99 Cool and Simple Pokemon Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

If nostalgia is your game, then there’s no better way to play it than with Pokémon ink. For over 20 years, millions of people across the world have been deep in the throes of Pokémon fever and the release of each game has brought a new resurgence in popularity.

Pokemon tattoos are not so common. People often wonder if it is a good idea to have a pokemon tattoo. I would say that it depends on you. There are many examples where fans went on to have tattoos of their favorite TV shows or movies or characters. Even if you decide to go for a pokemon tattoo then the big confusion lies in the choice of pokemon.

Today, Pokemon is one of the most beloved franchises of all time. Pokemon Go has fueled nostalgia in many of us that grew up watching the series and playing the games on different consoles. There are hundreds of Pokemon to catch out there. When selecting a Pokemon tattoo, you’ll have to go through hundreds of cute characters and thousands of possible tattoo ideas.

Most of us consider Pikachu as our all-time favorite Pokemon character. Yet, as seen through this article, there are many other admirable Pokemon characters you’ll recognize. These include Eevee, Charmander, Gengar, Squirtle, Cubone, and Togepi among many others. To make your choice easier, I’ve formulated a compelling list of the 36 best pokemon tattoos for men and women. The source of each piece is mentioned below the design so that you can delve deeper into each artist’s work.

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Cool Pokemon Tattoos

If you are a fan of Pokémon, you will enjoy plenty of awesome and cool pokémon tattoo ideas. This is an old-school cartoon that millions of us used to love! Which pokémon was your favorite? Well, either way, you will enjoy these body ink ideas! The Pokemon tattoos shown below may look simple to the eye, yet they are the result of each professional tattooist’s best work.

1. Pokémon Tattoos Psyduck

Pokémon Tattoos Psyduck


Psyduck is a forgetful pokemon. If you can relate to him in this way and you like cool yet cute tattoos, this is it!

2. Cute Charmander Tattoo

Cute Charmander Tattoo

Source: @angelsebastianvera via Instagram

This tattoo of Charmander shown inked on the lower part of the calf looks great. A tattoo of this reptilian Pokemon clearly depicts its orange body and blue eyes. This design is the perfect pick if you like fire designs and Pokemon.

3. Black & gray Pokemon Tattoo

Black & gray Pokemon Tattoo

Just because the game itself is colorful, don’t feel restricted in your choices when it comes to Pokemon tattoos. As you can see, black and white and dotwork offers incredible ways to show off your love of the game without applying full–color ink.

4. Beach Squirtle Tattoo

Beach Squirtle Tattoo

Now who wouldn’t like a chilling on the beach Squirtle tattoo? This squirtle tattoo would look even better on forearm.

5. Pokémon Tattoos Magicarp

Pokémon Tattoos Magicarp


If you are a fan of water Pokemons, or maybe you are a water sign in the zodiac – you will enjoy a Magicarp somewhere on your body!

6. Smiling Charmander Sitting in Flowers

Smiling Charmander Sitting in Flowers

My fresh little Charmander by Taylor Hudson @ Mission Tattoo Parlour in Calgary AB

The fire-type reptilian is back. In this tattoo design, it’s smiling and sitting in a bed of flowers. The bubbly blue-eyed Charmander looks super cute anywhere on your body, as long as the tattoo isn’t hidden.

7. Stylized Pokemon Tattoos For Men

Stylized Pokemon Tattoos For Men

Stylized tattoos are a great choice for anybody wanting a Pokemon tattoo but also looking to put their own spin on the original artwork. By using various artistic techniques, simplifying an existing design or changing the artwork in a way that speaks to you, you can create a one-of-a-kind Pokemon tattoo that is yours and yours alone. Get ready to explain your ink – a lot.

8. Boxing Mewtwo Pokemon Tattoo For Women

Boxing Mewtwo Pokemon Tattoo For Women

One adorable thing about pokemon tattoos is that you can show women empowerment through them. Here is a boxing mewtwo pokemon tattoo design on a girl.

9. Pokemon Tattoo Over Leg

Pokemon Tattoo Over Leg


Men who love straight-up cute pokémon tattoos will love something similar on their legs!

