Make It Perfect: Best Beginner Rotary Tattoo Machine Reviews

The best tattooist is the one who has the right accessories needed to excel and polish his or her skill. The tattoo machine greatly helps in enhancing your skill in the best way possible. It is one of the most crucial things which is needed. Art is what plays its role. As much as it depends on your natural tendency, it also greatly depends on the machine you opt for.

No one can deny the fact of how important the tools are when it comes to any art. The tattoo machines are hundreds and thousands in number. The one that suits your skill levels needs to be chosen wisely. This demands extensive research and detailed analysis of the features and specs.

The tattooists who are new in the field and who are looking to polish their skills perfectly require great machines. The newbies wanting to give themselves a chance to be great and renowned need the best rotary tattoo machine for beginners.

In a Hurry? Check out our favorite products in the table below.

Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine GunDragonhawk Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen
Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine With Tattoo Grip And Drive Direct Bars For Tattoo Liner And Shader Tattoo EquimentBishop Rotary Tattoo Machine
FK Irons Spektra Direkt2 Tattoo MachineFK Irons Spektra Direkt2 Tattoo Machine
Tattoo Machine,New Star Tattoo Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine Shader & Liner 7 Colors Assorted Tatoo Motor Gun Kits Supply for ArtistsNew Star Rotary Tattoo Machine

Top 5 Best Beginner Rotary Tattoo Guns

Below listed are the best machines you were longing for to start your startling tattoo career. We can’t wait to let you have it as your ultimate partner to excellent tattoo art. Lace-up!

1. Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Pen – Best Affordable Rotary Tattoo Machine

The usual artist starts with a pen and paper to excel their expertise in the art field as it is the simplest way. Dragonhawk is a renowned company that is struggling day and night to ease the way you can practice your tattoo career.

The machine is therefore made in a pen shape so that it is not only easy to carry but also very easy to draw tattoo patterns, may it be simple lines or intricate patterns, dragonhawk mast pen has got you all covered with its sleek pen shape.


Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Pen - Best Affordable Rotary Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary

  • Sleek and classic design
  • Comes with cords
  • Power supply included which is digital
  • Foot pedal
  • Disposable tips
  • Practice skin
  • Transfer paper
  • Cartridge needles

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This way you can have your artistic skills perfect readily and in a much easier way. This doesn’t stop here. The excellent features which it is equipped with urging us to opt for this astounding tattoo pen. Let us have a quick summary of the remarkable features and specifications of this tattoo machine.


  • Multiple color inks are available
  • Case included
  • Space aluminum is the material made
  • Japanese motor
  • 6-9 Volts of astounding voltage rating
  • Low noise
  • No vibration
  • Pen-style
  • Excellent quality

Another great thing about dragonhawk mast pens is that it comes with a complete and comprehensive kit. This saves you the labor to look for all the accessories which are compatible with this specific pen. Moreover, a case included carrying all the accessories making the whole kit really handle and portable. This is certainly our top pick which is due to multiple reasons.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick

Complete Kit

This tattoo machine is not just any tattoo machine as it comes with a complete and comprehensive kit so that you can apply your beginners’ artistry skills well. The kit not only includes sterilized needles, but it also comprises practice skin and cartridges. The number of inks included is 10 in number which allows you to have a colorful tattoo sketch.

This gives you a free hand to polish your skill perfectly. The power supply included is digital which further eases the operation and readability. This has got you all covered from inks to the skin, from needles to cartridges, all you need is the practice and you are good to go.


The operation of this sleek and smartpen is versatile. It covers a number of things and doesn’t only stop on the lining. Whether it is shading which you want to excel in or it is solid coloring, this machine has been integrated with innovative and newest technology which does everything smoothly and perfectly.

The incredible pen is excellent when it comes to shading, remarkable when it comes to coloring, and incredible when it comes to the lining. What else does one need? Get your hands on this extremely versatile machine.

Easy Operation

This is the most important feature which needs to be present in the beginner tattoo machine at all costs. The fact that it is pen shape speaks volumes. It is incredibly simple to draw anything with a pen if you are bestowed with lit artistic skills. The pen shape of the dragonhawk mast rotary tattoo pen eases the operation in which you can draw intricate patterns and this helps quick healing.

Even small details are drawn with such precisions which one cannot obtain without this excellent piece. The comfort it offers is unbeatable. With a weight of just 120 grams, it is very easy and comfortable to hold. It can be carried in the hand for long without any pain in the arms.

Another great feature is that all kinds of vibrations are eliminated which otherwise are very disturbing and frustrating. Also, the operation of this tattoo pen is very quiet which is quite rare and unusual. This lets you concentrate right on the design made. This is all made possible due to the gear system which is very advanced.

