145 Gladiolus Tattoo Designs and Meaning – Beautiful Flower Tattoo

The meaning of the gladiolus tattoo depends on who wears it. For women, the gladiolus tattoo symbolizes style and grace. Not only is the flower beautiful, you will see women donning the gladiolus tattoo because it also represents elegance, love, tenderness, and family. The gladiolus flower has a pointed and long unique shape.

This is the reason they have also been called the sword lily. The Latin word “gladius” also means sword. When this tattoo is inked on a man represents a calmness that comes with self-confidence. It also represents integrity and strength. In ancient times, warriors wore art of the gladiolus on their bodies. This image was used to protect them from wounds while they entered the battle.

In addition to the above representations, the gladiolus is a symbol of infatuation. This is why it is also the 40th-anniversary flower. The symbol of remembrance and infatuation rings true. The gladiolus is also the flower of August. We happen to see those born in this month donning the gladiolus tattoo from time to time. The gladiolus tattoo is also a symbol of health and healing. These flowers have been used for medical purposes for many years now. Now, take a look at the gallery below and choose your favorite gladiolus tattoo design.

The gladiolus stands out in its beauty and therefore has become one of the more popular flowers to have tattooed in tribal. There are clearly many choices for the tattoo enthusiast when looking for a floral tattoo, but we think once you get to know the gladiolus flower, you might be more willing to go in that direction. You may look at this flower and assume because of its daintiness and its beauty that the gladiolus tattoo might only be for women. If you thought that then you would be mistaken because not only does the gladiolus symbolize many feminine qualities, the masculine traits are there as well.

In this post, we will talk about the symbolism and meaning behind the gladiolus tattoo. Not only will we review what this beautiful flower symbolizes but also review some of the different ways we have seen the gladiolus tattoo depicted. We hope that by the end of this post you will have a better idea of what it means to have a gladiolus tattoo and the different ways it can be tattooed on the body.

What is a Gladiolus?

Gladiolus is a member of the iris family. They have the nickname of ‘sword lily’ but it is usually called by the name we all know.

The gladiolus is native to South Africa, Mediterranean Europe, and Asia as well as other tropical areas of Africa.

These flowers grow from symmetrical, rounded corms that are enclosed in many layers of fibrous tunics. The stems of the gladiolus are unbranched and produced between one and nine thin, sword-shaped, longitudinal furrowed leaves that are enclosed in a sheath. This is where they get their nickname, sword lily, from.

The gladiolus didn’t become popular in the United States until the late 19th and early 20h centuries. The popularity of this flower ended up spawning the American Gladiolus Society in 1910. The initial membership of the Boston-based group was 75 but has grown since. This group looked to study the gladiolus and test out varieties of the flower to look for remedies for disease.

In this article, I’ve shown 28 of the most unique Gladiolus tattoo design ideas trending on the internet. You are sure to fall in love with each of these designs that are inked to perfection by talented tattoo artists. For learning more about the artist and exploring more of their wonderful work, the source of each design is given below each picture. As you delight yourself with the pictures of these stunning handpicked Gladiolus tattoo ideas, you may want to learn more about the flower through its symbolism, detailed at the very end of this article.

1. Gladiolus Tattoo Design For The Arm


Source: @mariebrennanart via Instagram

A red Gladiolus flower is associated with love and passion. Regardless of color, one thing all Gladiolus tattoos represent is strength. This realistic, vibrant piece looks awesome on the woman’s arm.

2. Gladiolus Tattoo Black and White

Gladiolus Tattoo Black and White


Looking for a graceful flower tattoo with meaning? Look no further than this calming illustration of a Gladiolus plant! The delicate linework is done by a clearly skilled tattoo artist! All that’s needed to convey the beauty of the Gladiolus flower is some black and white tattoo ink! We love those white highlights on the petals. This Gladiolus tattoo is perfect for a forearm placement.

3. Back Piece Gladiolus Tattoo


Source: @inkher_tattoo via Instagram

This stunning Gladiolus back piece is an elegant vertical-shaped design in pink, black, and gray. Pink Gladioli are representative of gentle, deep, and motherly feelings and love towards someone.

