49 Beautiful Chrysanthemum Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Chrysanthemum is one of the most cultivated flowering plants and a popular plant of the daisy family. Like many other flowers, chrysanthemum also becomes one of the design elements for tattooing. Among the flower tattoos, the chrysanthemum Tattoo is getting more and more popular, and there are many reasons for people to love the flower.

The word chrysanthemum is said to come from Greek words chrysos meaning gold and anthem on the meaning flower. In China, the chrysanthemum is one of the “Four Gentlemen” among flowers along with the plum blossom, orchid, and bamboo. It signifies nobility. As it is also one of the four seasonal flowers, the chrysanthemum also signifies life and rebirth.

In Japan, the chrysanthemum is regarded as a ‘solar flower’. Chrysanthemum becomes a symbol of the Emperor and Imperial family. In Europe, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of sympathy.

Despite the intricate design, chrysanthemum Tattoos are mostly inked on sleeves, shoulders in bright colors. Chrysanthemum Tattoo often comes with other designing elements, which produce varieties of tattoo ideas. Here is the collection of 40 beautiful designs.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

1. Chrysanthemum Combined With A Skull

Ordinarily, when we think of skulls, we’re reminded of danger, death, and our mortality. However, to the creative mind, and in specific cultures, the significance of a skull is not limited to its typified fearmongering characteristics. Skulls can depict a transformation, or even be associated with power, safety, or as per the Aztecs’ culture — “good luck.”

When the skull is combined with flowers, particularly a Chrysanthemum, it portrays a sign of a new beginning. The owner of a skull with a Chrysanthemum tattoo feels empowered with new energy as the tattoo is meant to act as a protective amulet (a lucky charm) permanently embedded in the skin.

Chrysanthemum Combined With A Skull Tattoo

@vokuntattoo on Instagram

This skull and Chrysanthemum tattoo design looks great on the upper arm. The overall design depicts a new life with the leaves of this celebratory flower on all sides. It’s a protective amulet that you can proudly feature anywhere on your body.

2. Chrysanthemums and Roses

Chrysanthemums and Roses

@chris_t_c on Instagram

In this design, a couple of simple Chrysanthemums and roses are covering the top portion of the skull. It’s a vivid, well-inked tattoo that doesn’t use colors to add vibrancy.

3. Chrysanthemums with Waves Tattoo


If you plan to achieve a whole tattoo look with lots of elements, you must go for this Chrysanthemum with waves tattoos and wear an amazing tattoo look. This tattoo consists of full sleeve tattoos with a black inked background, and over that are different chrysanthemums in yellow, pink, and green. One of the main features in this tattoo is the waves inked in grey. The tattoo artist has beautifully portrayed the waves flowing over the flower, covering up your whole sleeve.

This tattoo is quite significant as the waves represent water and earth, meaning that you’re about to enter a new life or trying to change as a person. This tattoo is a good reminder for those who need the motivation to change themselves into better and emotionally stronger people.

4. Ribcage Tattoo

Ribcage Tattoo

A large tattoo that covers the entire ribcage. The flower itself is quite large. It goes all the way down to the buttocks.

5. Chrysanthemum Combined With Butterflies

Chrysanthemum Combined With Butterflies


Pinterest: https://pin.it/5FQiRQg

The above tattoo design looks perfect on the upper back creeping onto the lower neck and shoulder area. The lightness and simplicity of one’s spirit are depicted by the combination design and the soothing choice of colors.

6. Chrysanthemum and Butterfly on Arm

Chrysanthemum and Butterfly on Arm

@soonthatgood on Instagram

It’s a single butterfly on one arm, while it faces the matching Chrysanthemum inked on the other arm. This design pair symbolizes freedom, discovery, and good destiny.