The tip is distinguished due to separate colors which let you view what exactly the design is being made. Cornering is to be done several times in tattoo design and is quite tricky. Well, no more! This pen has been thoughtfully integrated with a curved shape so that cornering is made very easy. The flow of the ink is really smooth due to the housing which is low profile. This is the best tattoo pen beginners can have.


  • Comprehensive kit having all that you will need
  • Easy operation and drawing due to thoughtfully made pen shape
  • Easy use
  • Simple settings
  • Impressive results
  • Very versatile
  • Excellent shading
  • Remarkable lining
  • The power supply is digital
  • Astounding puncture power
  • Low vibration
  • Quiet operation


  • The carrying case has to be purchased separately

2. Bishop Remarkable Shader and Liner Tattoo Gun

Are you really driven for your tattoo career? Do you require the ultimate best tattoo equipment that guarantees results and promises a promising career ahead? Then you don’t need to look any further as we have the new bishop tattoo machine which is undoubtedly the best in the market. If you are in search of the best shader, this has got you covered.

Bishop Remarkable Shader and Liner Tattoo Equipment

Quick Summary

  • 3.8 ounces of weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • The classy and chic shape
  • Sleek and smartpen
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable simple operations
  • Guaranteed results

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If you are looking for the best liner, this is the perfect fit and even if you are looking for the best tattoo machine, this is what you need right now. We are completely obsessed with this incredible machine due to the great number of features it comprises and the innovative technology it is integrated with.

Moreover, everything is so simple that it allows beginners to explore more and more and make them polish perfectly. They acquire the excellent fast and swift with one and only new bishop tattoo machine. It doesn’t come with an RCA cable with further eases the way tattoos are made but we can obviously buy one with other necessary accessories.


  • No trauma on the skin due to softness of the pen tip
  • Weightless
  • High quality
  • Excellent material
  • Light aluminum construction
  • Durable and strong construction
  • CNC machine
  • Precise work
  • Anodized finish

With continuous operation and long-lasting operation, it is very lightweight and makes absolutely no noise. The vibrations are minimized so that you can focus well on the tattoo design and you are not frustrated at all. It is super perfect for your clients as it embeds the ink with ultra-softness making the hit not very traumatic for your skin.

The well-round edges and the fine lines, all contribute to the precise design and a perfect tattoo that your clients have been longing for. It is very reliable and gives you the feel like you are drawing on the paper; thanks to the pen shape it has been thoughtfully imparted. There are a whole lot of features and qualities this pen carries. Read below to know in detail.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick

Strong Construction

CNC machines have been employed to make this great machine for beginners so that they can practice their skills more skillfully. The construction has been done in a technically advanced city, California. The material has been analyzed and selected by experts who recommended aircraft aluminum which is the same material from which airplanes are manufactured.

This material is known to be extremely lightweight and at the same time, very strong. The power is enhanced further by the Swiss motor. This is the best known for tattoo machines. This enhances the output power rating greatly.


The weight distribution is such an important factor that is quite neglected. The manufacturers of this machine however have taken this as their top priority to get the weight distribution right. The weight is just 3.8 ounces due to the right selection of materials.

The weight flow of this astounding piece has been given careful consideration. This practically eliminates all the strains and pains on your wrists and arms and allows you to carry them in your hand for long hours.

Double-needed Clip

This is by far the most thoughtful machine we have come across. The double-needed clip will eliminate the need for the rubber bands as needed with almost every other tattoo machine. This also reduces the mess with its lateral motion due to this thoughtful feature.

The superior machine is all set to make intricate patterns and tattoos with the double-clipped needle which promises to keep the design precise due to steadiness. This promises to draw the finest lines and the most precise tattoo designs. Wait no more, get it now!


The versatility of this machine is incredible. Whether it is shading or coloring, whether it is lining or fine lines, you can have it all with this astounding, versatile tattoo pen from the new bishop.


  • Superior materials
  • Excellent manufacturing process
  • Durable design
  • Strong construction
  • Fine lines
  • Detailed work
  • Lateral movement is limited
  • Steady operation


  • Expensive
  • Power supply has to be purchased separately

3. FK Irons Remarkable Spectra Direkt2- Ideal For Lining & Shading

This is certainly the best as it significantly eliminates the complications. This rotary machine is all set to uplift the power operations and to enhance your tattoo artistry with its excellent features. This has a number of astounding qualities which are all very simple to operate and work with.