4. Small Gladiolus Tattoo

Small Gladiolus Tattoo


Small tattoos can still have big meanings! Just take a look at this beautiful Iris and Gladiolus tattoo! The cool-toned shades of an Iris flower create contrast with the light Gladiolus. Have we mentioned they’re cousins? Think of getting this Gladiolus tattoo meaning an everlasting bond with your favorite cousin. Make it a matching tattoo as well! Smaller designs like this one are ideal for any placement you choose!

5. Light Pink, Feminine Gladiolus Tattoo


Source: @rickiesonjia via Instagram

We’ve already established the significance of a pink Gladiolus flower in the previous design, yet this lighter tone piece further has a sensual, feminine appeal. It looks perfectly inked vertically on the side of the woman’s rib area.

6. Gladiolus Flowers Reverse Frame Tattoo

Gladiolus Flowers Reverse Frame Tattoo


Flower tattoo designs, while stunning and a classic in the tattoo world can sometimes feel uninspired. If you want your floral ink art to stand out, check out this creative take on a traditional Gladiolus tattoo! Instead of creating a frame of several Gladiolus flowers, instead, erase the frame shape itself from the design! The trusted shape of a rectangle symbolizes stability and honesty, so keep that one in mind!

7. Watercolor- Style Gladiolus Leg Piece

Source: @kurtistattoo via Instagram

This leg piece looks apt on the front of the calf. It gives a color x-ray, watercolor effect of a purple Gladiolus flower. All Gladiolus flowers represent strength. A purple variant of the flower additionally represents grace and a hint of royalty.

8. Painterly Tattoo Gladiolus Flower

Painterly Tattoo Gladiolus Flower


Thinking of getting flower tattoos, but can’t find anything interesting to pin on Pinterest? Well, that’s what we are here for! Any artist and plant lover will appreciate this Gladiolus flower tattoo! A different approach from the traditional shapes, get this tattoo where the Gladiolus flowers look like they’re painted! Gladioli come in different colors, so choose your favorite bright shade for this Gladiolus flower tattoo. Vibrant colors stand out on all skin tones, so don’t let that stop you!

9. Delicate, Black Linework Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Source: @tattoosbymanga via Instagram

This charming, simple tattoo looks impressive and graceful. By using black ink linework, the tattooist has brought to life every detail of the flowers. This particular design is placed perfectly on one side of the upper back region.

10. Black Ink Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Black Ink Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Want a simple, yet graceful flower tattoo? We hear you! Find yourself charmed by this beautiful Gladiolus flower tattoo! In this tattoo, every petal and every detail is accented by just using black ink. Talk about a skillful tattoo artist! We here are a long fan of delicate linework for a flower tattoo. And so should you be! This elegant Gladiolus tattoo is perfect for wrist and lower back placement!

11. Elegant Black Linework Arm Gladiolus Tattoo


Source: @leemrink via Instagram

This is yet another elegant black linework Gladiolus piece for the arm. The typical sword-like shaped Gladiolus stem signifies strength and integrity. There couldn’t have been a better placement for this tattoo.

12. Quote and Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Quote and Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Quote tattoos will never get old! We think quote tattoos are beautiful and meaningful. So why not combine some touching words with a beautiful flower – the Sword Lily? A Gladiolus flower tattoo meaning strength and grace is something we all need in our lives right now. Choose an aesthetic font for those words you find significant. While the Gladiolus flower is a fun colorful one, this Gladiolus tattoo needs only black ink and great shading to convey the emotions!

13. Calf Placement, Colorful Gladiolus Tattoo


Source: @jillhollingsworthtattoo via Instagram

Pink is a popular Gladiolus flower color. This larger piece looks incredible, placed on the calf. Artists and plant lovers would vouch for a design such as this, anytime! Here, it appears as if the Gladiolus flowers are painted. This is a unique combination since such vibrant colors stand out on any skin tone.

14. Constellation Gladiolus Tattoo

Constellation Gladiolus Tattoo


Are you in love with the sky and the constellations? Can you recognize your zodiac constellation among other stars at night? If yes, then get this stunning stars and Gladiolus tattoo! And if no, still tattoo this graceful Gladiolus flower tattoo! The amount of fine details in this tattoo is insane! Did you notice the crescent Moon has a unique pattern on it? Small tattoos in size sure do pack a punch! Have this Gladiolus tattoo on your skin anywhere you wish!