7. Chrysanthemum Snake Tattoo


This chrysanthemum tattoo with a snake is one of the sexiest tattoo looks, which will be hard to resist. This is the perfect tattoo for you if you want to add a furious element to your pleasant chrysanthemum tattoo. This tattoo includes plain blossoming chrysanthemums with a little red detailing, and a black inked snake swirled around the chrysanthemum.

This snake looks quite dramatic, especially with the extra dark shading. Chrysanthemum tattoos that include snakes represent protection and wellness as snakes are a creature with supernatural powers. Hence, with the help of these powers, you can ensure to stay safe and feel protected.

8. Chrysanthemum Red and Green Ink Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Red and Green Ink Tattoo

These bright green and red flowers really pop off the skin. It’s a beautiful flower.

9. Chrysanthemum Combined With A Ladybug

Chrysanthemum Combined With A Ladybug

Source: Tattooepiercing.com

In the above tattoo design, the ladybird and the Chrysanthemum perfectly complement each other to form a subtle look that portrays a peaceful and loving scene. If you’re a lady looking to cover your thigh beautifully, with the right colors and design, and a pinch of fortune, go for this lovely scheme!

10. Chrysanthemum Dragon Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Dragon Tattoo

Another way to present your chrysanthemum tattoo is to accessorize your body with this cool and vibrant chrysanthemum dragon tattoo. This tattoo features a blue chrysanthemum, and a few pink flowers over a black and grey inked background, and a grey inked dragon swirling all over. The dragon is holding an egg, which could mean she is protecting its egg, risking her life, and would do anything to protect it. This tattoo has a lot of minute details, which makes it so cool and unique.

This tattoo has a very Japanese touch to it, especially the way it has been tatted and is the perfect option for you if you want something dramatic with many elements. Chrysanthemum tattoos that feature dragons are quite meaningful as the dragon symbolizes courage. Who doesn’t want to be courageous and brave? It’s a quality we all want to develop. If you’re seeking courage in your life, maybe getting this meaningful tattoo would help you.

11. Chrysanthemum Shoulder Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo that shows off a large Chrythesamum. It has great colors of red and green.

12. A Snake Wrapped Chrysanthemum

A Snake Wrapped Chrysanthemum

itattyou on Pinterest

When you have a tattoo design that is a Chrysanthemum wrapped with a snake, it emphasizes the snake’s supernatural powers that protect the tattoo owner. By sporting such a tattoo, you’re protected against defeat and moved towards wellness. You are the flower — the Chrysanthemum — and the snake is shielding you.

The above tattoo figures in a balanced way as it’s situated vibrantly, boldly along the upper side of the thigh area. The focus is on the large Chrysanthemum. Yet, the relatively smaller snake’s presence complements the flower to mean “a goal towards wellness and purity.”

13. Chrysanthemum Bird Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Bird Tattoo

Try out this feminine chrysanthemum tattoo featuring a bird and achieve a classy and interesting tattoo look. This tattoo looks very simple, but with all the details and tattooing skills, you can easily achieve a unique chrysanthemum tattoo. This tattoo incorporates a sea blue and green Chrysanthemum and below that is a white and grey inked bird with its wing flapping. The bird looks like a swan and includes some incredible details like the red ink and the lines made on its wings.

This tattoo symbolizes vitality and freedom, which are one of the few traits that may represent your personality or the person you want to become. If you want to show your carefree life or want a constant reminder of living your life to the fullest, you must get this tattoo.

14. Chrysanthemum Bright Neon Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Bright Neon Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo that is black plus the added effect of neon colors that really make things pop. It’s a dark tattoo.

15. Chrysanthemum Combined with Lion

Chrysanthemum Combined with Lion

Domocren on Pinterest

This is an incredibly attractive tattoo that makes a bold yet subtle statement — “possessing immense courage and vitality.” I like how the tattoo artistically envelopes the whole upper arm along with the shoulder, in line with how the dragon has enveloped the beautiful Chrysanthemum.

16. Bright Fuchsia Tattoo

Bright Fuchsia Tattoo

A bright pink flower covers the arm. It has a lot of detail to it, and the fuchsia coloring really makes things pop.