FK Irons Remarkable Spectra Direkt2- Ideal For Lining & Shading

Quick Summary

  • Rotary type
  • Voltage range extends from 4 to about 9 watts
  • Stroke caps included
  • 3 stroke caps
  • Mirror polished
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Hex drive
  • Motor bolt system

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FK irons spektra direkt2 will let you rightly focus on your artistry while facing absolutely no mess with this machine. It has an ergonomic design and a weightless feel to give you the ultimate experience.

We cannot emphasize more how good of a device it is to start off your career and make the most of it. Purchase this and enjoy your tattoo career with multiple operations that will aid you in making the perfect tattoo consisting of fine lines and precise angles.


  • Interchangeable edges
  • Low noise
  • Several colors available
  • The grip of 21 millimeters
  • Comfort and soft grip
  • Weighs just 85 ounces
  • Warranty extends up to one year

The best thing about this machine is the fact that things are really easy to figure out. This excels in all the features having general purpose use. You do not have to get yourself frustrated over learning all these due to the remarkable simplicity.

The torque that the powerful motor provides is incredible and lets things work smoothly. The speed is really great. Another thing is voltage which is adjustable according to your requirements. This is such a thoughtful machine having everything adjustable so that it exactly fits your needs.

Another great thing is that it is compatible with almost every needle in the market. It is made with standards so that you don’t get worked up over finding the perfect needle the device is compatible with.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick


You possibly have come across the fact that you might need more than one machine if you have just started your tattoo journey. This device tells you that this fact is no longer a fact anymore. This is such a versatile machine that has covered it all, may it be coloring or shading. The device is very capable to impart fine lines and make precise patterns. There is no competition for the versatility of FK irons spectra Direkt2 Linning and Shading Rotary Machine.

No Complications

Another crucial factor that needs to be present in the newbie’s tattoo machines is that the operations should be very simple. This certainly wouldn’t overwhelm you as working with it is quite simple.

Easy Handling

The handling is really simple and comfortable. The weight is distributed perfectly to cause no strains on your arms. The material used is very lightweight adding to the comfort. The maintenance is pretty simple. No lubrication is needed. This eliminates all the efforts and let you use it comfortably.


The material used enhances the durability of this machine. The aircraft aluminum has a really long life. The warranty period extends up to a period of a year. This is an extremely durable machine and we would strongly suggest you to opt for this.


  • Uncomplicated
  • Long lasting
  • Versatile
  • Attractive
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Easy operation
  • High quality


  • Need to purchase the accessories separately

4. Dragonfly Rotary Remarkable Tattoo Machine

Dragonfly Rotary tattoo machine is the best pick for budget tattoo machines for beginners. If you don’t want to spend a lot and get an excellent piece, then you should really opt for this machine as it has advanced features and incredible qualities, making it the best for beginners

Dragonhawk X2 - Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Kits

Quick Summary

  • Rotary machine
  • Reliable
  • Strong grip
  • Comfortable grip
  • Classy appearance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Advanced features
  • Excellent shader

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The easy operation further adds to the value of the dragonfly rotary tattoo machine. The fact that everyone can afford it and make the most out of their skill makes this the most perfect fit it market for those who want to start their tattoo career. One tradeoff that comes with all the great features it comprises is that it is not that durable and might be subject to any damage or failure after some time.

It is ideal for both shadings as well as for lining. You can be a master of both using this premium tool. It has a superior feel to it due to its ergonomic design. The exterior is very chic and classy. The choice of color for this machine is elite and urges one to opt for this. The lightweight and comfortable but strong grip are some other plus points of this excellent piece.


  • Incredible liner
  • Low vibrations
  • Versatile operation
  • Stroke length of 3.5 millimeters
  • Quiet operation
  • Low vibration
  • The voltage rating varies between 4 to 10

The only downside to this great machine is that kit is not included and you have to purchase the necessary accessories yourself. The price is so low and extremely affordable that this becomes a plus point. You have a fair budget left to buy all the accessories. This is extremely easy to work with and has extremely simple operations.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick

Affordable Price

If you want to know how cheap this is, then it is just the same price as going to the cinema twice. Incredible! Isn’t it? This can be used as a trial machine after which you can switch to an expensive one.


The tattoo designs need to be perfectly made and there is no room for mistakes. This will eliminate the vibrations so that a precise and accurate design is made on the client’s skin. Moreover, it is extremely quiet. It won’t disturb you and will let you concentrate on the design only.

Easy Operation

Another great quality that makes it our top pick is how easy and unbelievably simple it is. The non-complication makes it ideal for beginners who are not used to all this fuss. This can be used for lining as well as shading. Both are incredibly simple to do. The ease with which you can switch between modes is unmatchable. As it is made in standard sizes, you can use any needle with it and the accessories are easily available.


