Are Rotary Tattoo Machines Less Painful? Expert’s Opinion

Tattoo is very painful and some are of the opinion that it is by far, the most painful experienced once your skin is thin where you are getting inked. This causes some real pain which is hard to take in.

Before diving into the research of whether rotary tattoo machines are painful or not, let us first have a look at the most painful areas of the body.


This is undoubtedly the area of the body which is going to cause you major pain. It is highly discouraged by the professionals of the tattoo field to get a tattoo here. The strong discouragement followed by extreme pain is what stops people from getting a tattoo here.

Rib Cage

The second most painful is surely a rib cage. The fact how thin is the skin there and the fat is almost non-existed makes it quite painful to get a tattoo here.


The thin skin here also is the reason for the extreme pain therefore it is not worth getting a tattoo there.


The nerve endings present in the lips together with the thinnest skin make it really hard and painful to get a tattoo. Getting a tattoo on lips can result in swelling and bleeding. You will then need a lot of time and effort in the healing process so it is not advised to get a tattoo there.

Let us now make us aware of the body parts which are least painful.

Upper Thighs

Upper thighs have a fair amount of fat which prevents severe pain. There are no nerve endings which results in moderate pain and makes it one of the ideal places to get inked.

Upper Thighs Tattoo


Thick and sufficient fats are present to make this an area causing moderate pain while tattooing.

Outer Shoulder

The skin present there is tight and therefore causes no pain. Getting a tattoo there is advised and preferred.

What Are The Factors That Are Seen To Affect Pain

What Are The Factors That Are Seen To Affect Pain?

Along with the body areas having a great impact, there are certain other things that determine how much pain you will feel.


It has been researched that men can handle tattoo pain better and can take it easy due to the chemical composition of their bodies.


Experience of getting tattoos, again and again, makes tattooing easy. People who already have gotten inked feel less pain.


Young people can take in the pain easily than older ones.


It has been researched that people having bulky bodies have more fat and therefore can handle the pain effectively when compared to those slim.

How To Avoid Tattoo Pain?

There are some effective tips that will be helpful to you while getting a tattoo.

How To Avoid Tattoo Pain

Be Sober

Do not consume alcohol as that will cause the consistency of blood to decrease making you lose more blood than usual. Therefore it is advised to stay sober before getting a tattoo.

Healthy Food

Switching to healthy food is a really good option as this will help you bear and withstand the extreme pain of tattooing which otherwise could be very hard.


To have a good and comfortable experience, drink as much water as you can.

Take Rest

Tattooing will make you all dizzy and you might even faint so it is suggested to take a rest.

Don’t wear tight, uncomfortable clothes

It is highly advised to wear a comfortable pair that is loose and easygoing so that your tattoo doesn’t get covered. Tanks or loose shirts can be a good option.


Use expert and quality equipment whose needle is rightly stabilized and steady so that you do not experience much pain.

Comparison of Rotary or Coil Tattoo Machines – Which One is Less Painful?

Let us compare and contrast certain prospects to get to the answer.


The weight of rotary machines is far less than that of coil tattoo machines. No copper wounds result in the bulky construction of the coil machine. The lightweight will result in minimum errors and steadier hands and therefore less pain.


The rotary tattoo machine is quite versatile. It can work effectively as a liner as well as a shader therefore you don’t need to switch the machine resulting in pain. The coil tattoo machines on the other hand have bulky coil construction which demands additional pressure and therefore more pain.


Another noticeable aspect is noise. The feeling of the noise has a psychological effect thinking that the machine is going to have a lot of pain. The rotary ones make less noise than the coil ones therefore they are better in this perspective.

Conclusively, the rotary tattoo machines sum up as a machine causing less pain and being easy on you.

Final Verdict

This is for sure that getting a tattoo will be painful but there are variants on how much pain you are going to experience. Being aware of the tattoo pain and the general complications and pain is strongly advised as it will aid you in making your mind up for the thing.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Tattoo Machines Cause Pain?

This highly depends on your personal experienced. Some experience more pain than others. You have to go through the experience to understand. However, taking necessary precautions and following tips are highly recommended

How Deep Should The Needle Be Pushed Into The Skin?

A couple of millimeters are appropriate distances for the needle inside the skin.

Are Coil Tattoo Machines Really Painful?

The vibration together with high noise makes the coil tattoo machine painful.

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