79 Unique Polygon Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs

The golden ratio is proof of mathematics in nature, as found in succulents, pinecones, sunflowers, and even the horns of a wild goat, commanding polygon style as a logical interpretation for animal tattoos.

Polygon and Geometric styles are regarded as sacred design – given number patterns and complex shapes influenced cathedrals, temples, and pyramids – but are also signs of the human consciousness, creating a literal language in an attempt to comprehend the universe.

Even the human body exemplifies polygon geometric symmetry, granting it as the perfect template for a tattoo honoring the construction of other living creatures. Circles, hexagons, cubes, and precise line work are the building blocks for such artistry while shading and Dotwork may fill in the negative space of the piece.

This article reviews 100 photos of tattoos that incorporate polygon shapes into the imagery. The pieces have varying color palettes and subject matter ranging from the purely abstract, to geometric interpretations of popular images. These images can be used as references, inspiration, or entertainment. Regardless of your intentions, I hope you enjoy our compilation and tell us what you think of the articles in the comments section.

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1. Polygon Forearm Leaf Tattoo Design


A series of geometric shapes is used to compose the shape of a leaf on the wearer’s forearm in this black tattoo. While some of the line work is shaky, the piece is busy enough to distract from the occasionally sub-par technique.

2. Forearm Polygon Animal Tattoos









3. Full Body Swirling Lines


A series of lines start at the wearer’s shoulder before swirling and overlapping down across the wearer’s chest and eventually ending near the wearer’s crotch.

4. Sacred Geometry Tattoo

Sacred Geometry Tattoo

5. Lion Polygon Tattoo Design

Lion Polygon Tattoo

6. Deer Polygon Tattoo

Deer Polygon Tattoo

7. Abstract Use of Shapes

Abstract Use of Shapes

Circular shapes are insterspersed throughout a piece that utilizes black and red lines as pictured on the wearer’s forearm.

8. Geometric Fox


Bold, black lines are used to compose geometric shapes arranged into the shape of an adorably small curled-up fox on the wearer’s wrist.

9. Bull Polygon

Bull Polygon

10. Elephant Polygon Tattoo


11. Overlapping Diamond Shapes

Overlapping Diamond Shapes

12. Chest Polygon Animal Tattoos


13. Wolf Animal Polygon Tattoo


14. 3D Crocodile Polygon Tattoo

3D Crocodile Polygon Tattoo

15. Geometric Wave


A traditional Japanese depiction of a wave is encircled in the top of three circles. The circles are embellished with additional lines and shapes and the entire piece is comprised of black ink.

16. Triangle with a Line

Triangle with a Line

Very bold, black lines are used to create a triangle with a line running through the base farthest away from the point and is depicted on the wearer’s forearm.

17. Sun Sacred Geometry Tattoo


18. Three Black Blocks


19. Side Polygon Animal Tattoos


20. Bicep Geometric Animal Tattoos



21. Dinasour Polygon Tattoo

Dinasour Polygon Tattoo

22. Turtle Polygon Tattoo

Turtle Polygon Tattoo

23. Arm Geometric Animal Tattoos


24. Eagle Polygon Tattoo

Eagle Polygon Tattoo

25. Calf Geometric Animal Tattoos

Calf Geometric Animal Tattoos

26. Dog Polygon Tattoo Design

Dog Polygon Tattoo Design

27. Hexagons and 3-D Cubes


28. Topographical Map


29. Origami T-Rex and Kangaroo


30. Aztec Inspired Hot Air Balloon


31. Polygon Rolling the Dice

Polygon Rolling the Dice

32. Multi-Faceted Polygon Tattoo

Multi-Faceted Polygon Tattoo

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