  • Super cheap
  • Quiet
  • Low vibration
  • Easily affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Stable


  • Not that durable
  • Quality might be bad

5. Dragonhawk Extreme X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Apart from the weight of this tattoo machine, the rest is amazing. The perfect collaboration between the dragonhawk and extreme gets you the remarkable tattoo machine which is ideal for beginners. This has been made of quality materials that impart durability and reliability to this machine. It enhances your skills and lets you evolve as a tattooist.

Dragonhawk Extreme X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Quick Summary

  • Brass construction
  • Strong construction
  • Re-engineered
  • Special frame
  • Stroke length varies between 2.5 millimeters and 4.2 millimeters.
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Japanese motor

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The fact that everyone can afford it and make the most out of their skill makes this the most perfect fit it market for those who want to start their tattoo career. One tradeoff that comes with all the great features it comprises is that it is not that durable and might be subject to any damage or failure after some time.

It is ideal for both shadings as well as for lining. You can be a master of both using this premium tool. It has a superior feel due to its ergonomic design. The exterior is very chic and classy. The choice of color for this machine is elite and urges one to opt for this. The lightweight and comfortable but strong grip are some other plus points of this excellent piece.


  • Less voltage
  • Perfect torque
  • Precision work
  • High speed
  • Power towel
  • Clip cords
  • Ink cords
  • Transfer paper

Constructed from CNC machines, this is quite affordable. The entire kit is very well made. It is very durable and lightweight. It comes with a remarkable and advanced RCA cable. The parts can work really smoothly and perfectly as the mechanical parts are adequately lubricated.

It is very versatile and does really nice shading and coloring. The right lubrication calls for low noise and no vibrations which let you focus perfectly.

Reason Why This Is Top Pick


This is extremely durable due to the strong construction and right selection of the material. This includes Japanese motors which not only enhance the output power rating but also impart exceptional durability and give the perfect tattoo. This has such advanced parts and technologies that the machine doesn’t retire easily.


Another quality feature of this excellent collaboration is its versatility. It is undoubtedly an exception. The compact but comprehensive kit along with a case does more and more. It doesn’t only stop at fine lining but is a master of shading as well as coloring. The precision obtained through this machine is unbeatable. We cannot challenge the versatility of this excellent piece.

Easy Operation

The crucial and important factor which must be present in the tattoo machine specifically for beginners is an easy operation. The simple settings and comfort of this machine is incredible. The easy use and quiet operation make tattooing simple and easy. It functions smoothly even at low voltages. We are absolutely in love with how simple this machine is.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Quality power
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Ergonomic design
  • Classy appearance
  • Reliable
  • Perfect shading


  • Lacks accessories
  • Heavy

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider In Mind While Buying The Best Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

Professional tattoo artist demonstrates process of making a tattoo

There are varieties of reviews and a number of great machines but the question is whether the machine is a perfect fit for you or not. There are a few factors which beginners should consider while opting for a tattoo machine.


An important factor which should be considered is the price. Your interest in tattooing might fade away and this demands looking for an affordable tool. Along with a number of features, the price should be economical. The cheap tattoo machines provide a way to give you a good start.

Professional tattooist with a tattoo machine in tattoo studiSimple Operation

The learning curve needs to be very straight and easy so that beginners do not face any issues. The simple operation would encourage them, to explore more and more features and to make the most of the machine. The beginners should excel in their field and for that very reason; basic equipment is the right answer.

Rather than those expensive, difficult equipment, highly suited to pros in the field, beginners need a much simpler, easy device to work with. This will greatly polish them in the art of tattooing providing them a way forward to a great tattoo journey. The expensive machines having those difficult but worthy features are absolutely having no use to the beginners and they shouldn’t go for that.

Having all the basic features

There is a set of basic features that a tattooist looks for in their machine and that is quite specific. Whether you need the tattoo kit for shade or is it the line feature you demand the tattoo kit for, select the one that suits your needs right.

There is a certain preference of features that a tattooist demands so that he or she can excel in those. Match your style along with your preference right by selecting the machine for all those which you want.


Another very crucial feature which should be considered is the weight. As the beginners are not habitual of lofting the tattoo machine, they require a very lightweight machine that causes no strains on arms and is really easy to carry for long hours. The wrist pain is the worst and no one wants that.


Another really important thing is how reliable the machine is. Reliability is of great concern for everyone, experts and beginners alike. Do look for a machine having a lot of 5-star reviews that promise no mess. The parts should work smoothly and the machine should be durable. Select the machine of a company that is renowned and famous for making quality tattoo machines.

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