11 Ultimate Fierce Fenrir Tattoo Collection with Meanings

Are you a big fan of Norse mythology, particularly the creature Fenrir? Fenrir — the beast of Ragnarok — has a huge fan base. The popularity of this fierce Norse wolf has led many to get inked with a daring Fenrir tattoo.

Fenrir is a wolf from Norse mythology that is considered one of the strongest and most dreaded creatures. In Nordic mythology, Fenrir is a beast that possesses all the evilness of a wolf and sends chills down the Asgard Gods’ spines. In Nordic countries, wolves are both feared and respected. Feared because of their strength and respected because they’re loyal to their family packs. Today, Fenrir tattoo designs are considered among the most popular Norse tattoos. They’re extremely popular for being excellent symbols of someone who’s risen above all their troubles.

In this article, I’ve compiled 15 of the fiercest Fenrir tattoo designs on the internet. Each piece’s artist is praiseworthy, so to look up more designs by the artist you can follow the source mentioned beneath their design. Beneath each tattoo design picture, there’s an insightful overview of the story and meaning behind the tattoo. Towards the end of the article, do check out the faqs section for clarification on any further doubts about Fenrir tattoos.

Fierce Fenrir Tattoo Designs

Without further ado, here are 15 of the fiercest Fenrir tattoo designs that have people talking:

1. Fenrir & Jörmungandr Tattoo

Fenrir & Jörmungandr Tattoo

Source: 9gag.com

This is a very detailed black and grey tattoo of Fenrir and Jörmungandr. The design is placed on the side of the upper back and shoulder area. This is a fierce tattoo of two extremely dangerous Norse mythology creatures. The two brothers depicted above, the wolf Fenrir and the huge sea serpent Jörmungandr, were the sons of Loki and Angrboða.

2. Fierce Fenrir in Chain

Fierce Fenrir in Chain

Source: tattoomenow.com

In Norse mythology, Odin, being the god of wisdom and the king of Asgard, had found out about the prophecy that Loki and Angrboða’s 3 children (Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel) would cause a threat for the gods. He then immediately had Jörmungandr thrown in the sea and Hel sent to the land of the dead. He ordered his fellow gods that the third sibling, Fenrir, be raised among the Aesir. As he grew to be a monster, the gods became scared of his size and had him chained up. Several times, Fenrir was challenged to break the chain, which he successfully did.

3. Fenrir and Tyr Tattoo

Fenrir and Tyr Tattoo

Source: Tattoo_Swede on Flickr

In Aesir, Fenrir was fed by the god Týr, and he grew larger and larger into a monstrous wolf. Týr was appointed by Odin to raise the wolf cub so that the cub was kept in their control and didn’t grow up to be a threat to the Nine Worlds.

4. Realistic Tattoo of Fenrir in Chains

Realistic Tattoo of Fenrir in Chains

Source: @mrdist on Instagram

This is another incredible tattoo. It depicts the scene when Fenrir breaks free from one of the multiple chain challenges put forth by Odin and the other gods. The tattoo depicted here is realistic and fierce. The detailing in the wolf’s expressions, particularly the eyes and ferocious bite, trigger an instant fear in the mind of the onlooker.

5. Fenrir Eating the Sun Tattoo

Fenrir Eating the Sun Tattoo

Source: @willisjosh on Instagram

As per one of the versions of the Norse myth, it was believed that Fenrir shall devour the sun and then fight the chief god Odin and eventually swallow him in Ragnarök. The tattoo design depicted above placed on the shoulder shows an image of the ferocious wolf on that very mission. Above, Fenrir is seen eating the sun after having broken free from the chains.

6. Fenrir Chewing Tyr’s Hand Tattoo

Fenrir Chewing Tyr’s Hand Tattoo

Source: @electricwizard_tx on Instagram

As Fenrir was easily able to break free from the chains, the gods then asked the dwarfs to make a magical string.  This string was called ‘Gleipnir,’ meaning “tangler” or “deceiver.” Once again, Fenrir was asked to break this chain, which this time was a magical, silky, ribbon-like string. He agreed, but with the condition that one of the gods should put their hands in his mouth to prove there’s treachery afoot. To this, Týr agreed. Earlier, Tyr had bet his hand that the gods would keep trying to bind Fenrir.

This new chain was tricky. Fenrir’ felt disappointed as he couldn’t break free from it and so he bit Týr’s hand at the wrist.  The fact that Tyr stood by this word to Fenrir, is a testament to his goodness and loyalty towards Fenrir. After all, he had raised Fenrir since the time was a pup.

7. Fenrir with Sword in his Mouth Tattoo

Fenrir with Sword in his Mouth Tattoo

Source: tattoosdesignslive.com

This colorful tattoo depicts what happened after Fenrir reacted violently in reaction to the gods’ trickery. As he tried to bite the gods, the gods immediately thrust a sword into the wolf’s wide-open mouth. The jaws were held open and he couldn’t eat the gods at the spot.

8. Traditional Fenrir Tattoo

Traditional Fenrir Tattoo

Source: @liquoricetattoo on Instagram

This is a wonderful example of the fierce Fenrir wolf inked in tribal style. You can see the ferocious teeth and eyes as the chains envelop the creature and he tries to break free. This large design looks great placed in the upper chest and shoulder area.

9. Fierce Fenrir Tattoo on Leg

Fierce Fenrir Tattoo on Leg

Source: @nickybrennan67 on Instagram

This realistic tattoo of the Norse beast, Fenrir, looks great on the shin. The full-frontal image depicts the dangerous wolf on the attack with the chains disintegrating in the process.

10. Fenrir & Jörmungandr Valknut Tattoo

Fenrir & Jörmungandr Valknut Tattoo

This watercolor-style tattoo shows Fenrir howling with his mouth wide open while he’s in battle with the gods. His lower jaw is stretched down to the ground, while his upper jaw is towards the sky. The vicious beast, Fenrir, devoured everything that he encountered in his path. He never gave up!

11. Traditional Fenrir Tattoo on Head

Traditional Fenrir Tattoo on Head

Source: outsons.com

The above tribal tattoo design with dot work depicts Fenrir eating the sun. This tattoo looks great placed on the side of the skull.


The symbolism of Fenrir sparks eternal strength, incredible abilities, and a terrifying legacy. Fenrir faced a lot of troubles and rose above them all through his incredible powers and abilities. The above examples of Fenrir tattoos are great because they represent these powers and abilities. If you want to be encouraged and energized by Fenrir’s impeccable stamina, speed, agility, and monstrous strength among other powers, go ahead and get inked with a Fenrir tattoo today!


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