10. Colorful Gengar Tattoo

Colorful Gengar Tattoo

Source: @shirlero via Pinterest

This colorful tattoo of Gengar, the Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon, looks perfect on a woman’s upper arm. Gengar was introduced in Generation 1 and is also known as the Shadow Pokemon. Gengar evolved from Haunter, who is shown below Gengar in the design above. Haunter is a purple ghost Pokemon with a gaseous tongue. Fans of Gengar and Haunter would know how cool these Pokemons are, and they would proudly get this design inked on any visible part of their body.

11. All Character Pokemon Tattoo

All Character Pokemon Tattoo

Ideal for purists who want to showcase their Pokemon love in a way that fans everywhere will instantly recognize, realistic Pokemon tattoos stick close to the artwork’s original style. They can be large or small and feature popular characters like Pikachu or slightly obscure ones like Bulbasaur. Some of these tattoos also feature innovative single Pokemon ball tattoos in discreet spot.

12. Pokemon Go Tattoo

Pokemon Go Tattoo

Pokemon Go increased the popularity of Pokeball tattoos too. So how about a pokemon tattoo where your favorite pokemon is caught inside the Pokeball.

13. Pokeball Tattoo Ideas

Pokeball Tattoo Ideas


‘’Gotta catch them all’’ is our favorite phrase! If you love Pokemon and you were a die-hard fan, you will need Pokeball tattoos.

14. Haunter Tattoo

Haunter Tattoo

Robbie Bauer at Rebel Rebel Tattoo

This is yet another awesome tattoo of Haunter — the gaseous ghost/poison type Pokemon. This tattoo looks good on areas like the forearm, calf, or tricep. Although Gengar is more competitive, Haunter has a better overall design. It’s cute, creepy, colorful, and playful, which is why Haunter is equally popular among fans.

15. Large Sleeve Pokemon Tattoo

Large Pokemon tattoo

Committing yourself to a sleeve, half sleeve or other large piece is a powerful way to convey your love for…well, just about anything in the world of body art. Using up prime skin real estate with a Pokemon sleeve is a beautiful way to show just how important the game was or is to you.

16. Gastly Pokemon Tattoo Design

Gastly Pokemon Tattoo Design

Different pokemon tattoos can convey different messages and hold different meanings. For example a Gastly pokemon tattoo design can be used to scare kids.

17. Angry Gengar Pokemon Tattoo

Angry Gengar Pokemon Tattoo


Gengar is a cool Pokemon. True fans will want similar tattoos over their bodies.

18. Togepi Good Luck Tattoo

Togepi Good Luck Tattoo

Source: @markzarin7 via Pinterest

Togepi is one of the most popular Pokemon characters and makes for a great tattoo option. Togepi stands for good luck. It brings happiness, joy, and of course, great luck. This tattoo is one of the cutest and simplest Pokemon tattoos, and it makes practical sense to get inked with.

19. Small & Singular Pokemon Tattoo

Small & Singular Pokemon Tattoo

With bright colors and near-universal recognition, Pokemon tattoos are a brilliant way to make a big impact with a relatively small tattoo. Whether you choose color or black and gray, stylized or traditional, a small yet strategically placed Pokemon tattoo is a fun, classy and playful choice.

20. Black Pikachu Tattoo

Black Pikachu Tattoo

Pikachu is the most popular and most adorable pokemon so there is no way to ignore tattoos of Pikachu. Here is a Pikachu tattoo made using blackwork (thick solid black outlines).

21. Cute Togepi with Pumpkin Design

Cute Togepi with Pumpkin Design


Togepi is everyone’s favorite! If you like simple and cute Pokemons, this is the one!

22. Small Pikachu Tattoo Design

Small Pikachu Tattoo Design

Source: @ amandafoxtattoo via Instagram

Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon, the mascot of the Pokemon universe. Fans of this electric-type Pokemon stretch into the millions worldwide. There are hundreds of distinct Pikachu tattoo designs depicting the many journeys of the character. Yet, this one, showing a capped Pikachu, is a simple yet perfect depiction of the cuteness and charm of this Pokemon creature.

23. Colorful Pokemon Tattoo

Colorful Pokemon Tattoo

When it comes to colorful characters, it’s difficult to beat Pokemon. A bright and beautiful realm filled with equally colorful characters, it’s a playground for those who love vivid, saturated colors, then playing those colors against each other with contrast and quality placement. A boldly colored Pokemon tattoo is great for setting off existing or future black-and-grey artwork or blending into other vibrant ink!