15. Colorful Pocket Watch Gladiolus Tattoo


Source: @javieart via Instagram

A tattoo becomes a permanent part of your body. Hence, it’s all worth it if the complex yet fabulous design, inked by a professional, takes time and causes some pain. This, thus, is a perfect tattoo idea. It’s a realistic pocket watch and a Gladiolus flower tattoo to remind you of the fleeting time. Its symbolism is, use your precious time wisely, whilst being as strong as a Sword Lily.

16. Pocket Watch GLadiolus Flower Tattoo

Pocket Watch GLadiolus Flower Tattoo


Getting a complex tattoo takes time, but then the artwork is forever on your skin until the end of time! If you’re ready for such a significant commitment, we have the perfect tattoo idea for you! Check out this amazing pocket watch and Gladiolus tattoo! A pocket watch tattoo is a constant reminder of our fleeting time. Choose on what you spend your precious time carefully! Be strong as a Sword Lily and get this stunning tattoo design!

17. Woman With Gladiolus Flower Head Tattoo


Source: @dre.dayli via Instagram

A Gladiolus flower has beauty, charm, uniqueness, and above all, positive traits of strength and integrity. The above tattoo design replaces the lady figure’s beautiful head with the flower because of the similarity in symbolism. This is a truly unique tattoo idea that looks best when placed on a man’s rib area.

18. Ribbon Quote Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Ribbon Quote Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Another pretty quote and Gladiolus flower tattoo idea! “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it” might be true for many. But make your life bearable with a beautiful Gladiolus tattoo! Incorporating words of significance in a tattoo design is ever so popular! Just take a look on Pinterest. Make it more dynamic with the addition of a ribbon for the quote! This Gladiolus flower tattoo is ideal for an arm placement! DId you notice all the shading is done in tiny dots?

19. Prominent Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Source: @seanduffytattoos via Instagram

Is August your birth month? If yes, both Leo’s and Virgo’s can opt for this prominent Gladiolus tattoo design. You may choose another color for the petals or decide to keep this for your choice. Each color represents a different meaning besides the common meaning “strength.”

20. Gladiolus Small Tattoo

Gladiolus Small Tattoo 


August babies know how to appreciate the beautiful Gladiolus flower! And it’s with a tattoo! Gladiolus flower tattoo meaning, in general, is strength, as it protected Gladiators in showdowns! If you are described as graceful and a person of integrity, this small Gladiolus flower tattoo is perfect for you! It is the birth flower of August, so both Leo’s and Virgo’s can enjoy this tattoo. Choose the color of the petals yourself, as they also hold a deeper meaning!

21. Gladiolus Flower Tattoo For Your Hand


Source: @tattoosillustrate via Instagram

Looking for a simple tattoo design for your hand? This black linework idea is a wonderful choice. It’s prominently placed, significant in meaning, and won’t cost much.

22. Cowboy Gladiolus Flower Tattoo and Date

Cowboy Gladiolus Flower Tattoo and Date


Trying to find a unique flower tattoo in a sea of Gladiolus flower tattoo designs? Scroll through our list of top 15 Gladiolus tattoo ideas! If you have an important life event you want to remember forever, get this Gladiolus flower tattoo small! While traditional numbers look quite pretty on a tattoo design, Roman numerals just elevate it! A smaller design like this Gladiolus tattoo done in just black ink will save you some money. So get ‘em, cowboy!

23. Wolf & Gladiolus Flowers Tattoo


Source: @chong.tattoo via Instagram

The contrast of Pink with Grey is impeccable here. Further, it’s eye-catchy and of incredible relevance that the wolf is garlanded with pink Gladiolus flowers. The relevance lies in the common symbolism among the wolf and the Gladiolus flowers. Both represent strength and integrity. Pink Gladiolus, in particular, represents gentleness, depth, and motherly feelings. Perhaps the wolf is a mother protecting her pack, specifically her children, whom she loves. If you love wolves, the color pink, and are looking for a unique floral design, bingo!