17. Chrysanthemum Combined with Owl

Chrysanthemum Combined with Owl

By Timothy B Boor

A tattoo design portraying a Chrysanthemum combined with a bird, signifies ultimate freedom, strength, and energy. If it’s an Owl bird along with the Chrysanthemum, the meaning is further enriched to include wisdom, acumen, and mysticism. An Owl characterizes being intelligent, patient, knowledgeable, and having foresight. Hence, This type of pairing for the design is most suitable for the wise adult who is focused and calm.

18. Flower Outline Tattoo

Flower Outline Tattoo

This flower outline looks great on the arm, and it resembles a drawing. It’s a great design that you are sure to love.

19. Chrysanthemum Combined With Lord Buddha

Chrysanthemum Combined With Lord Buddha

@jonleightontattoo on Instagram

This combination has historical significance and meaning. In China and Buddhist culture, the chrysanthemum symbolizes a life of ease. Buddhists are found showering this flower as a mode of offerings on alters. To them, these flowers are symbolic of powerful Yang energy, which is sheer good luck into your family’s life.

20. Chrysanthemum Lord Buddha Black & White

Tattoodo on Pinterest

The tattoo design above has the lord Buddha centered in the Chrysanthemum flower, with the petals beautifully garlanding it from all sides. Depicted in the top part of the background is the spiritual Hindu sign “Aum,” which signifies the essence of the ultimate reality.

21. Chrysanthemum Stunning Details

Chrysanthemum Stunning Details

The stunning detail involved in this sleeve tattoo is quite remarkable. It’s a black and white design that you are sure to love.

22. Chrysanthemum Black Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Black Tattoo

It’s a stomach tattoo that looks amazing in black and white. The flower design looks great.

23. Chrysanthemum Bright Yellow Tattoo on Hand

Chrysanthemum Bright Yellow Tattoo on Hand

This arm tattoo is a great overall design that has a bright yellow design. These bright colors are truly eye-popping.

24. Bees and Flowers Tattoo

Bees and Flowers Tattoo

This beautiful bee is coming close to a flower that it wants to pollinate. It’s a wonderful black and white design that really stands out.

25. Chrysanthemum Autumn Colors

Chrysanthemum Autumn Colors

This shoulder tattoo has some great coloring that reminds you of autumn colors. I love these fresh colors together they really warm up the look.

26. Chrysanthemum Blue and Purple Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Blue and Purple Tattoo

A leg tattoo with some bright colors in a standout blue and purple. If you want beautiful coloring, then you are sure to love this tattoo design.

27. Chrysanthemum Bold Designs

Chrysanthemum Bold Designs 

A back tattoo that has a wonderful design with some bright red to pop out the whole design.

28. Chrysanthemum Neck Tattoo Designs

Chrysanthemum Neck Tattoo Designs

A neck tattoo might be exactly what you’re looking for. This is a great design with some good colors.

29. Chrysanthemum Chest Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Chest Tattoo

A great design that looks great with a lot of black. Bright pink lines that really bring the whole look together.

30. Chrysanthemum Badass Bones

Chrysanthemum Badass Bones

If you are looking for a tattoo design, that’s floral but has some badass elements then try this one out for size. The hooded skull man is one that is sure to draw some attention.

31. Chrysanthemum Full Body Designs

Full Body Designs

This full body tattoo is one that has plenty of great colors. You won’t find a tattoo that is better designed with so much detail.

32. Great Dragon Designs

Great Dragon Designs

Another great example of flowers and dragons together.

33. Chrysanthemum Contrasting Colors

Chrysanthemum Contrasting Colors

I love how the red and black contrast each other in this picture! It’s a cool design.

34. Chrysanthemum Dark Neck Tattoo Designs

Chrysanthemum Dark Neck Tattoo Designs

A dark flower that looks good on the neck.