24. Sylveon with Pokeball Tattoo

Sylveon with Pokeball Tattoo

A simple pokemon tattoo idea would to have multiple pokemon tattooed in action. For example here is a sylveon tattoo along with pokeball and mew tattoo.

25. Pokemon Tattoo On Arm


If you are a water sign, you will enjoy water pokemon tattoos.

26. Badass Pikachu Tattoo Design

Badass Pikachu Tattoo Design

Source: buzzfeed.com

This tattoo of a Badass Pikachu, shown above, looks great on the calf or forearm. If you’re a die-hard Pikachu fan, you’ll love this design of him styled for the summer.

27. Captain America Pikachu Tattoo Design

Captain America Pikachu Tattoo Design

While some haters might call him the obvious tattoo choice, we just call him straight-up adorable. Not to mention iconic – even those who aren’t fans of the game immediately recognize Pikachu! Who better to represent your love of the game that one of its most famous characters?

28. Fairy with Flower Tattoo Design

Fairy Tattoo Design

If you wish to have a fairy tattoo design then I would suggest opting for Gardevoir pokemon tattoo design. Here is a beautiful design for you.

29. Cute Pikachu Tattoo On Calf

Cute Pikachu Tattoo On Calf

Millions of people loved to follow Pikachu on all of his journeys! If you are a die-hard fan still to this day, get similar tattoos.

30. Pikachu in Harry Potter Style

Pikachu in Harry Potter Style 

Harry Potter Pikachu Tattoo by Andy Walker

There are a lot of Pikachu tattoo designs inspired by combining external characters. This one of Pikachu in Harry Potter style looks super cute on the arm. If you are a fan of both characters, you’ll love this tattoo.

31. Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve

Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve 

Pokemon tattoos sleeve options are very bold and attention-seeking. If you are a fan of giant designs, as well as the evolution of one Pokemon, in particular, you will enjoy this design.

32. Pokémon Bird Tattoo Design

Pokémon Bird Tattoo Design


Your Pokemon tattoos can look simple, goofy, and fun!

33. Black and white Pikachu Tattoo

Black and white Pikachu Tattoo

Source: @inkcache via Instagram

This Black and white Pikachu tattoo may look simple, yet it has a lot going on. The winking Pikachu looks super cute with a drink in one hand and the Gameboy in the other. The linework is done perfectly by the artist, impeccably capturing the fun nature of the Pokemon creature.

34. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

If you wish to have Chinese dragon tattoo or sea kraken tattoo design then you can get them both in a majestic Gyrados pokemon tattoo.

35. Gengar Pokemon Tattoo On Back

Gengar Pokemon Tattoo On Back


Giant tattoos across the entire back are very bold and brave. If this sounds like you, get this Gengar!

36. Small Fine Line Pikachu Tattoo

Fine Line Pikachu Tattoo

Source: tattoofilter.com

This fine line Pikachu tattoo is one of the simplest on this list. It looks fabulous on any visible part of your body. Pikachu is a powerful, yellow Pokemon with electrical abilities. Yet, if you’re not familiar with the Pokemon universe, you’d never be able to make that out by looking at this incredibly cute and artistic tattoo.

37. Vaporeon Pokemon Tattoo Design

Vaporeon Pokemon Tattoo Design

Eeve can transform into many forms and its final evolution is into Vaporeon. Here is a simple vaporeon pokemon tattoo design.

38. Detective Pikachu Tattoo Design

Detective Pikachu Tattoo Design

Not too long ago, Detective Pikachu came out, and everyone fell in love with this movie! Are you one of them?

39. Generation 1 – Beautiful Squirtle Tattoo

Generation 1 - Beautiful Squirtle Tattoo

Source: @sohoink -NY via Instagram

This beautiful tattoo of Squirtle is sure to get you nostalgic. This Generation 1, water-type Pokemon, looks amazing placed on the top of the hand. Squirtle is a friendly Pokemon from the original series that everybody from that era misses.

40. Cheerful Squirtle Pokemon Tattoo Design

Cheerful Squirtle Pokemon Tattoo Design

If you have a cheerful and jolly nature then you should pick up a Squirtle pokemon tattoo design as it is always in a happy mood.