24. Snake and Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Snake and Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Snakes generally don’t have a nice vibe to them! But they do make for an awesome tattoo design! Just look at this snake and Gladiolus tattoo! This tattoo design needs no color nor shading, just bold lines, and skill! Gladiolus flower meaning tattoos are a symbol of strength. Combine it with a snake symbolizing fertility and wisdom for an amazing cocktail of meaning! A wrapping tattoo like this one works great anywhere on your limbs.

25. Small, Orange Gladiolus Ankle Area Tattoo


Source: @brooke_michael_englehart via Instagram

This gorgeous tattoo looks nothing short of immaculate above the ankle. It’s a graceful, elegant, and noticeable tattoo placed in the perfect position.

26. Date and Sword Lily Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Date and Sword Lily Gladiolus Flower Tattoo 


Bring some color in your life with this vibrant Gladiolus tattoo! Be it a sequence of lucky numbers, someone’s birthday or your anniversary, getting a date tattooed is a sentimental gesture! So why not get both? A yellow Gladiolus flower or Sword Lily symbolizes friendship. So maybe get matching tattoos with your best friend! We find it to be the ultimate expression of friendship!

27. Moist Effect Gladiolus Tattoo


Source: @hypnatic via Instagram

The flowers in this tattoo look fresh enough to pick. The talented tattoo artist has done a splendid job at using white ink dot work to make the flowers look moist. This is a graceful flower tattoo with delicate black linework. The beauty of the Gladiolus flower appears with full justice through the artwork on the arm.

28. Rat with Marigold and Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Rat with Marigold and Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Rats are lovely animals and we won’t hear it otherwise! They also make for cute pets. While not everyone’s cup of tea, surely everybody appreciates this stylistic rat with flowers tattoo! The desaturated colors chosen are reminiscent of peaceful autumn. This Gladiolus tattoo design works great wherever you choose to get it! We suggest a lower leg or bicep placement.

29. Pretty, Gladiolus & Iris Tattoo


Source: @vane.tattoo_ via Instagram

The Gladiolus & Iris flowers are cousins. This tattoo design looks stunning. It’s small and perfect at its placement right beneath the neckline. Do you want to build an everlasting bond with your cousin, friend, or sibling? If yes, why not let this tattoo be the constant reminder for the same. The Iris flower’s cool-toned shades look fabulous contrasted with the light pink shades of the Gladiolus flower.

30. Illustrative Gladiolus Flower Tattoo


Source: @stephanietattoos via Instagram

This bright, illustrative design makes for a unique Gladiolus flower tattoo. The best part is, it looks like it’s been painted rather than tattooed. Only an experienced, professional tattoo artist can undertake such an art form with such perfection. If you’re looking for a relatively larger Gladiolus pattern that doesn’t look complicated, yet looks beautiful, then this arm piece is a great choice.

31. Collarbone Gladiolus Tattoo

Source: @yojogrim via Instagram

Simple, detailed, charming, and elegant. That sums up this pretty Gladiolus tattoo. This is one of the best collarbone ideas I’ve come across lately.

32. Bold Dutotone Gladiolus Back Piece


Source: @twobirdstattoo via Instagram

If you’re looking for a unique way of covering the entire (top to bottom) span of your back with a tattoo that isn’t dense at the same time, this choice is a blessing! This feminine tattoo is a stunning display of beauty, symbolism, and boldness, all in an extremely elegant and flawless way.

33. 3D Gladiolus Tattoo


Source: @devincoley via Instagram

The tattoo artist has done a phenomenal job tattooing 3-dimensional looking Gladiolus flowers. This design looks perfect if placed on the side or back of the calf.

34. Large Gladiolus Petals Tattoo Design


Source: @loloartsplus via Instagram

This tattoo shows a top view of the fully bloomed Gladiolus petals. This simple design looks amazing, particularly if you’re a Gladiolus flower lover who likes spaced elements and black and white designs.

35. Hourglass & Gladiolus Flowers Tattoo


Source: @lucia_mayer_tattoo via Instagram

Use your precious time wisely. That’s one of the things the hourglass design suggests. Further, the lavender and white, duotone hybrid Gladiolus flowers mean “love, devotion, and purity,” besides the inherent “strength” symbolism common among all varieties of Gladioli. The other elements within the hourglass are symbolic of royalty, spirituality, and destiny. In terms of technique, the tattooist has done a remarkable job with black, gray, white, and colors, to ink this flawless back piece.

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