Chrysanthemums Of Different Colors & Their Meanings

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of vibrant colors. In tattooing, the most popular colors of this flower are Turquoise, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Pink, and Orange.

A Turquoise Chrysanthemum with Green leaves depicts ambition, youth, and positive energy. To bring out the sensuality, figure, and overall goodness of the owner’s body, the use of bright colors like red, orange, or yellow are the right choice. A solid black tattoo makes the owner appear and feel full of vitality.

To depict courage and self-confidence, the stress is on Pink and Blue Chrysanthemums that have green leaves with dark highlights. Finally, a combination of Red Chrysanthemums having Black leaves serves as a reminder that beauty has an expiry date.

Here’s an array of Chrysanthemum tattoo designs in popular colors:

Chrysanthemum tattoo 1

Chrysanthemum tattoo 2

Chrysanthemum tattoo 3

Chrysanthemum tattoo 4

Chrysanthemum tattoo 5

Chrysanthemum tattoo 6

Chrysanthemum tattoo 7

Chrysanthemum tattoo 8

Chrysanthemum tattoo 9

Chrysanthemum tattoo 10

Chrysanthemum tattoo 14

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning in Japanese Culture

As well as rose, the chrysanthemum is a sacred flower. In the Japanese language “Kiku” – the chrysanthemum means “Sun”. The chrysanthemums there very much esteem till now and new grades are constantly deduced. The petals of this flower, really, remind solar beams. In the country of the rising sun, only the members of the royal family had the right to wore chrysanthemums in them only, for simple mortals such luxury was categorically forbidden. Approximately in the XII century, it became the emblem of Japan. Exactly since that time the weapon, coins and awards started to be decorated by chrysanthemums.

In Japan, there are two beautiful flowers, each of which plays an important role in the culture of this country. Chrysanthemums are a symbol of wisdom, health, and longevity. It is very difficult to imagine Japan without geishas as well as without chrysanthemums. The geisha is a «Flaring Chrysanthemum», even a great poet Bashe in 17 century wrote about geisha naming her «A red chrysanthemum». The geisha is a «Person of art», like Columbus discovered America, so geishas discovered the world of flowers. They did not only perfectly own the art of singing, dancing, painting, and calligraphy but also Geishas knew what ikebana meant – the art of making flower compositions.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning in Chinese Culture

In China, they believe that if to rub off lips after wine with chrysanthemum and to give it to the beloved person it will bring immortality to the love. In Japan, there is a legend that a petal of a chrysanthemum at the bottom of the glass with wine means health and long life. These flowers symbolize wisdom, intelligence, durability.

A very long time ago the travelers brought a message to one Chinese emperor about a beautiful valley of the rising sun where grows a miracle flower which can become the basis for health and longevity elixir if it is collected by a person with a kind heart and sincere intentions.

The emperor thought about that and sent after it a company of young girls and guys who liked the beautiful island so much that they decided not to come back home and created their own state where the fine beautiful chrysanthemum was the symbol of the island.

There is a legend that a very long time ago somewhere in the East, the fall to the ground solar sparks have suddenly turned into white, fine chrysanthemums! And this fine beautiful flower was born. The chrysanthemum in the East is a symbol of persistence, resoluteness, a symbol of life pleasure, and everyone from little to old worship to it. For Japanese, this is magic, sacred plant, about which were composed legends. The chrysanthemum is not only a regal flower, a symbol of well-being and happiness, thanks to the Chrysanthemum the person’s soul has rested and is treated. The lilac chrysanthemum is also a wonderful aroma, but it doesn’t have any deep symbolism.

The chrysanthemum is a perennial spring of vital energy and not only beautiful, ancient legends of China tell us about it, but also the well-known Indian philosopher, and poet Sri Aurobindo. In his collection “The spiritual value of flowers” Sri Aurobindo says that flowers feel, love and love, without expecting anything in exchange. Love simply because it is impossible differently!

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