41. Blastoise Tattoo Designs

Blastoise Tattoo Designs


Blastoise tattoos are great for guys who prefer water signs, as well as giant pokemon tattoos.

42. Small Pokemon Turtle

Small Pokemon Turtle

Source: @tendencee via Pinterest

On the front of the thigh, you can see the placement of an awesome large Squirtle tattoo. Here, the small Pokemon turtle, Squirtle, is standing on its two minuscule feet amidst a Pokeball and some colorful flowers.

43. Ivysaur Pokemon Tattoo

Ivysaur Pokemon Tattoo

Rare type of Pokemon are more loved by people than common pokemon. Here is a Ivysaur pokemon tattoo that is rarely found.

44. Cool Mewtwo Tattoo

Cool Mewtwo Tattoo 

Mewtwo was the most talked-about Pokemon in the saga. If you need a brave sign for your tattoo inspo, Mewtwo is the one!

45. Magikarp Fish Pokemon Tattoo

Magikarp Fish Pokemon Tattoo

Source: bryanlangley.deviantart.com

Magikarp is the fish Pokemon. If you’re passionate about water Pokemons, you may want to consider getting inked with this one too. This weak and helpless Pokemon is also the most fertile. It can survive in any body of water.

46. Adorable Bublasur Tattoo

Adorable Bublasur Tattoo

Bublasur is one adorable pokemon and here is a bublasur pokemon tattoo design on the thigh of a girl.

47. Charizard Tattoo Designs

Charizard Tattoo Designs


Charizard is a tough and often go-to tattoo choice. If you love to follow the trends, you will need a Charizard on your arm!

48. 90s Pokeball Tattoo

90s Pokeball Tattoo

Source: @brent_megens via Instagram

Getting a Pokeball tattoo such as the above, is relatively new to the tattoo world. However, it is a popular choice if you’ve grown up playing Pokemon in the ‘90s. Getting inked with this piece of nostalgia is a depiction of the fun and pleasures of your childhood.

49. Feminine Pokemon Tattoo

Feminine Pokemon Tattoo

Even though boys choose to dominate pokemon types still it does not mean a boy cannot have a feminine pokemon tattoo. Here is a chikorita tattoo on the calf of a boy.

50. Haunter Tattoo Pokémon Tattoo Ideas

Haunter Tattoo Pokémon Tattoo Ideas

Spooky and scary Pokemons are always a good choice, especially if you don’t like typical and common tattoos.

51. Cool Large Blastoise Tattoo

Cool Large Blastoise Tattoo

Source: @markzarin7 via Pinterest

This large tattoo of Blastoise (the war turtle) on the front forearm is perfect if you’re a guy into water-type Pokemon species. Blastoise is cool. A hot favorite among fans. How can you keep your eyes off those cute water-firing rocket cannons on the shell? If you like turtle-type Pokemons, you’d love this one.

52. Umbreon Tattoo

Umbreon Tattoo

53. Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve

Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve

Image Source: Instagram

There is no doubt that the Pokemon sleeve tattoos are the most popular among all other tattoo designs. Regardless of Pokemon, or some other TV show, sleeve tattoos are extremely popular because it allows those who wear it to get creative and innovative.

54. Tattoo Leg Sleeve For Women

Tattoo Leg Sleeve For Women

Image Source: Instagram

In case you’re looking to take a more radical step than the tattoo sleeve on the arm, you can also try the tattoo leg sleeve. Some tattoo enthusiasts are even bolder.

55. Small Pickahu Tattoo For Girls

Small Pickahu Tattoo For Girls

Image Source: Instagram

Needless to say, not everyone wants to flaunt and show off their tattoos. Some are looking for a small mark of attention and affection towards the show that helped them grow up.

56. Legendary Pokemon Tattoo

Legendary Pokemon Tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

Nevertheless, they look mesmerizing and would fit great in a tattoo. You can get creative with your favorite legendary pokemon and experiment with the best creations.

We’re sure that they’ll look great as both smaller and larger tattoos. Keep in mind that they are a little more complex to make and develop. Still, everyone will admire your Legendary tattoo, just make sure to get the names and design right.

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