such a reputation. This has been involved in the manufacturing of some effective and efficient machines.

Quick Summary

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Handcrafted
  • Bronze and iron has been used in the construction
  • Extra precise
  • Needle clip included
  • Coreless motor
  • High-quality construction
  • Aluminum frame
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Swiss motor

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The company takes pride in producing quality, top-notch machines that guarantee performance and high efficiency due to thoughtful and careful construction. With all the security concerns satisfied and the integration of advanced technologies, the machines are just the best. The machines offer the utmost performance and guarantee to take you to heights.


  • ABS frame
  • Grips
  • Needle cartridges
  • Armature bar
  • The voltage range extends up to 9 volts
  • Mag needle is quite small
  • Clip-on needles
  • Frame finish
  • Anodized frame
  •  Lightweight
  • Top performance guaranteed

What else do you need when you have a strong ambassador for a company? Dragonfly uses unique and rare but advanced technologies to provide you with the ultimate tattooing experience. The vibrations are completely eliminated and the operation of these machines is extremely quiet. We owe this all to the experts who are behind its construction.

The model is also very adjustable so that you can fit it according to your needs and requirements. The customer base is very satisfied and their reviews are flooded with 5-star ratings due to such effective and powerful motor and ergonomic designs. The rest is amazing too. Moreover, the machines are highly durable and have a strong build. They are surely going to last for years. Investing in their machines is surely worth it.

9. EGO Tattoo Company – Performance With Class

When it comes to shading, EGO is the king of the tattoo market. The brand is very reputed and has earned quite a fame over the years due to their top-notch machines and excellent design.


EGO Apex Nano Rotary Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary

  • Produced by triple six studios
  • UK based
  •  High grade
  • Unique materials
  • Power triangle
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • High quality

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From external appearance to the performance, everything has been covered perfectly and nicely. The design is innovative, ergonomic, and highly balanced. It is classy and chic uplifting the machine’s appearance.

It also provides significant ease to the customers so that they can enjoy their tattooing experience. The simple operation together with effective performance makes a perfect combination to take your tattoo skills to a whole new level.

We cannot emphasize more how good of a choice it is for beginners due to its simple and easy settings and usage. The motor which is integrated into this machine is a swiss motor which is world-famous. The machine is perfectly flexible allowing you to set it your way. They have a number of great machines to work with.

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